Eggies Egg Cooker

1This As Seen on TV kitchen product promises to be a simpler solution for making hard boiled eggs without the fuss of peeling their shells once they’re done, and without the frustration of realizing you can never peel them in a perfect shape. The point is that you just crack the egg while it’s still raw, pour it in the mold and cook it. After boiling, you’re supposed to just twist the shape to let the egg loose and enjoy perfectly-shaped boiled eggs for a variety of recipes. Let’s see if it’s as simple or efficient as it sounds.


The Eggies Egg Cooker is a set that contains tow plastic sides that come together to contain the eggs while boiling, then come off again to release them once they’re boiled. No need to concern yourself with peeling anymore and this seems to be the main point of the product. Since the eggs are added raw to the device, another interesting perk is that you can spice them or add a bit of various flavorings from the cooking stage. You can buy this kitchen gizmo on Amazon.

Reasons to Buy the Eggies Egg Cooker

It’s reasonably priced, looks fun to use together with kids to involve them in preparing dinner (and perhaps convince them to eat since they’ve played around a bit with preparing it) and it doesn’t hurt to give them a try. Another sensible thing to consider is that if you’re really busy or clumsy (like if you babysit or if you have some mobility issues that make egg peeling problematic), this is a very good reason to get this product to make your life easier. Perhaps another good reason to give the product a chance it that you may find yourself, at times, needing to cook a lot of hard boiled eggs at once for different dishes (Scotch eggs, deviled eggs, egg salad and so on) and simply don’t have the time or the patience to peel the shell off of all. Thus, using the Eggies Egg Cooker might just save you all that time and effort you would normally need.


Customer Issues and Concerns

This is where it gets a bit unpleasant, because there have been more than one slight malfunction reported about this product. Many people reported that the eggs may drip while cooking and come off in weird shapes because of it, that the time required to boil them is way longer than cooking them in the shell, or that the device is so difficult to clean that maybe it would have just been easier to peel those shells in the first place. Even worse, the yolk becomes mixed with the whites in some unappetizing threads and the device is far from being non-stick as the manufacturer claims. Quite a number of people are also cautious about the product being made from plastic as that may have potentially harmful health effects in combination with the high heat. Still, there were still a few customers who were satisfied with the Eggies Egg Cooker and said that overall it’s less messy than simply cooking eggs the traditional way. The bad news is that there are more unsatisfied customers than satisfied ones, so it would be safe to assume that the product isn’t really a success.

The Verdict

3You probably won’t cook eggs on a really industrial scale, and therefore you won’t need such a gadget more often than a rare once in a while. In the rest of the time, it will just occupy space in your already crowded cupboard, along with the rest of the kitchen gizmos that seemed like a good idea at some point. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t buy it, but perhaps just give it a very good and cold consideration before deciding. Do you really need another kitchen thingy like this one? If the answer is yes and you’re willing to turn a blind eye to all the potential glitches that others have complained about, then, by all means, give it a go. It wouldn’t be a complete waste of money, but we’re not enthusiastic about it either. Maybe a more satisfying alternative would be to turn to a kitchen appliance designed for cooking eggs, only a bit more expensive than this product and with far fewer issues.


Heeltastic Intensive Heel Therapy

1From all the cosmetic products that the industry has to offer, heel treatment products seem to be the most prone to disappoint. That’s probably not because foot creams and heel treatments in general are bad or at least worse than other care products, but because the area itself is a very delicate one. Being very exposed to dryness and cracks, highly used during daily life, prone to get hardened up and thus less open to any external attempts to moisturize it, the skin on our feet and heels quickly turns into a problem area. This is why we need our foot care products to be really good, and we’re more likely to be disappointed in them, but also to be really excited when we find one that finally works and restores our skin. The Heeltastic Intensive Heel Therapy promises to be one of those wonder products that will not only fail to disappoint, but will work so well that we’ll never need to switch it for a different one ever again. Let’s see if those claims have any truth to them.


