3 Reasons to Buy the Trendy Top Wrap

Most reviews can list far more than 3 reasons for buying the Trendy Top wrap, but many of them miss the important details on just how helpful the product can be to you. While it is certainly great at being an undershirt that covers your midriff without the bulk, there is much more to the product than that. Here are three reasons for buying that you may not have considered.

Unlimited Layering Potential

Layering tops is one of the hottest trends in fashion, but with normal shirts, this can lead to all kinds of problems you won’t have to worry about if you use the Trendy Top. For one, wearing multiple layers during the warmer months can be extremely uncomfortable. No one wants to strut around in 100 degree heat wearing four layers of clothing. Even during the colder months, wearing multiple layers can make you uncomfortable just from the sheer bulk involved. With this wrap, you can still get the layered look without wearing a full shirt. This means less heat and less bulk which means less discomfort for you.

No More Embarrassments

One of the greatest benefits that you’ll get from buying the Trendy Top is that it can help protect you from embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. Since the wrap goes around your waist and midriff, bending and reaching can be done without the fear of exposing your stomach or too much of your rear. Unlike normal shirts that bag open or don’t cover enough, this wrap tightly hugs these areas of your body to prevent embarrassing moments before they happen. This is especially useful for those who have to be on the move constantly for their job, such as retail workers and waitresses. It can even be used to help extend tops you already own that run a little too short.

Add More Variety to your Wardrobe

The Trendy Top is also especially useful for those looking to add more variety to their wardrobe. Instead of buying a closet full of new tops, these wraps come in a variety of colors that can help add much-needed variety to your wardrobe at a significantly lower cost. You can match or contrast your top with the various wrap colors available to create a unique look for each day of the week. And since there isn’t any added bulk, you can use the wraps year-round in all kinds of weather. You’ll also find that tops you’ve grown tired of may find new life when matched with one of the Trendy Top wraps.

Trendy Top Review

The Trendy Top promises to put an end to unwanted waist exposure. This is another style of layering that does not only protect women from showing off skin. It also helps reduce their bulges without compromising fashion. Trendy Top can hide rears and cover sides perfectly. Click here for the Trendy Top buy-one get-one free offer from the product makers.

The TV Commercial

The product’s TV commercial shows the common problems that women have with tees and shirts. Most women feel uncomfortable when their clothes go up if they reach for something above them. Their movement shows off their waist and bulges. The product is comparable to a camisole cover. The only difference is that it looks like a top.

The product comes in different colors and sizes. Consumers may choose colors like white, beige or black. Customers may purchase one black and one white Trendy Top, and they can get another set for only $10. However, they must pay separate shipping and handling for the second set. The commercial, recently featured on Tosh.0, can be seen here:

Product Features

  • Material

This product is made of a stretchable natural cotton blend fabric. Its stretchable feature provides comfort when the Trendy Top belly wrap is worn. The best thing about this fabric is that it can go back to its original size despite extensive stretching. Users can ensure that it remains on their body. Trendy Top will not slip off even after many uses. The fabric does not roll or fold when the wearer moves a lot. In fact, even those who have very active lifestyles do not have to worry about stretching. The fabric allows this product to stay in place for a long time.

  • Size

Anyone can take advantage of this fashionable and efficient accessory. It is a great addition to any outfit regardless of the wearer’s body size and shape. Small and medium sizes are available for women who wear sizes zero to eight. The large size is suitable for women who wear sizes 10 to 14. Women who wear sizes 16 to 20 should choose an extra-large. Women whose dress size is between the sizes available should go for a smaller size. This is because the fabric is expandable.
trendy top

Reasons to Buy Trendy Top

  • Shape the Waistline

It is quite difficult to hide love handles, and it is especially hard when wearing fashionable low-rise jeans. Women only have two choices. They can either work hard and exercise to lose weight or just hide them. The Trendy Top makes hiding bulges easy, natural and fashionable. It can help reduce bulges with its stretchable and squeezing feature. With this, the waistline appears leaner and more defined.

  • Cover the Skin

Trendy Top is a better idea than wearing a sleeveless tee to cover the skin around the waistline. It reduces tummy exposure as the product stays in place even when the person wearing it stretches up or down. It is more comfortable than wearing another layer.

  • Helps Avoid Underwear Exposure

Unintentional underwear exposure is a very common concern for women. It usually happens when they wear low rise jeans or short shirts. This situation makes them uncomfortable. This product can prevent it from happening. It perfectly covers the waist and the hips. There is no way for panties to peekaboo.

  • Additional Style

Sometimes, wearing just a plain shirt looks boring. Adding a little trendy splash makes outfits more exciting and colorful. Because this product comes in different colors, owners can mix and match. They can pair Trendy Tops with either plain or printed shirts.

  • Additional Protection for Cold Weather

The Trendy Top wrap is a great addition to winter clothes. The natural cotton blend fabric provides a warm, comfortable feeling. It is not only good for covering the body against exposure. It also adds warmth on cold days. Meanwhile, the fabric blends with the temperature during the summer season. It does not add to the summer heat.

Trendy Top Consumer Issues

Many users complain about the Trendy Top colors available. Some colors do not blend well with their outfits. However, the solution to this problem lies with the wearer. Trendy Tops come in neutral colors. The black can actually blend with both light and dark-colored shirts. Women should get all four colors available to make sure they have more options. Another option is to pair these products with a slightly longer top. With this, only a small part of the Trendy Top will be exposed. This is not really a problem with the product’s quality. Most women who have this product enjoy the benefits that the Trendy Top provides.

Other complaints are not really directed at the product itself. Consumers encounter problems with the ordering and delivery process. The best thing to do is to purchase the product from its official site. Some resellers rely on source availability. They often have to wait for new stock before they can provide customers with their orders. It is highly recommended that customers purchase the products as soon as possible. This is especially true during promo periods. With this, they will not only take advantage of stock availability. They will also enjoy promos and added perks when purchasing the item.

Some customers claim that the product cannot effectively help them warm up during cold days. One reviewer reiterated that the primary purpose of this item is for covering the skin from exposure and not to protect the body from cold. With this, it is advisable that women should only use this product to complement their winter clothes.

The Bottom Line

This product is indeed a great add-on to women’s outfits. With this, they should not be worried about revealing their skin and bulges. They do not have to pull their shirts down every time they reach for something. Layering does not go out of style as long as it matches the outfit.

With the Trendy Top, women can feel more comfortable and protected anywhere. They can pick things up with ease and confidence. Although this product does not guarantee sufficient warmth like a full shirt, it can help reduce the cold. In addition, the product comes with a money-back guarantee. Consumers can try it for 30 days. If they don’t like it, they can send it back and get a refund.

Trendy Top: As Seen on TV’s New Belly Hider

Who hasn’t seen this commercial by now? The Trendy Top Wrap is trending heavily lately, (pun intended). We’ll have a full review up soon, but in the mean time we thought we might poll the audience to hear what the general consensus is on this belly band ish undershirt.

Update: Here is our new Trendy Top review.

How has Trendy Top worked for you? Would you recommend it to a friend? Or, has the Trendy Top encouraged you to forget about ever wearing low rise jeans again?

In case you need a refresher, here’s the ad that’s been running on TV for the past few months.

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