Turbo Snake Drain Snake Review

Turbo Snake® Drain Snake1The Turbo Snake Drain Snake is an As Seen On TV product available both online and in your nearby stores, as well as on Amazon and other retailing websites such as Ace Hardware. How many times did you feel frustrated that your sink is a slow drainer or that your hair always seems to get stuck in the tub sink without any chance to remove the hair balls? The Turbo Snake comes as a simple solution to remove any clots from the elbows joints of your sink drains, remove hair balls and make the drains perform better. This Turbo Snake Drain Snake review has the purpose of gathering all the necessary data regarding this product and see if it really works as good as it is marketed.


The Turbo Snake Drain Snake comes with 1 Sink Snake, 1 Shower and Tub Snake and 1 Storage Hook. The “snakes” are actually two carbon steel cables, each of them provided with a plastic tab on one end and a piece of Velcro at the other hand. The Velcro piece “grabs” the hair balls and any other types of residue that might be clogged in there and cleans the sink drain. The “snakes” are different, as one is smaller for the sinks and one is larger for the tubs, but the functioning principle is the same: you just need to insert the snake a twist in order for it to do its job.

The hook that comes in the package has a storing feature to it, as it helps keeping the snakes in one place, store them safely and even transport them more easily.

Reasons to Buy the Turbo Snake Drain SnakeTurbo Snake® Drain Snake2

–          It is practical

Like other home improvement products we’ve previously reviewed, this one, too, aims to be practical. Users who bought and used the product speak about the fact that the snakes are quite easy to use, if you follow the instructions correctly. The twisting process gave some a little trouble, as some twisted too much, but to remove hair balls and make the sink drain work faster, this household appliance does the trick.

–          It is versatile

Coming with two different snakes, it allows the user to skip any improvisation and use the right snake for the right drain system.

–          It is easy to store and transport

The hook allows the user to keep both snakes together and even transport them safely and comfortably to another house maybe to give a friend a helping hand when in need for a quick plumbing.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

Turbo Snake® Drain Snake3When it comes to the products efficiency, many consumers agreed the device does work properly when it is used for the first time. However, many complained about the frailty of the snakes, as the velcro head is sometimes poorly attached and instead of cleaning the drain, it will remain stuck there (being only glued to the snake), thus causing severe problems.  Some customers drew the attention regarding also the frailty of the carbon cable, as it sometimes was found not rigid enough to do the job it was intended to do. Another category of customers complained about the poor manufacturing of the whole snake system, as some twisted the snake too hard and broke it, while others talked about the snake’s handle as being the subject of breaking apart too fast.

Consumers and more than one online Turbo Snake Drain Snake review agree this would have been a great product if the attachments were mechanically bound, and not glued. Some of them insisted on buying another set after the first one got broken on the first attempt, as they understood better how it works. However, there are still concerns on the Turbo Snake losing its head in the drain after the first use or the second.

The Verdict

The general conclusion of this Turbo Snake Drain Snake review is that it should improve on its technical features, making the Velcro head reliably holding on to the snake and not detaching itself on the first use. Although this device won’t solve serious plumbing issues, it will remove hair balls, paper residue or other types of residue that make the sink drains work less fast and efficient. However, if you don’t want this product to be “once in a lifetime” experience, there is recommended to find similar ones that don’t present technical malfunctions and have the bindings and the incorporated pieces strongly fastened together.

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