This As Seen on TV product comes in the shape of a care stick with a concentrated formula that needs to be applied on really dry areas, mainly the heels and soles. Its primary ingredients are natural neem and karanja oils, doubled with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal substances. Therefore, the Heeltastic Intensive Heel Therapy not only nourishes and restores, but also protects the feet from bacterial infections and funguses that often target the feet and toe areas. The intensive care stick can also be applied to other dry problem areas, like the elbows, hands (if they’re extremely dry), rough knees and so on. It even works its magic on dried up cuticles, so it may be an unexpected manicure helper. The reviews all seem positive and confirm these claims, while the product’s price is also more than reasonable. You can buy it from Amazon.


Reasons to Buy the Heeltastic Intensive Heel Therapy

There have been reviewing customers that reported having used this product for years and being completely satisfied with it. The results appear as fast as after only two days or nights of use, even in the worst dryness cases. Obviously, as any other skin care product, the most effective intensive use is over-night. Another reported plus of the Heeltastic Intensive Heel Therapy is the fact that it’s super convenient to apply because of its concentrated stick shape. There’s also hardly a need to get the product on your hands, so you can avoid spreading it on your palms if you plan to use them for other products as part of your care routine and don’t want to mix stuff together. Another reported plus is that the product was satisfying even to people with serious medical conditions with their feet (up to the point where the dryness and cracks were so severe that there was bleeding and hurting upon walking), as well as to people who have had a bad experience with similarly advertised products.

Customer Issues and Concerns

Some customers with a more sensitive sense of smell complained that the product’s scent, while definitely pleasant, is a tad too strong. A few have called the scent too medicinal-like or simply annoying. Another few have complained about the weird color. But there were no reports about the product not delivering the promised effect, so we see no serious drawbacks here.


The Verdict

If you’re bored with the routine required to keep your soles and heels barely in a presentable shape, then this product is definitely right for you. As long as you’re not over-sensitive about strong herbal scents, or you’re willing to tolerate them for the greater good of your skin, you should by all means go ahead and try this out. We’ve rarely seen an As Seen on TV product with so intensely positive reviews, and its price is completely comparable to similar products in stores if not even a bit lower. All in all, we can think of no reason not to try this product if you’re having issues with dry skin or worse, with dryness-fueled bacterial or fungi infections – on your heels or elsewhere on the body.

Hip-T: The Layering Accessory for Your Hips, “Cover Your Assets”

0This looks like an awesome clothing accessory to cover up you middle line and prevent those low waist jeans to awkwardly show off a few inches of skin from your midriff. Sadly, the fashion nowadays has its fair share of disadvantages, and one of these is the fact that the combination between low waist jeans and short tops often produces a disastrous effect: either a so-called “back cleavage” where your panties or worse become visible, or a “muffin top” effect when the tightness of the jeans causes the skin directly above them to make you look as if you’re chubbier than in reality. But an advantage of current fashion trends is the layered look in which one can create an awesome effect by wearing multiple clothes of different lengths one on top of the other. The bigger the contrast (for best matches, contrasting colors are desirable), the more awesome the result. Do you already see where this is going? You can take advantage of the layering trend to compensate the low waist misdemeanors. Read on to find out how.


The Hip-T accessory is basically a tight fabric that is meant to be places on top of your jeans and pants and underneath your top or blouse. This way, it looks as if you’re wearing another longer blouse underneath, but it saves you the bulk or extra heat of actually wearing one. It comes in multiple colors and sizes and you can use various combinations to create many hip outfits and looks. Most importantly, the accessory promises to protect you from displaying underwear slips, muffin tops and backside cleavages. It can also be reversed and used as a camisole and by covering up those few inches of skin, it also promises to keep you warmer during the winter. The product may be purchased from Amazon.


Reasons to Buy the Hip-T Layering Accessory for Your Hips

This As Seen On TV product manages to do what t promises: it provides the wearer with an ingenious way to cover up those few midriff inches that are often visible because of our low waist jeans, thus saving the customer from quite a number of potentially embarrassing or at least awkward situations. The fabric is soft cotton, the wear is seamless and it looks good. It’s also reasonably priced so adding it to your wardrobe shouldn’t be a problem if the idea sounds good to you.

