Emery Cat Emery Board Refill Review

Emery Cat® Emery Board Refill 1The Emery Cat Emery Board Refill is to be used together with the patented emery cat board abrasive emery surface. This is an As Seen on TV product that you can purchase from the manufacturer’s website, some online specialized stores and also from Amazon. This is a pet and owner intended device in order to offer any cat the pleasure of cutting nails and grooming while it plays and the owner the chance to save some time with the grooming and save other objects in the house from the cats’ scratches. It is a pet supply and a refill and it fits down into the Emery Cat system, being thicker and having a nail filing feature. Here’s our Emery Cat Emery Board Refill review, which aims to answer the foremost natural question: does it work?


The replacement works exactly like the original Emery Cat, but this one comes together with a thicker surface and improved features, offering the cat a place to file and polish its nails. It also comes together with a bag of cat nip, so the cat can befriend the board faster and with positive results. Apparently, the surface is interesting enough for all cats to quit on clawing furniture or other objects in the house.

Reasons to buy the Emery Cat Emery Board Refill

–          Cats love it

Users who bought this refill for their cats admit that even if reluctant at first towards this new board, the cats end up loving it, not only because they can file their nails and scratch to their liking as much as they can, but sometimes they get so attached to it, they end up sleeping on the board.

–          It saves your furniture

Given the surface of this refill and the attraction cats develop for it, many users who observed their cats’ behavior mentioned that no further damages were inflicted upon the furniture or, even worse, floors, carpets or other textile objects.Emery Cat® Emery Board Refill 2

–          The trimming is excellent

While kittens would scratch and claw almost anything around the house, this refill board has significant results on the trimming. In other words, it has more than an entertaining and “keep the cat busy” purpose; it indeed does the job well.

–          It is cost efficient

Since this board contains emery in it, it lasts longer, is more solid, harder to shred fast and more resistant than other cat scratching boards so it saves money on the long term. Many users admitted that other boards get torn apart really quick, if the cat they own is a passionate scratcher, but this one is durable and efficient, while the price is affordable.

–          It convinces even the most reluctant of cats

Not all cats are very fond to finding their old scratcher thrown away and replaced, but this refill board comes with a bag of catnip that eventually persuades them into using it.

–          It can be placed virtually anywhere

Many users talk about their cats loving to scratch this board while on the floor, but others, knowing about their pets’ preference for a certain corner of the couch or bed, placed the board there and saved the day.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

Emery Cat® Emery Board Refill 3In reality, there are few issues and concerns when it comes to the Emery Cat Emery Board Refill. People who own the Emery Cat admitted the refill fits in perfectly. There’s more than just one positive Emery Cat Emery Board Refill review out there. Some users aren’t sure about the trimming efficiency when it comes to the surface dulling the cats’ claws, as they wished it was a little bit finer, but others saw the results and were happy about them.

The Verdict

Taking into account all users’ perspectives on the product, the verdict of this Emery Cat Emery Board Refill review is positive. Cats love to scratch this board and become so attached to it, they even turn it into a temporary sleeping place. The surface does file the cats’ claws, making them feel better and saving the owner time and money with other trimming solutions. The refill boards is excellent to give the cats a long term hobby and since it is durable and well constructed, it saves money on the long term, as it doesn’t break into shreds very fast. Having and using this at will, cats will be less fascinated with scratching and clawing doors, furniture pieces, floors or textile objects, which is a relief for any cat owner. Last but not least, it is a practical device that can be used even with cats that are reluctant to using scratching boards like this, as it lures them into loving it.