Liquid Leather Pro Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit Review

1How many times haven’t you cursed and cried over a tear in your new leather jacket? How many times have you felt bad about a cigarette burn that ruined a leather or vinyl chair? How many times did you secretly wish you could cover up, patch and fix any hole, rip, tear and burn on leather clothes, office furniture, car components and other similar products?

The Liquid Leather Pro Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit is an As Seen on TV product that is available on dedicated websites and also on Amazon which promises exactly this: a kit for us to fix any damage that is done to a natural leather or vinyl product in a matter of minutes and with little effort. It comes with a 7 intermix color package and a heating tool and it is said to work smoothly and efficiently. This Liquid Leather Pro Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit review aims to take a closer look at the product and decide a verdict on its quality and efficiency.


Liquid Leather Pro Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit comes with the seven colors that you can mix in order to reach one that matches your damaged leather product, a heating tool, as the whole process is heat – induced, bonding films, grain paper and instructions. In theory, it works quite simple: choose a colored compound or mix your own colored compound and apply it on the tear, hole or burn mark – it looks like liquid rubber, to give you a clearer picture. Next, cover the compound with the grain paper to give it texture and use the electric heater over the grain paper to spread the compound and heat it up enough to turn into leather itself. Let it cool down, peel off the paper and the tear is gone.

Reasons to buy the Liquid Leather Pro Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit

–          If you don’t care much about your damaged leather item but want to try to fix it anyway

Users who bought this product mentioned that in truth, the results are far from as they are described, but to an extent (the one at you don’t really care how the final result looks) it does work.

2–          If you are willing to make a few trials and errors before getting serious with the fixing

The product is marketed as being able to match the most popular leather colors and shades. It would be very simple if everything leather would come only in black, and even if so, there are a few other things that can go wrong in the process of mixing colors correctly and make them stay like that.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

The color mixing process is a very complicated one says one Liquid Leather Pro Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit review. You can’t be sure the color will match after the heat is applied and the grain paper is pulled off. This is why many customers advise us to try first on leather items we don’t care very much about.

The problem with getting the color right and make it stay like that is that through heating, the compound’s color wears off and the final result might look like just another stain on the coat (a few shades lighter)

The heating device also put the customers through some issues, either because it couldn’t reach some more difficult curbs and corners where usually there is a greater chance for tearing, while others complained about it not being able to heat enough the patch or to heat it up so bad, it burnt another hole.

Another concern, besides having to be an artist to match the colors and a mechanic to use correctly the heating tool, is that of the grain / texture patch. If the whole fix doesn’t cool down and dry well, peeling off the patch may mean causing a larger tear.3

The patching and fixing is temporary. The ones who managed to fix their leather damages confessed the results don’t last for long.

The Verdict

Taking into account all users’ perspectives on the product, the verdict of this Liquid Leather Pro Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit review inclines the balance to the negative side, as the product doesn’t work as manufactured. Given its very affordable price, it was tried by a lot of customers, but even if so, it requires many talents and many skills do mix the colors, apply the patch, heat up correctly the whole issue and get a fully repaired leather item. It just doesn’t happen.