Customer Issues and Concerns

There have been a few complaints about the product not staying put and instead “riding up” the wearer’s body during walk or movement. However, other customers, who were perfectly satisfied with the product, pointed out that the ones who weren’t had probably ordered the wrong size. Our opinion is consistent with this last observation. To make sure your Hip-T Layering Accessory is the right fit, order it a size smaller than your tops and blouses, to make sure it fits you really tight. This way, it will stay put and really protect your midline. The good news is that there are no other potential concerns except this fitting thing, so if you’re careful to order a smaller size that should be all.


The Verdict

In conclusion, the Hip-T Layering Accessory for Your Hips is a good idea overall. To avoid any potential discontent, don’t forget to order a small and tight-fitting size. Many customers were pretty excited about the various colors and the potential combinations deriving from them and ended up ordering more, as well as wearing the accessory every day. We confirm that it can keep one warm and comfortable during cold days, not to mention the comfort that comes with knowing that you won’t show off any midline skin if you don’t want it to show. It also looks seamless and flattering and provides the wearer’s body with a slimming visual effect. If you’ve felt discomfort about your jeans having their waist too low and your tops being too short and all those unflattering visuals that may come from this, then the Hip-T Layering Accessory for Your Hips is the right choice for you.

MSA 30X Sound Amplifier – Discreet Sound Amplifier

1This sounds like a really nice product to help people with hearing problems overcome their fading sense of hearing. Not precisely a high-precision gadget targeting people who are really deaf, but more of a welcome help for people experiencing mild to moderate issues with hearing (mostly old people, since such issues come with age usually, but not limited to them). It is advertised as a cheaper alternative or back-up for traditional hearing aids. Considering that hearing problems are almost unavoidable as your age advances or if you have the misfortune to suffer any accident that affects your ear, the release of this product should be pretty good news. Let’s see if it rises up to the expectations.


This small and skin-colored (assuming you’re Caucasian or relatively fair-skinned) gadget promises to be lightweight and comfortable while providing sound amplification by 30 times your default hearing level. Other bonus points advertised by the company producing it are its discreet appearance (it’s considerably smaller than similar products, skin-colored and with invisible clear tubing) and the fact it is rechargeable (saving you the money you would normally spend on batteries). It’s designed to fit both your left ear or your right ear, its volume control is adjustable and it’s FDA listed and approved.


When you order the product, the box contains the MSA 30X Sound Amplifier, along with six silicone ear buds, a charging cradle, a cleaning brush and an adaptor. All in all, everything seems to be alright as far as product function and integrity are concerned. You can find this product on the manufacturer’s website and on Amazon as well.

Reasons to Buy the MSA 30X Sound Amplifier

Some buyers are inclined to point out that the device isn’t a hearing aid, but plainly a sound amplifier, which means that it will also amplify the background noise, and that you shouldn’t expect it to compare to traditional and (way) more expensive hearing aids. But while taking the time to point this out, all customers seem to agree that for its low price, the product does all that it promises to do and that it’s definitely worth it, again, for its price.

Another advantage of the gadget is that it has a great battery life and lasts almost all day, while the expensive hearing aids only last 1-2 hours.

Customer Issues and Concerns

The biggest issue clients complained about was the high background noise that the device also reproduces. But it seems to be fine if you use it on low volume (which means not amplifying all the way up to 30 times more). Still, there were a few customers who found the noise unbearable even on low volume settings. And there are some who argue that a device that doesn’t filer noise and adapt the sounds to an according level can actually damage your hearing even more over time. Perhaps consult your doctor if you feel any ear pain. But then again, quite some people didn’t even complain of mild discomfort, so don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Another potential issue is the fact that when you buy the product from the manufacturer’s site, you’re forced to buy 2 products at once, which can make some people feel ripped off or scammed. There were no problems, however, when purchasing it from Amazon, so maybe stick with them if you plan to give it a try.

The last thing to mention isn’t really an issue but a heads-up: if you buy it, make sure you fully seat the device in the charging base for it to actually charge. Some customers didn’t catch on to this from the start and had to figure it out.


The Verdict

Because the device also amplifies background noise, it may only be suitable to people with minor hearing problems, who don’t need to turn up the volume to a too high level. The noise doesn’t filtered well when you turn up the volume and it may become a problem, but for the clients with mild hearing issues it seems to work better than the expensive gadgets, if only because the longer battery life. Everyone agrees that it’s definitely worth the money it demands and more; because usually products like this are much higher priced. For minor hearing issues you should be more than satisfied with the product overall.


