Perfect Polly

perfect polly1Would you like to have a pet bird around the house, but without the added effort of feeding, cleaning and taking it to the vet? Would you like to surprise your children with a talking parrot (you could just stop from chirping or singing with a push of a button)? Would you like to offer a friend a gag gift, give your cats a reason to stay alert or mess with their heads, or just fill in an antique cage with a low – maintenance bird only for decorations? To answer all these questions and needs, we have the Perfect Polly, a life – sized parrot which acts like a real bird (in terms of moving and chirping) but which doesn’t need extra care, as it is a toy – bird. Today we will take a look at the Perfect Polly and see if it is so fun and interesting as advertised.


Perfect Polly is an As Seen On TV product available in online stores as well as on Amazon. It is a toy parrot that is designed with a motion active sensor, making the parrot become alive any time you walk by it. It moves its head and tail, it sings and usually it stands on a perch and it can move its head and tail in a real – life manner. It also chirps and can be quieted with a push of a button. It comes with an affordable price.

Reasons to Buy the Perfect Polly

–          It looks and feels real

The Perfect Polly is built in a life – sizes manner of a parakeet. Sitting on its perch, it makes a good companion for those who want all the perks of owning a feathery friend but without all the shenanigans.

–          It makes a fun gift for children

If the kids are too little to assume responsibility for taking care of a live pet, this toy may ease their way into the animal world. Even if the Perfect Polly doesn’t require feeding, cleaning or nurturing, it is a nice way for kids to be kept entertained and aware of their capacity to look after real pets in the future.

–          Perfect Polly makes an amusing gag gift for friends or family members

–         Perfect Polly can also make an interesting interior design decoration, especially if places in an antique bird cage or can add color and joy to a house interior

–         If you already have a bird, Perfect Polly can become an interesting companion if placed near or in front of your own parakeet.

Customer Issues and Concerns

perfect polly2This chapter is going to be a little expanded, as we gathered a lot of customer issues and concerns regarding the Perfect Polly, as it seems the advertising is misleading regarding the toy’s true qualities. One of the first (and most common) issues signaled by the ones who bought the bird is that it makes sounds so low on volume, it is practically impossible to hear it sing, not to mention that the rattle of it moving its head is annoying and preventing people from hearing the bird’s chirping. Another common issue identified by almost all customers is that the bird can’t be set on the perch, as they don’t match at all – the holes and pegs are just too small. Customers ordering this item were surprised to see it coming with defects (the legs were wrongly attached to the bird’s body, the bird’s legs were attached to the body with visible, bad looking globes of clear glue, the bird stopped working in less than a day and so on). Some even complained about the bird’s flawed motion detection system, while others were disappointed by the low quality (and short life span) of the bird.

The Verdict

perfect polly3Our review on the Perfect Polly, unfortunately can’t stir toward a positive conclusion, but on the contrary, it is a negative one. The bird is built in a cheap, defective manner and its advertised features don’t match the reality. While it is conceptually interesting and fun, the final product is far from what is marketed: the singing volume is too low compared with the noise made by the head moving, the bird and the perch don’t match, thus making it hard to place it there, some birds may come with fabrication errors and at this price, there are other similar products found in toy stores or regular ones which might actually function better.