XHose Review

The XHose is a unique, new alternative to the standard garden hose. Constructed from durable material and engineered with a unique design, this expandable hose is easy to use and easy to store. This hose is engineered with a revolutionary design so that the hose contracts in dimension and length when there is no water flow. Turn on the water and the hose expands to its full capacity.

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xhose reviewThe First of its Kind

The XHose is the one and only expandable hose that expands three times its length. In addition, this unique hose expands in diameter to provide a high flow, powerful spray when needed. When the water is turned off, the hose returns to its contracted form.

To expand the hose, simply hook the hose up to a standard spigot and turn on the water. The hose expands in length and diameter as the water pressure creates the resistance within the body of the hose. Water flows freely from the hose when it is expanded.

A Cut Above the Standard Garden Hose

With XHose, there is no need to lug around heavy garden hoses. No more untangling garden hoses and finding adequate storage. No more locating kinks that stop the water flow as with standard garden hoses. The XHose is available in three sizes:

  • 25 foot – contracts to 9 feet when not in use
  • 50 foot – contracts to 18.5 feet when not in use
  • 75 foot – contracts to 28 feet when not in use

This expandable hose is easy to store and fits in compact storage locations, such as a small container or box. The expandable hose is also extremely durable. Other garden hoses will crack and leak over time. The expandable hose is resistant to weather and wear. This hose is set to revolutionize the way garden hoses are used and stored.

The XHose expands up to three times its contracted length. The hose is super strong, yet very lightweight and easy to carry. The expanding hose never kinks or tangles and it contracts as soon as the water is turned off.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

The XHose is the only hose you will ever need. The manufacturer is so sure that you will be satisfied with the hose that the purchase of the expanding hose is followed up with a 90 day money-back guarantee. The manufacturer is convinced that you will be amazed at how easy the hose is to use around the house and garden.

The lightweight hose is easily moved from location to location around the house and yard. Because of its size when contracted, the hose may be stored in areas where other hoses would not fit. For example, the 25 foot hose may be stored in a small garden planter.

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Unique Construction

The hose is constructed with a tough expandable inner hose. The outer layer is made of a webbing material that is folded when the hose is contracted. This lightweight hose weighs less than one pound when contracted. The unique design of the XHose makes the hose different from any other hose in the world. The hose is easy to use and super strong. This durable piece of equipment will serve you and your family for years to come.


Customer Reviews

Customer reviews indicate that those who have purchased the expanding hose are extremely pleased with their purchase.

Faun reports,

“Extremely pleased with the product. Nice to not have to deal with unwinding the hose to use it. I have heavy rubber 75 ‘ hoses and they are hard to use. I would definitely recommend this product to others. It does exactly what they say and it is easy to use.”

Randy states,

“It took a little longer to get than I expected, but once the product arrived, it works exactly like it is supposed to and it performs just as advertised. I highly recommend the XHose!”

Terry comments,

“I love the XHose! It makes yard work so easy! I used to dread dragging out the hoses and hooking them up to the water spout. Now, I don’t dread it any more. I simply grab my expandable hose and go! Thank you for making yard work fun!”

S.P.’s review states,

“We are so excited to be able to do away with our heavy hoses. The XHose will make our old hoses obsolete.”

Sue D. writes,

“This product came today and it definitely exceeded my expectations. The price was so affordable, I wasn’t expecting the value of this hose. I would definitely recommend this product to friends and family. You have to try it to believe it. It’s also fun to watch the hose expand when the water turns on.”

Lightweight and Easy to Use

The XHose is so lightweight that even children can easily use the product. No need to drag out the heavy rubber hoses for jobs such as washing the car or watering the garden. This expanding hose is ready whenever you are. Just grab it and to. Connect the hose to any standard spigot and turn on the water. The hose expands to three times the original length.

The hose is constructed of two layers. The outside layer is a folding web that is lightweight and does not crack or tear. The inside layer is made of a durable, rugged, yet lightweight rubber that expands to provide a high pressure stream of water. As the water flows through the hose, the hose expands to the full size of any garden hose.