Kinoki Foot Pads – Cleansing Detox Foot Pads

K1Facing up to the challenges of modern life can take its toll on our bodies, as we all know. It’s hard to keep up the pace with all the daily pressures our busy schedules throw our way and also strive to keep a healthy balance for our bodies and general well-being. How can one also have this quick-paced and demanding life-style and also eat whole foods free of harmful substances, exercise, get enough sleep – and at the right hours – and so on? We’re not saying it’s impossible, but it’s fair to say that for many it is quite a challenge. This is why a lot of people find products that help with this most useful – the market for goods advertised to keep you healthy is ever growing and innovative. Even more, some products are specifically targeted to address people’s desire to exorcise their unhealthy life-style effects out of their bodies by making them eliminate the toxins and so on. Kinoki Foot Pads is another product designed to join the health and detox craze, advertised to soak up the toxins out of your body through the soles of your feet, while you sleep.

In theory it sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? What could be more convenient than a product you just stick to your feet and that will draw out impurities and toxins from all over your body by morning? In case you have already stumbled upon the Kinoki Foot Pads and feel tempted to make a purchase, today we’ll share our review of it so you can decide if it’s worth the money.


K2The product comes in a pack of 10 self-adhesive strips meant to be placed on your soles overnight. Kinoki Foot Pads sure pack a persuasive pitch, especially since they offer quite a visible piece of evidence to attest their effectiveness: apparently, the pads turn from white to black overnight, as they get soaked up with toxins. The blacker the pads are in the morning, the more toxins you have disposed of with their help, the producers say. The toxins supposedly drawn out are anything from heavy metals to “metabolic wastes” from the body and the blood stream.

After finishing them, buying large combo packs of refills is apparently an easy to access option. You can find the product in various size packs on Amazon.

Reasons to Buy the Kinoki Foot Pads

If the product really drew out toxins, it would surely be a dream that has come true. One would just keep using them every night – especially given their quite low price range – and goodbye consequences of one’s life-style, right? At least that’s what the pads promise to do: get you rid of the toxins in your body night after night, as simply as putting them on and discarding them in the morning. Other promised effects include supporting normal blood circulation, improving sleep quality, relieving the burden of the immune system and so on. Unfortunately, the product is definitely a complete sham, as the next section will detail.

Customer Issues and Concerns

K3As experts attested, the Kinoki Foot Pads failed all lab tests as they actually turn black in contact with any kind of moisture, as toxin-free as it might be. Sorry to burst your bubble on this one in case you were inclined to be a believer or a buyer of these As Seen On TV pads. We do agree that if the stuff was for real, it would have been great.

Other drawbacks beyond the sheer uselessness of the product is the fact that some have complained about the pads being uncomfortable to sleep with, some reported annoying cases of the pads coming off during the night on their own, and everyone says that they smell just awful.

The Verdict

To say that this product isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be would be a serious understatement. The product is a scam and does not work at all. However, the only positive aspect we were able to find is that for some users the placebo effect was strong enough to make them report good results – like feeling better or less tired, recovering from minor injury faster etcetera. We can’t recommend you to buy the pads just for that, of course, but, if you’re usually a fan of healthcare and detox products and you don’t mind that they’re almost surely ineffective, you could give it a go. At least the Kinoki Foot Pads can’t hurt, and some users reported the placebo to be reason enough to continue their use.

Micro Touch Max Personal Trimmer

Micro Touch Max Personal TrimmerGentlemen, this one is for you! Grooming activities may be a drag sometimes, as they imply the spending of a lot of time and the use of different devices for each body part you’d like to trim. You perhaps have an entire kit of grooming and trimming devices, from the common shaving kit, to that machine that deals with the hair in your nose (and perhaps ears too), not to mention that getting rid of your hair chest sounds very painful, no matter how willing you’d be to give it a try. So how about having an all – in – one trimmer that acts like a blade, but with a soft, noninvasive touch, a device that will solve all your trimming problems, no matter it’s your beard, eyebrows, nose, ears, back neck, arms and chest? How would it be to have this gadget always ready for you, no matter where you travel? Today we will take a closer look to the Micro Touch Max Personal Trimmer and see if it is so spectacular as it is advertised.


