The Original & Patented Spin & Go Pro Mop

Spin & Go Mop  2Owning your very own house is a great thing, however, it also requires some responsibility to take care of. Nobody wants to be on cleaning duty, but sadly somebody has to make sure that the house is in pristine condition at all time, to avoid hygiene related health problems. Wives and diligent women receive less credit than they should, especially considering that house work is actually quite hard to do, more so after eight hours of work. Every helpful hand is appreciated, and this is exactly what the Original & Patented Spin & Go Pro Mop is here to do: make cleaning the house easier.

If you are tired of wasting half your day cleaning the floor, this revolutionary As-Seen-on-TV 360-degree rotating mop will definitely be to your liking. A while back we discussed about the Turbo Snake Drain Snake, a very versatile and useful tool for cleaning up stubborn drains, and today we would like to share our opinion of the Spin & Go Pro Mop, which will hopefully save you from unnecessary back pains and house-work hassle.


The Original & Patented Spin & Go Pro Mop – 360 Degree, as seen on TV, does exactly what the name says: it spins like crazy to make cleaning more comfortable for you. As opposed to similar products, this one has no foot pedal because its spin cycle technology will automatically rotate it dry when pushed into the spinner. It is also equipped with a highly absorbent micro-fiber Mop head which will not leave any traces, and can also pick up dust and hair. To add to the already incredible features, the micro-fiber heads can easily be washed in the machine, and re-used. You can find the product on Amazon.

Reasons to Buy the Spin & Go Pro Mop

At first we were skeptical about this Spin & Go Pro Mop, because As Seen on TV commercials have the weird habit of exaggerating the usefulness of their featured items, but this product did not disappoint. Have you ever felt that certain mops do nothing but push water back and forth to create a wet mess? This will no longer be the case, because the Spin & Go Pro Mop will enable you to experience damp mopping as it should be.

Spin & Go Mop

– This product not only effectively mops, and removes dirty water, but it can also double as a duster thanks to its micro-fiber head. In other words, you are paying half the price that you would normally pay for a professional mop, and you get two products into one.

– It transforms what is usually considered an intensive labor, into a quick and simple daily chore. The spin and dry feature works seamlessly. It is also more convenient to use, than having to attach, remove, trash and reattach new heads, and the micro-fiber heads don’t require an excessive amount of water to get your surfaces clean.

– You can also use the micro-fiber mops to quickly clean the lower walls, as they are soft and highly resistant.

– People with back-pains or other handicaps can also use it, thanks to the “no-peddle” system. The mop won’t get tangled up in wires, and you will not have to bend down to get it clean.

Customer Issues and Concerns

Spin & Go Mop  3Truth be told, there are not many issues and concerns which are worth mentioning, but there are certain things you might want to take as friendly warnings. Because it is a product intended for cleaning, it is only natural that not everyone found it perfect for their cleaning style, but it has 4.4 Stars on Amazon which is pretty amazing. Here are the concerns that might interest you:

– The Spin & Go Mop is very good for picking up solids, but it will sometimes refuse to let them go. The best way to get them out is by washing them in the machine.

– The spin bowl is a bit small and the head doesn’t fit perfectly.

– The handle must be locked and unlocked every time you use the bucket (to make it spin). This means that you have to lock and unlock it by holding the lower shaft which has no grip.

The Verdict

All in all, our review of The Original & Patented Spin & Go Pro Mop is mostly positive. It seems to be one of the most effective and comfortable cleaning tools on the market right now, so it will be very cherished by people who have a lot of cleaning to do, or suffer from back-pains. The spinning system is indeed revolutionary and considering that there were nearly no complaints about it, we are confident that it works as intended.