Small Footprint

Storage is simple because, when contracted, the hose takes up a very small space. Storage is simple as the hose may even be stored in a drawer or cabinet. Water flow from the XHose is strong enough to reach second floor windows with ease for cleaning. Washing the car has never been easier.

This expandable hose will truly revolutionize the way hoses are used. Easy to use and mobile, this hose makes any application for which you need to use water from the spigot simple and fast.


  1. Betty says

    We love our xhose and highly recommend it. It does exactly as advertised and is fun to use! Very lightweight and does not kink. Love it!


    I love the hose too. I hope it lasts a long time. I had to return the first hose because when I attached it to the smaller one the coupling cracked. I had to pay shipping of $14.69 to return it. I really did expect to be reimbursed for the charge. I shouldn’t have to pay to return a defective part. Let me know why I haven’t been reimbursed for the charge. I did send you a copy of the charge from the
    UPS store.

    • Ron Stargel says

      Coupling cracked as described immediately. Wife bought months ago, so I think I am stuck……..Also, bought a couple cheapies at Home Depot. Twice coupling cracked. I think I am cracked to try and use these things..

  3. Kristi says

    I love my xhouse so much that I ordered another one today! I have one in my backyard right now and I was so happy to give my old, heavy, bulky hose to the trashmen a couple weeks ago. We do not have a drip system in our yard so I hand water all my shurbs and flowers. I hated un-winding my hose and then re-winding it back up. What a giant pain. The xhose does exactly as advertised and now I enjoy going out and watering each night. My purchase today was for my flowers and shurbs in the front of our house. I will recommend this product to all my friends an family. I wish the 50 and 100′ hoses were a bit cheaper in price but these hoses are well worth the extra money and investment. Due to their quality, I think they should hold up for years to come.

  4. says

    I was wondering if this hose can be used on a camper for water hookup and can be left hooked up without any problems for a two week span. Has anyone used this hose for camping? Thanks for any info.

  5. Jamie says

    It arrived promptly and I immediately connected it to try it out. After 10 minutes the blue hose exploded and disconnected from its own black connection. Awaiting a second one to give it one more try but from what I have seen I am not hopeful.

  6. says

    i am interested for General Import Swiss, Austria and Germany. So do you the producer and you have the rights on this product?
    Thanks for fast feedback
    Olaf Leonhardt

  7. Donna says

    The Xhose does exactly what it claims to do! The only downside was leaving it attached when temperatures dropped below freezing.

  8. Tom says

    The second time we used our 75 ft hose, the hose blew off from the end peice.
    How do we submit a warranty claim?

  9. RW WOODY says


  10. Rich says

    When there is no flow it stretches to full length. Once you start flowing water, it starts to shrink and is no longer as long as it is claimed. Once it starts to shrink, it doesn’t have the pressure or flow of a regular hose. This finally equalizes and stops shrinking and the flow evens out, but not full flow like a regular hose. Also when you’re done using the hose there is still quite a bit of water that will drain out of the hose, basically a waste really, because of the elasticity of the hose. You are best turning the water off at the faucet when you are almost done and let the extra water keep coming out until it runs out. If you are watering potted plants for example, you can’t use all that extra water and it just seems like a waste. The xhose worked fine and I did like it, right up until it just broke. It somehow broke inside the blue cover, and just leaked all over the place through the cover and no more flow out the end. Maybe I’ll get another, maybe not. I can see why they made a pro version. The pro version is everything the regular one should have been in the first place. More flow, more pressure, no plastic ends, but now they can charge you even more.

  11. bill shelton says

    I have bought several X hoses and even gave some as gifts. The concept is wonderful but every hose I have used has lasted less than 6 months before it developes large holes. Would love product if would last at least a year.

  12. Joann Toth says

    I ordered the xhose from DAP…took 4 weeks to receive, paid $57.85 for the BOGO offer including postage. Used it 2 times, sprung a leak like Niagara Falls!!!! Sent it back since it did come with a 6 month warranty. They credited me $39.95!!!! I am out $17.90 for the shipping!!!! So much for the money back!!!! Piece of China junk!