neckThis is an As Seen on TV product available on the manufacturer’s website, Amazon and other online stores. The grooming device is built with German stainless steel and provided with a no-slip grip, LED light to ease your moves as it allows you to see what you’re doing, two comb attachments, AAA battery and a lot of applications and benefits, as follows: easy to pack and take wherever you may go, strong enough to deal even with the hardest parts to trim, it gets as close as a regular blade, but offers a soft, safe touch and comes with a 50% longer blade than previous models.

Reasons to Buy the Micro Touch Max Personal Trimmer

The Micro Touch Max Personal Trimmer features all – in – one benefits of several grooming gadgets. It is easy to use and to carry around, significantly lowering the storage space needed to pack it on your travels. It is powerful enough to trim the strong hairs and its soft touch may be a great benefit for those men with sensitive skin for whom traditional shaving is a curse. The product comes with better and improved features compared to previous models and the marketing suggests it is an upgraded model, with better features. If you are the type of man who wants or needs to look sharp and trimmed on all occasions, especially when traveling for business purposes, this device may be exactly what you needed. eyebrows

Customer Issues and Concerns

Now we are going to swim a bit in some murky waters, as seeing how the product is reviewed by customers who bought and used it, the product has a lot of chances to turn into the lest desired grooming gadget. First and foremost, users complained about the trimmer’s poor construction quality, with blades getting dull after a few attempts.

Another frequent issue highlighted by the customers is that the product doesn’t work at all, brand new as it is. Some had to change the battery to make it run, others had no success whatsoever in getting it functional. Complaints and refund requests sent to the company seem to have had no echo.

Micro Touch Max Personal TrimmerAmong other issues regarding this product is that it doesn’t quite do the job as advertised. We have two cases on our hands here: while some managed to use it successfully only to remove nose hair, others complained about the device being too thick and not getting into the nostril enough to have some positive effects, let alone that the sensitive skin around the nostrils suffered some irritations after the trimming was done.

Although the trimmer does a fine job when it does work, many complained of it breaking down in their hands, as the materials seem to be of poor quality, while the whole assembly is fragile and vulnerable.

The Verdict

If you don’t have any device to keep you groomed as you want to, the Micro Touch Max Personal Trimmer might do the trick, provided it works as advertised and comes in full health and body shape. However, before jumping at the opportunity, take a deeper look into the matters and check if you will eventually get the product you’re paying for. In this industry there are certainly other professional products dedicated to men that do their jobs as advertised, even if they cost more. Unfortunately, despite the really good potential this product has, we cannot recommend it to you.

Perfect Bacon Bowl Review

perfect bacon bowlWhile many people bash bacon around because it is fatty and not so healthy in large quantities and constant intakes, we have to admit that bacon is still one of our favorite delights when it comes to a classic breakfast, a pizza slice, some afternoon munchies or quick bites to take along to our work place. Kids and adults alike love bacon and if there was such a thing that could turn bacon into an edible plate or bowl (just as they sometimes do with flat bread for salads – allowing you to eat the salad and the crisp flat bread bowl in the same time), everybody would feel like touching Heaven. Fortunately, there is such product that can be used in the microwave, oven and toaster oven in order to turn bacon into a crunchy, grease – free bowl to season with everything you like, from salads to eggs and pasta. In truth, you can use it even for bread bowls and today we will take a look at the Perfect Bacon Bowl and see if this is as great as advertised.


