XHose Review

The XHose is a unique, new alternative to the standard garden hose. Constructed from durable material and engineered with a unique design, this expandable hose is easy to use and easy to store. This hose is engineered with a revolutionary design so that the hose contracts in dimension and length when there is no water flow. Turn on the water and the hose expands to its full capacity.

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xhose reviewThe First of its Kind

The XHose is the one and only expandable hose that expands three times its length. In addition, this unique hose expands in diameter to provide a high flow, powerful spray when needed. When the water is turned off, the hose returns to its contracted form.

To expand the hose, simply hook the hose up to a standard spigot and turn on the water. The hose expands in length and diameter as the water pressure creates the resistance within the body of the hose. Water flows freely from the hose when it is expanded.

A Cut Above the Standard Garden Hose

With XHose, there is no need to lug around heavy garden hoses. No more untangling garden hoses and finding adequate storage. No more locating kinks that stop the water flow as with standard garden hoses. The XHose is available in three sizes:

  • 25 foot – contracts to 9 feet when not in use
  • 50 foot – contracts to 18.5 feet when not in use
  • 75 foot – contracts to 28 feet when not in use

This expandable hose is easy to store and fits in compact storage locations, such as a small container or box. The expandable hose is also extremely durable. Other garden hoses will crack and leak over time. The expandable hose is resistant to weather and wear. This hose is set to revolutionize the way garden hoses are used and stored.

The XHose expands up to three times its contracted length. The hose is super strong, yet very lightweight and easy to carry. The expanding hose never kinks or tangles and it contracts as soon as the water is turned off.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

The XHose is the only hose you will ever need. The manufacturer is so sure that you will be satisfied with the hose that the purchase of the expanding hose is followed up with a 90 day money-back guarantee. The manufacturer is convinced that you will be amazed at how easy the hose is to use around the house and garden.

The lightweight hose is easily moved from location to location around the house and yard. Because of its size when contracted, the hose may be stored in areas where other hoses would not fit. For example, the 25 foot hose may be stored in a small garden planter.

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Unique Construction

The hose is constructed with a tough expandable inner hose. The outer layer is made of a webbing material that is folded when the hose is contracted. This lightweight hose weighs less than one pound when contracted. The unique design of the XHose makes the hose different from any other hose in the world. The hose is easy to use and super strong. This durable piece of equipment will serve you and your family for years to come.


Customer Reviews

Customer reviews indicate that those who have purchased the expanding hose are extremely pleased with their purchase.

Faun reports,

“Extremely pleased with the product. Nice to not have to deal with unwinding the hose to use it. I have heavy rubber 75 ‘ hoses and they are hard to use. I would definitely recommend this product to others. It does exactly what they say and it is easy to use.”

Randy states,

“It took a little longer to get than I expected, but once the product arrived, it works exactly like it is supposed to and it performs just as advertised. I highly recommend the XHose!”

Terry comments,

“I love the XHose! It makes yard work so easy! I used to dread dragging out the hoses and hooking them up to the water spout. Now, I don’t dread it any more. I simply grab my expandable hose and go! Thank you for making yard work fun!”

S.P.’s review states,

“We are so excited to be able to do away with our heavy hoses. The XHose will make our old hoses obsolete.”

Sue D. writes,

“This product came today and it definitely exceeded my expectations. The price was so affordable, I wasn’t expecting the value of this hose. I would definitely recommend this product to friends and family. You have to try it to believe it. It’s also fun to watch the hose expand when the water turns on.”

Lightweight and Easy to Use

The XHose is so lightweight that even children can easily use the product. No need to drag out the heavy rubber hoses for jobs such as washing the car or watering the garden. This expanding hose is ready whenever you are. Just grab it and to. Connect the hose to any standard spigot and turn on the water. The hose expands to three times the original length.

The hose is constructed of two layers. The outside layer is a folding web that is lightweight and does not crack or tear. The inside layer is made of a durable, rugged, yet lightweight rubber that expands to provide a high pressure stream of water. As the water flows through the hose, the hose expands to the full size of any garden hose.

Small Footprint

Storage is simple because, when contracted, the hose takes up a very small space. Storage is simple as the hose may even be stored in a drawer or cabinet. Water flow from the XHose is strong enough to reach second floor windows with ease for cleaning. Washing the car has never been easier.

This expandable hose will truly revolutionize the way hoses are used. Easy to use and mobile, this hose makes any application for which you need to use water from the spigot simple and fast.