  13. chris pullen says

    Basically flawed and shoddily made!
    The fitting designed to screw onto your garden tap is difficult to align and easily cross threaded.
    After 20 minutes use , with very moderate water pressure , the inner hose began to leak at the business end and soon after ,the inner hose began to expand beyond the cloth covering and then burst. I could then see that the water was being forced through a very small aperture thereby increasing the outflow velocity but putting a strain on the terminal fixing of the inner hose which was insecurely secured with failure certain.
    Return to sender ! Overpriced rubbish!

  14. Pam Jackson says

    I ordered two of th xhouses and just loved them until today. One of them just blew up for no apparent reason. I have cared for them according to the instructions, keeping them out of the sun and completely emptying them after watering. I searched on the website for customer service to address this problem and found no way to contact the company. I will not be ordering any more if there is no return or replacement policy.

  15. Eileen says

    I ordered the xhose pro July 8th, 2013. Fed ex tracking shows it might get here by Sept. 5 2013. Are you so hard up for money, you have to get paid by thousands of people before you can afford to make more. I never in my life waited TWO months to receive anything.
    I also read reviews now and your plastic fittings seem to be crap. People had to buy metal ones. I purchased the pocket hose and the end blew off and the seems split down the middle. So, I thought yours is around $10 more, maybe it will not be so fragile.
    If I ever get it, it will be fall. Thanks a lot for nothing.

  16. bill thomas says

    Do not buy this hose!! My son gave me an Xhose as a gift and it broke on its first use.
    Customer service was no help at all.

  17. David Wilson says

    My wife bought a 75foot XHose (blue) for $75 at the Rhode Island Garden Show in Providence, in March this year. Last week the inner rubber hose blew while watering her garden. I took it apart (you need a 12mm Allen wrench and a pliers) to see what had failed. I could repair it if I could get a new inner rubber (silicone?) hose, so I called Xhose at their customer service number but got a runaround and no return phone call. My son correctly said to my wife, “You got a hosing on that deal.”
    Don’t buy it. Overpriced and unreliable, not to miss unsupported by manufacturer.

  18. Scott says

    had it for six months so no warranty for me. But, I used on a limited basis. probably used it to wash my cars maybe a total of 10 times. It blew up today and gave my wife a good face washing.

    i guess they need to keep working on it. one day, perhaps, they’ll get it right.

  19. Keith Fujimoto says

    Yes: I FINALLY received my TWO 50′ foot Xhose Pro hoses (buy one – get one free). BTW: it took over 6 weeks AFTER ordering this to FINALLY get this to me.

    I had to call and check on the initial order and was told that this product was ‘back-ordered’. I think I wrongfully assumed that this was such a great product that EVERYONE was trying to get one ….. LOL ……but I am fairly certain the ‘back order’ excuse is due to everyone returning their hoses and wanting a replacement. I’m not worried on this point – as I will NOT be wanting a replacement – (even though I’ll have to pay the $10.00 shipping fees – sigh…..).

    Upon getting these hoses – I followed the instructions on how to fill the hose for the first time. As it filled JUST like it show on the TV and videos – it reached it’s full length of 50 feet and within a blink of an eye – before I could even open up the hose end to flow water – the hose exploded in a glorious fountain of water – right in the middle of the x-hose.

    Wonderful I thought: I must have done something wrong – or MAYBE the hose was just defective! No problem – I knew I STILL had my ‘free’ hose that was sent to me and SURELY it would perform exactly as they claim! (Can you guess what’s coming here?)

    So: I promptly detached my first failed hose and examined it to see if I could figure out what went wrong (or maybe what I did wrong!). All I could see was a piece of a rubber hose (from inside) that was bright blue in color – it was nice and soft and supple and had the appearance of having exploded like a rubber balloon that was over-inflated. I also saw that the ‘tough’ nylon sheath that covers this inner rubber hose was shredded on one side and it was evident that this is where the failure occurred: apparently – the nylon sheath is not strong enough to contain the expansion of the inner blue hose – and so as it breaks/fails – the inner blue hose cannot take any decent amount of water pressure as it ‘balloons’ through the nylon sheath and explodes due to the water pressure.