This is an As Seen on TV product available on Amazon and some local stores that provide kitchenware. It is a bowl of plastic, provided with a collector channel that gathers all the bacon grease for you to remove and have crunchy, sizzling bacon without the fatty side effects. The procedure is quite simple: you wrap around the bacon slices around the bowl and put it in the oven or microwave. In no time, you will have a hot and crispy bacon bowl to fill in with your favorite sides. The product comes in a pair and is marketed as being microwave free and dishwasher safe.

perfect bacon bowlReasons to Buy the Perfect Bacon Bowl

If you can wrap around your mind around the idea that what this product represents is just a plastic bowl to wrap bacon around and you still find some charm to it, then the Perfect Bacon Bowl is a fun kitchen accessory. Your cooking and your life won’t depend on it, but it can make some interesting appetizers to a party or during game night, not to mention that kids will probably love it the best. The product comes in handy also to those who never considered making bacon (or bread) bowls with the help of flipped-over muffin tins. However, if you really need to impress some audience and to have fun playing with the children, the Perfect Bacon Bowl may be a fun way to expand your vision on cooking.

Customer Issues and Concerns

Now imagine paper – thin slices of bacon (greasy or less greasy, doesn’t really matter) staying perfectly wrapped around a plastic bowl while it gets heated up in the microwave and staying that way with the help of… gravity. Quite hard to imagine the final product will actually look like in the picture and listening to consumers, our hypothesis is true: the bacon slices happen very often to slide and get lost in the oven. Some people tried pinning the bacon slices to the bowl with toothpicks, but this didn’t lead either to a perfectly shaped bacon bowl, not to mention that due to the imperfect cooking of the slices, people found themselves in the situation to overcook the bacon. Which leads to even more troubles…

Almost all customers trying the product complained about grease burning inside their microwave ovens, splattering all over the place, emanating an almost toxic smell and smog and in some unfortunate cases, burning the whole microwave to a crisp.

Another issue most customers complained about is that the bowl comes in cheap plastic, an even cheaper wrapping and to their shock, with no cooking instructions, cooking time frames, no recipes or dish suggestions, nothing. Just as one disappointed customer said, it is useless and dangerous to make edible bacon bowls with it, but it makes a cute plastic bowl for your kitchen nonetheless.

The Verdict

perfect bacon bowlTo explain to you how pointless it is to purchase this product would take us double the words already written here. There are certainly other similar products to make bacon bowls with that you can find in stores together with some instructions or guidelines, not to mention that you can find products of much higher quality. If your cooking whims mandate you to absolutely make bacon bowls for the next barbeque party you’re throwing, you can use flipped – over muffin tins which can be actually more useful to you.

The Original & Patented Spin & Go Pro Mop

Spin & Go Mop  2Owning your very own house is a great thing, however, it also requires some responsibility to take care of. Nobody wants to be on cleaning duty, but sadly somebody has to make sure that the house is in pristine condition at all time, to avoid hygiene related health problems. Wives and diligent women receive less credit than they should, especially considering that house work is actually quite hard to do, more so after eight hours of work. Every helpful hand is appreciated, and this is exactly what the Original & Patented Spin & Go Pro Mop is here to do: make cleaning the house easier.

If you are tired of wasting half your day cleaning the floor, this revolutionary As-Seen-on-TV 360-degree rotating mop will definitely be to your liking. A while back we discussed about the Turbo Snake Drain Snake, a very versatile and useful tool for cleaning up stubborn drains, and today we would like to share our opinion of the Spin & Go Pro Mop, which will hopefully save you from unnecessary back pains and house-work hassle.


The Original & Patented Spin & Go Pro Mop – 360 Degree, as seen on TV, does exactly what the name says: it spins like crazy to make cleaning more comfortable for you. As opposed to similar products, this one has no foot pedal because its spin cycle technology will automatically rotate it dry when pushed into the spinner. It is also equipped with a highly absorbent micro-fiber Mop head which will not leave any traces, and can also pick up dust and hair. To add to the already incredible features, the micro-fiber heads can easily be washed in the machine, and re-used. You can find the product on Amazon.

Reasons to Buy the Spin & Go Pro Mop

At first we were skeptical about this Spin & Go Pro Mop, because As Seen on TV commercials have the weird habit of exaggerating the usefulness of their featured items, but this product did not disappoint. Have you ever felt that certain mops do nothing but push water back and forth to create a wet mess? This will no longer be the case, because the Spin & Go Pro Mop will enable you to experience damp mopping as it should be.

Spin & Go Mop

– This product not only effectively mops, and removes dirty water, but it can also double as a duster thanks to its micro-fiber head. In other words, you are paying half the price that you would normally pay for a professional mop, and you get two products into one.

