TapouT XT® Review

Tapout XT® is not just another home video workout. It has been tested by the best MMA fighters. In fact, many have even added it to their daily training. Cowboy Cerrone, Chris Lytle and Ryan Bader will help everyone kick and punch like a world class MMA fighter. TapouT XT will help burn fat and build muscle so everyone can feel and look great.

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TapouT XT comes with 12 extreme MMA–inspired DVD workouts. This instructional DVD set helps health and body conscious people achieve their dream MMA fighter body. With this, they can burn fat, develop lean muscle mass and shred their abs. TapouT XT is for men and women who wish to lose weight and look their best.

Fitness expert and professional trainer Mike Karpenko changed the way people look at home workouts. This program is designed based on the synergistic combination of exercises for cardio, core, power and strength with fun and challenging MMA routines. The DVD set is a 90-day workout. Karpenko and the rest of the MMA stars guide aspiring MMA fighters through the entire program. The creator himself leads the Plyo XT in a 51 minute explosive lower body workout. Yoga XT is among the best parts of the regimen that comes with lots of hamstring and calf work, downward dogs and planking.

This product comes in a complete set that includes 12 MMA workouts, one strike training DVD, a fitness guide, one ultimate abs XT DVD, a nutritional guide, a training band and Xtreme resistance band, a 10-day slimdown plan, a workout calendar, a towel and one t-shirt. TapouT XT follows the principles of Rapid-Fire, Interval, Precision and Power. The program has been meticulously created to ensure that every part of the body gets the workout it needs in order to lose fat and grow muscle. The added materials in the kit should be used all throughout the program. The resistance bands are great for shoulder workouts.

How Does It Work?

TapouT XT can be a great gym substitute. TapouT Xt can be used at home where everyone can be comfortable. The instructional video set is a complete compilation of all workouts from the basic to the most intense routines. The workouts are based on a 90-day training program. Each day is a new workout that runs for less than an hour. The program helps everyone achieve their dream shape without the shortcuts. The RIPP principle enhances metabolism and can burn up to 1,200 calories in every session.

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TapouT XT is best for advanced workouts. The program focuses on specific muscle groups. This method is considered to be the best way of building lean muscle. With this, everyone can ensure that they get equal muscle growth throughout their entire body. The meal plans will guide users on how to manage their diet in addition to their physical routine. With all these features, one can never fail.

The extreme mixed martial arts videos are great when combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle. The nutritional guide included in the kit will help users determine the right diet that will complement their training. Experts also advise people to see a doctor before doing the workouts. This is especially true when users have underlying health conditions. However, those who can handle it and can push themselves to the limit should go for it. In addition, this instructional material also provides some practical fighting techniques. These moves can be used for basic self-defense. The punching and kicking styles are not only great to trim down body fat and mold muscles. They can also be applied in real life when necessary.

Concerns and Issues

This instructional material does not promise an instant MMA TapouT body. No one can build muscles without doing anything. Because of this, TapouT XT should never be used by people who are not eager to sweat it out and do some hard work. The effects can be seen with every session. However, complete results can only be achieved when the workout instructions are followed correctly. Moreover, every individual has a different response to training. Some people may develop muscles and lose weight a little slower than others. With this, it is important that users should set realistic goals so that they will not end up getting disappointed with the results.

Most customers never have any complaints about this product. They followed the instructions carefully along with the nutritional guide. The workout needs to be paired with a healthy diet and lifestyle in order to come up with the best results. In addition, people who have had recent injuries and health problems should make sure that they have their doctor’s approval before starting these workouts. There are proper techniques in performing the workouts that should be followed to avoid injury and excessive muscle strain. People who are aspiring to get that MMA body should use healthy methods to lessen muscle pains in order to complete the entire program. They should bear in mind that soreness is normal when doing this intense muscle workout. However, doing it the right way can lessen the occurrence of these problems.


  • Fun
  • Easy to follow
  • Excellent results
  • Well-produced
  • Engaging and Inspiring
  • Gym substitute
  • Good practical fighting techniques


  • Not good for lazy people and those with underlying health conditions

The Bottom Line

TapouT XT is great for health and body conscious people. However, not everyone can take advantage of this product. This is mainly because it includes intense workouts that some people may not be able to handle. This training program works best for people who have a great passion to achieve their dream shape and are able to endure both the workouts and the diet regimen.

There are many TapouT XT success stories that are posted online, and they are all quite impressive. These people worked very hard to achieve their dream shape and get that MMA body. However, every person has different reactions to the workout. With this, they should be able to set realistic goals and pair them with perseverance.


  1. mark says

    I have the program and consider my an advance exerciser, however; it should be noted that this is very intense with a risk for injury. I wore a polar heart rate monitor and my heart rate exceeded 90% of its recomended range. Additionally, this is essential an HIIT or interval based workout system which research suggest that this form of training should be performed every other day not every day for better results. Overall, this is a good program with a solid burn but I would do a dvd every other day.

  2. Leslie Anne says

    I just did the first one this morning. I like the fact that is high intensity but under an hour. I will have to see how it goes tomorrow after the first workout, but a switch up couldn’t hurt depending on everyone’s limitations. Doing something inbetween even as light as cardio paced walking is good for “down” time. It was a challange for me and I am in pretty darn good shape already, just wanted a little more cut here and there.

  3. Raquel says

    I’ve been doing this workout with my mom (56 yrs old, a bit overweight) for 4 weeks now and it’s been working out pretty well. I’m fairly skinny, but not super fit, so this workout has made my body feel so much stronger. My mom just told me this morning that she has so far lost 5 inches off her waist and 1 inch off her hips. That’s not bad for someone who tends to be too lazy to exercise. We’re not even half way through, but we’re already seeing results.
    If you try this don’t be discouraged if you don’t get results right away, we actually got a couple pounds heavier and a bit fatter looking during the first couple weeks and starting seeing results during the 3rd week.

    • steven uman says

      Might be a good workout but it takes forever to ship. You are lucky if it ships it 5-7 business days.

  4. Elliot says

    after reading the reviews and whatnot I’m actually considering getting this.
    I mean I’m not really overweight or anything… I’ve just got a small gut going on and I feel like I should be better than this. So I was considering P90X and Insanity but I’ve heard things that they aren’t all that great. Then the other day I heard about this Tapout XT and I like the concept of it where it kind of trains you like a fighter and whatnot. So not only could I be fit… But I could also be a fighter. HAHAHAHA. Either way… I’m beginning to think I might give it a shot.

    Thanks everyone! .-)

    • Charlene says

      go for it, this is a great product. I am going into my 4th week and feel much stronger. You will sweat like crazy, will be sore, but push through. I ordered the product after seeing it for the first time on television after considering P90X and insanity. Have friends who have tried the other products and knowone seemed to be able to complete the 60 or 90 days. you will want to continue with tap-out xt. I love the water breaks during the work out sessions. Give it a try….you won’t be disappointed.

  5. Tiffany says

    Today was my first day on the workout and I feel like I really got a workout! I’m super excited bcuz I did attempt Insanity but after the first 10 min had to quit. But I finished this whole workout and although it was very challenging it was good. The trainer talks to you through the tv and encourages you as if he were right in your house! I can’t wait to see my 30 day results

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