    Okay – so now I am a ‘little’ nervous – perhaps I should have VERY CAREFULLY opened the water supply and CAREFULLY and SLOWLY fill the X-Hose with water until it reaches FULL length. SO: I attach the SECOND (free) hose that I got today and did as I mentioned above.

    WOW! (I thought) The X-Hose has filled and extended to it’s 50 foot length – cool! After doing this – as the instructions tell you: GENTLY stretch out the hose and look for any ‘wrinkles’ in the nylon sheath and ‘straighten’ out the hose to get rid of these ‘wrinkles’. I did so – and then I opened up the hose end it it WORKED (I had a water ‘fan’ spray on the hose end)! Fantastic I thought – so I continued watering with the hose and I thought – ‘oh well’ …..I suppose the other hose had a defect in the nylon sheath ….. boy oh boy ….I was sure LUCKY I got the extra FREE hose!!

    Before I could even finish this thought …. I heard a very loud and VERY distinct ‘POP’ (sort of like a small firecracker exploding)….. and yes …..as you already know – this SECOND hose failed in another glorious and large fountain spray of water – quite spectacular really.

    So: XHose – your product LOOKS awesome and ‘trick’ – but is a complete and utter failure in terms of real world performance. (At least for my usage). I should have listened to my late mothers advice: “Caveat Emptor” – BUYER BEWARE!

    In all fairness however – I suspect that the failure of both of these new hoses are related to over-pressurization. I checked the water pressure that these hoses were put under and found the water PSI to be 70 PSI. So – I’m certain that IF you are buying this hose for your Motorhome (where pump PSI is around 45psi or lower) that the hose should work fine. Otherwise: CAUTION – I would NOT use this hose if your water pressure is anywhere OVER 45 PSI. (Typically – for a two story house – water pressure should be ‘regulated’ by a pressure reducer where the street main feeds your house – and in MOST applications – inside house pressure is adjusted to 45 PSI for two story houses and around 40 PSI for single story houses).

    I seriously DOUBT that the X-Hose was designed to be used at ANY pressure over 45 PSI. I’d love to hear from anyone else on this point!

    Keith Fujimoto

  20. jdubois says

    Love this product. Bought the BOGO offer and it took a long while to receive it. I was patient. Yes, one of mine sprung a leak after about a month’s use. Mine have a lifetime warranty so I called customer service and they promptly sent me 2(!) new hoses. The agent told me that you do have to be mindful of placing it under extreme water pressure. I would not call this product a workhorse. It is a very convenient hose to keep near the house and water bush beds and flower beds. It is so easy to drag around and store without having an ugly coil of hose hanging on the side of the house. I think that is worth the effort to treat it with a little care. Keep your rubber hoses for the watering that requires a workhorse. I am still trying to figure out a way to cut out the broken portion of the hose that burst and splice it back together. The brass fittings, alone, discourage me from just tossing it. I wish the manufacturer would devise a splice kit and send one with each hose. That might reduce the number of returns/replacements they have to deal with.

  21. Kate says

    Purchased hose and it exploded in the seam the very first time we tried to use it. (Followed instructions to a T) Didn’t use it immediately after receiving it, so had tossed all packing except for instruction sheet. Nowhere on the sheet was there an address or phone number…total loss of money on our part. Would not recommend this product.

  22. John C says

    After seeing the copy cats for $19.95 sold everywhere thought it best to try the best.
    I bought (2) 50′ xhoses with the brass couplings and after one month of very careful use one totally split????? Like everyone else here, I can’t find any customer service number etc.
    VERY DISAPPOINTED…. Paid a higher price because I believed the TV advertising and now realize since Obama took office everyone seems to think lying is OK???????



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