– It transforms what is usually considered an intensive labor, into a quick and simple daily chore. The spin and dry feature works seamlessly. It is also more convenient to use, than having to attach, remove, trash and reattach new heads, and the micro-fiber heads don’t require an excessive amount of water to get your surfaces clean.

– You can also use the micro-fiber mops to quickly clean the lower walls, as they are soft and highly resistant.

– People with back-pains or other handicaps can also use it, thanks to the “no-peddle” system. The mop won’t get tangled up in wires, and you will not have to bend down to get it clean.

Customer Issues and Concerns

Spin & Go Mop  3Truth be told, there are not many issues and concerns which are worth mentioning, but there are certain things you might want to take as friendly warnings. Because it is a product intended for cleaning, it is only natural that not everyone found it perfect for their cleaning style, but it has 4.4 Stars on Amazon which is pretty amazing. Here are the concerns that might interest you:

– The Spin & Go Mop is very good for picking up solids, but it will sometimes refuse to let them go. The best way to get them out is by washing them in the machine.

– The spin bowl is a bit small and the head doesn’t fit perfectly.

– The handle must be locked and unlocked every time you use the bucket (to make it spin). This means that you have to lock and unlock it by holding the lower shaft which has no grip.

The Verdict

All in all, our review of The Original & Patented Spin & Go Pro Mop is mostly positive. It seems to be one of the most effective and comfortable cleaning tools on the market right now, so it will be very cherished by people who have a lot of cleaning to do, or suffer from back-pains. The spinning system is indeed revolutionary and considering that there were nearly no complaints about it, we are confident that it works as intended.

Miracle Socks – Anti-Fatigue Compression Socks

miracle socks1Men and women alike suffer from swollen feet and ankles and feel deeply uncomfortable having to stand for prolonged hours at their work – place. Sometimes our feet get soar and swollen even when we sit down, not to mention that large numbers of people all over the world complain about the condition commonly known as varicose veins or spider veins. Our feet take us from here to there every single day of our lives and if they are aching, feeling tired, with reduced blood flow, swollen and heavy, our comfort is damaged, together with our health. Compression socks are not something new and they definitely weren’t invented yesterday, but today we will take a closer look to the Miracle Socks – Anti-Fatigue Compression Socks – an As Seen on TV product marketed for its incredible features, only to decide if these socks are what people need in terms of relieving suffering from their feet and legs.


Miracle Socks – Anti-Fatigue Compression Socks, just as their name accurately describes, are compression socks meant to reduce swelling and fatigue. They are available in online stores, as well as on Amazon, and made of a combination of nylon and Lycra, which makes them comfortable and also resistant to wear. They come in S/M and L/XL sizes and the black pair you will find in the box is unisex. They can be worn just like any other regular socks and are easy to clean and maintain.

Reasons to Buy the Miracle Socks – Anti-Fatigue Compression Socks

miracle socks3–          They reduce feet, legs and ankles swelling and discomfort

Some customers reported immediate results of ankles and feet getting a much necessary pain and swelling relief even after one or two consecutive wears

–          They are recommended for people with venous insufficiency

Some people suffer from this condition which generally is described by swollen feet and legs due to the poor peripheral blood flow, a common drawback of age. Doctors recommend these socks as they manage to reduce the swelling and discomfort to the point of eliminating them totally

–          The Miracle Socks – Anti-Fatigue Compression Socks are easy to pull on and off, are easily cleanable and stand wear and tear in a good fashion

–         The Miracle Socks – Anti-Fatigue Compression Socks provide a mild compression, enough to reduce swelling but not strong enough to determine the apparition of side effects such as stopping blood to correctly flow and irrigate the extremities.

Customer Issues and Concerns

In truth, there are really few customer issues and concerns, but there are a few which are worth a mention to be taken as friendly warnings by those wanting to purchase these socks. One such issue is that the sizes don’t quite fit peoples’ real sizes. For instance, even the S/M socks were too large for some people, with the foot having enough room to feel comfortable (and sometimes having too much room), but the heel area reaching sometimes the ankles. Another issue reported by the customers is that after purchasing the Miracle Socks – Anti-Fatigue Compression Socks from the official website, they started receiving telemarketing calls without asking for them, which is considered unnecessary and disturbing. However, customers reported that the quality of the socks is too important to rate them poorly just because the company chooses certain ways of promoting the business. One last concern is related to the socks getting a little stretched after prolonged wearing, but this issue is easily solvable with washing the socks according to some customers.

