Tiddy Bear Review

What is the Tiddy Bear? Chances are, if you’ve seen the commercial on TV you already know and are amused (or, conversely, creeped out) by it. In a nutshell, this plush toy-like product is meant to help avoid seatbelt burns, by cushioning the seatbelt and avoiding direct contact between it and the wearer’s skin. Some find it incredibly cute, while others believe it’s plain silly. If you can’t quite make up your mind about this product, whose commercial brought it surprising amounts of popularity, read our very own Tiddy Bear review.


The Tiddy Bear, as the name suggests, is a seatbelt pad shaped like your average plush bear and it comes in pink. Its design makes it highly appropriate for children, yet not so suited for adult wearers. The principle according to which it works is simple enough. Place the Tiddy Bear underneath the seatbelt, around the area where you believe you may get a burn from the belt. The pad can be safely attached and will hold there throughout the duration of your trip. The bear was invented by a breast cancer survivor, who found wearing a seatbelt highly uncomfortable after her mastectomy.

Reasons to Buy the Tiddy Bear

  • It makes car trips comfortable

As one Tiddy Bear review states, this pad will keep the seatbelt from digging into your skin and flesh and make traveling by car far more enjoyable, irrespective of how long the trips may take. If you’ve ever suffered from skin burns or rashes, caused by wearing seatbelts in the hot and humid summer weather, then you will definitely appreciate it.

  • It’s great for kids

The design of the Tiddy Bear also makes car travel in the company of children far more pleasant. Since the pad is essentially designed like any other kids’ plush toy, your little ones are probably not going to protest having to wear it. On the contrary, as the author of one Tiddy Bear review notes – they are likely to turn Tiddy into their new best buddy and traveling companion. Just don’t forget Tiddy at home, or you’re likely to hear some complaining and whining!

  • It’s celebrity-endorsed

The reason for which the bear is pink ties in with the story of its development. Pink is the color traditionally associated with the battle against breast cancer. This is also the reason for which TV talk show host Ellen DeGeneres has repeatedly mentioned the pad on her show and also encouraged her audiences to purchase it.

  • It’s cute!

This, of course, is a matter of personal preference. However, it’s hard to get critical, when the object of your criticism is—well, a pink plush teddy bear.

Consumer Issues and tiddy-bear02Concerns

  • It’s ugly!

Yet again, a matter of personal taste – but there isn’t just one Tiddy Bea review out there which expresses the view that the bear is ‘fugly’. It definitely isn’t the most trendy or stylish driving accessory on the market right now. However, some style experts believe that the Tiddy Bear might actually catch on because of how unsightly it is. It’s worth mentioning that most buyer reviews online focus specifically on the bear’s design, rather than on whether or not it actually works for the purpose it was designed.

  • It’s not suited for very young children

The eyes on the Tiddy Bear are small and potentially detachable. For this reason, they are considered a choking hazard and not recommended for children under the age of 3. They can be used on baby car seats, but it is best if the eyes are removed beforehand.

  • It is potentially overpriced

We found one Tiddy Bear review, which led us to a tutorial that explains how to make your own Tiddy Bear, for far less money. Cost efficiency may be one argument in favor of the DIY approach. However, bear in mind (pun not intended!) that the tutorial isn’t exactly simple to follow and might not be suited for those of us who are less skilled with their hands.

The Verdicttiddy-bear03

All in all, the Tiddy Bear might be largely a matter of taste for most people. It certainly does have a lot of appeal for parents who have to drive their children around a lot. The association with the cause of fighting against breast cancer also makes it a good choice, above other similar products.

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