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zoomies-review01Mountain climbing and hiking aficionados know that it’s sometimes difficult to enjoy the view, do some bird watching or simply look out into the distance. That’s because such a trip usually  involves a lot of luggage, which, in turn, means that your hands are busy most of the time. That’s why the Zoomies Hands Free Binoculars seem like a great idea, at least in concept. They allegedly allow you to use all the features and functionality of a traditional set of binoculars, but without using your hands. Or, do they? Our Zoomies review looks at whether or not this product really is as easy to use as claimed by the producers, and if it does deliver on the promise of being usable without hands.


The Zoomies Hands Free Binoculars is a novelty, as-seen-on-TV product, which enhances all the basic functions of a typical set of binoculars. The device has a sunshade, which eliminates the glare of the sun, an adjustable hands-free design, and it is foldable for easier storage in a compact shape. According to the infomercial and the product’s manufacturers, it provides magnification of up to 400 per cent. The Zoomies Hands Free Binoculars can be purchased online, via major stores, either new or used.

Reasons to Buy the Zoomies Hands Free Binoculars

–          They are light

Zoomies are made of plastic, which makes them very light to carry around. Bear in mind, however, that many users have complained about the poor quality of the frame and the material it is made out of.

–          They are compact

Zoomies are foldable and can be easily stored in one’s pocket or purse. If, for some reason, you need to carry them around all day, you will find that it’s much easier to do this with Zoomies than with traditional binoculars.zoomies-review02

–          They can adjust for light glare

Since the Zoomies come with a sunshade, they can protect the eyes of the wearer against sun glare – a genuine nuisance when using regular binoculars in an outdoor environment.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

–          They don’t magnify as much as some users would expect them to

According to more than just one Zoomies review online, many buyers report that the Zoomies don’t magnify as much as the infomercial says they do (some reviews list the advertised degree of magnification at 300 per cent, while others list it at 400 per cent). One user specifically says he/she does not recommend the product, as it is completely useless for object located at more than 75 to 100 yards away. What’s more, one user reported that Zoomies only work at maximum setting, when the image is just barely clear; after 30 seconds of wearing the binoculars, the same buyer reported becoming nauseous because of the blurriness.

–          Difficult to wear with prescription glasses

Since Zoomies are worn much in the same way as regular glasses (be they sunglasses or prescription glasses), it can be difficult and cumbersome to wear them on top of another pair. Perhaps users who need prescription glasses would be better off buying regular, non-hands free devices.

–          They are poor quality

zoomies-review03One online Zoomies review just about sums it up: they cannot be used for any distance further away than 5 yards, have a shoddy design, which makes it difficult to wear, and become completely useless for anything else than a gag gift. Most buyers report having been highly disappointed with the device and would not recommend them to others. The focus, which is supposed to be adjusted with a dial, cannot be properly used and will fail to actually focus the poor quality lenses on the Zoomies Hands Free Binoculars.

The Verdict

We have read many a Zoomies review online and the overall conclusion is that the product’s quality is faulty, at best. It is not comfortable at all to wear and use Zoomies, it seems. On Amazon, for instance, only two out of 42 reviews rated it with five stars, while 26 reviews awarded a one-star rating. Moreover, many buyers also cited the expensive returns policy as a top reason against buying Zoomies. Like many other as-seen-on-TV products, returning the device incurs high shipping costs. All in all, since they can prove difficult to wear and don’t deliver on their advertised magnification prowess, opting for a similar, better quality product might be the safe alternative in the long run.

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