The Verdict

miracle socks2Our review on the Miracle Socks – Anti-Fatigue Compression Socks inclines towards the positive end, as these socks indeed work as they are advertised and some people bough several pairs after the first trial, being more than satisfied with the results. Besides being careful regarding the size to choose, the socks indeed reduce and eliminate swelling of the feet, legs and ankles and bring comfort to people who need to stand on their feet at their jobs. The elder population is also very pleased with this product, as many reported significant positive changes to their health and blood circulation. Also, the price is affordable in comparison to the high quality and the benefits provided by the socks and there were almost no complaints about their resistance in time, wear, tear or several washing sessions.

Perfect Polly

perfect polly1Would you like to have a pet bird around the house, but without the added effort of feeding, cleaning and taking it to the vet? Would you like to surprise your children with a talking parrot (you could just stop from chirping or singing with a push of a button)? Would you like to offer a friend a gag gift, give your cats a reason to stay alert or mess with their heads, or just fill in an antique cage with a low – maintenance bird only for decorations? To answer all these questions and needs, we have the Perfect Polly, a life – sized parrot which acts like a real bird (in terms of moving and chirping) but which doesn’t need extra care, as it is a toy – bird. Today we will take a look at the Perfect Polly and see if it is so fun and interesting as advertised.


Perfect Polly is an As Seen On TV product available in online stores as well as on Amazon. It is a toy parrot that is designed with a motion active sensor, making the parrot become alive any time you walk by it. It moves its head and tail, it sings and usually it stands on a perch and it can move its head and tail in a real – life manner. It also chirps and can be quieted with a push of a button. It comes with an affordable price.

Reasons to Buy the Perfect Polly

–          It looks and feels real

The Perfect Polly is built in a life – sizes manner of a parakeet. Sitting on its perch, it makes a good companion for those who want all the perks of owning a feathery friend but without all the shenanigans.

–          It makes a fun gift for children

If the kids are too little to assume responsibility for taking care of a live pet, this toy may ease their way into the animal world. Even if the Perfect Polly doesn’t require feeding, cleaning or nurturing, it is a nice way for kids to be kept entertained and aware of their capacity to look after real pets in the future.

–          Perfect Polly makes an amusing gag gift for friends or family members

–         Perfect Polly can also make an interesting interior design decoration, especially if places in an antique bird cage or can add color and joy to a house interior

–         If you already have a bird, Perfect Polly can become an interesting companion if placed near or in front of your own parakeet.

Customer Issues and Concerns

perfect polly2This chapter is going to be a little expanded, as we gathered a lot of customer issues and concerns regarding the Perfect Polly, as it seems the advertising is misleading regarding the toy’s true qualities. One of the first (and most common) issues signaled by the ones who bought the bird is that it makes sounds so low on volume, it is practically impossible to hear it sing, not to mention that the rattle of it moving its head is annoying and preventing people from hearing the bird’s chirping. Another common issue identified by almost all customers is that the bird can’t be set on the perch, as they don’t match at all – the holes and pegs are just too small. Customers ordering this item were surprised to see it coming with defects (the legs were wrongly attached to the bird’s body, the bird’s legs were attached to the body with visible, bad looking globes of clear glue, the bird stopped working in less than a day and so on). Some even complained about the bird’s flawed motion detection system, while others were disappointed by the low quality (and short life span) of the bird.

The Verdict

perfect polly3Our review on the Perfect Polly, unfortunately can’t stir toward a positive conclusion, but on the contrary, it is a negative one. The bird is built in a cheap, defective manner and its advertised features don’t match the reality. While it is conceptually interesting and fun, the final product is far from what is marketed: the singing volume is too low compared with the noise made by the head moving, the bird and the perch don’t match, thus making it hard to place it there, some birds may come with fabrication errors and at this price, there are other similar products found in toy stores or regular ones which might actually function better.