Perfect Bacon Bowl Review

perfect bacon bowlWhile many people bash bacon around because it is fatty and not so healthy in large quantities and constant intakes, we have to admit that bacon is still one of our favorite delights when it comes to a classic breakfast, a pizza slice, some afternoon munchies or quick bites to take along to our work place. Kids and adults alike love bacon and if there was such a thing that could turn bacon into an edible plate or bowl (just as they sometimes do with flat bread for salads – allowing you to eat the salad and the crisp flat bread bowl in the same time), everybody would feel like touching Heaven. Fortunately, there is such product that can be used in the microwave, oven and toaster oven in order to turn bacon into a crunchy, grease – free bowl to season with everything you like, from salads to eggs and pasta. In truth, you can use it even for bread bowls and today we will take a look at the Perfect Bacon Bowl and see if this is as great as advertised.


This is an As Seen on TV product available on Amazon and some local stores that provide kitchenware. It is a bowl of plastic, provided with a collector channel that gathers all the bacon grease for you to remove and have crunchy, sizzling bacon without the fatty side effects. The procedure is quite simple: you wrap around the bacon slices around the bowl and put it in the oven or microwave. In no time, you will have a hot and crispy bacon bowl to fill in with your favorite sides. The product comes in a pair and is marketed as being microwave free and dishwasher safe.

perfect bacon bowlReasons to Buy the Perfect Bacon Bowl

If you can wrap around your mind around the idea that what this product represents is just a plastic bowl to wrap bacon around and you still find some charm to it, then the Perfect Bacon Bowl is a fun kitchen accessory. Your cooking and your life won’t depend on it, but it can make some interesting appetizers to a party or during game night, not to mention that kids will probably love it the best. The product comes in handy also to those who never considered making bacon (or bread) bowls with the help of flipped-over muffin tins. However, if you really need to impress some audience and to have fun playing with the children, the Perfect Bacon Bowl may be a fun way to expand your vision on cooking.

Customer Issues and Concerns

Now imagine paper – thin slices of bacon (greasy or less greasy, doesn’t really matter) staying perfectly wrapped around a plastic bowl while it gets heated up in the microwave and staying that way with the help of… gravity. Quite hard to imagine the final product will actually look like in the picture and listening to consumers, our hypothesis is true: the bacon slices happen very often to slide and get lost in the oven. Some people tried pinning the bacon slices to the bowl with toothpicks, but this didn’t lead either to a perfectly shaped bacon bowl, not to mention that due to the imperfect cooking of the slices, people found themselves in the situation to overcook the bacon. Which leads to even more troubles…

Almost all customers trying the product complained about grease burning inside their microwave ovens, splattering all over the place, emanating an almost toxic smell and smog and in some unfortunate cases, burning the whole microwave to a crisp.

Another issue most customers complained about is that the bowl comes in cheap plastic, an even cheaper wrapping and to their shock, with no cooking instructions, cooking time frames, no recipes or dish suggestions, nothing. Just as one disappointed customer said, it is useless and dangerous to make edible bacon bowls with it, but it makes a cute plastic bowl for your kitchen nonetheless.

The Verdict

perfect bacon bowlTo explain to you how pointless it is to purchase this product would take us double the words already written here. There are certainly other similar products to make bacon bowls with that you can find in stores together with some instructions or guidelines, not to mention that you can find products of much higher quality. If your cooking whims mandate you to absolutely make bacon bowls for the next barbeque party you’re throwing, you can use flipped – over muffin tins which can be actually more useful to you.

StufZ Burger Press Review

Stufz-Review02Many As Seen on TV products focus on making our lives in the kitchen easier. One such kitchen gadget is the StufZ Burger Press, which provides help in creating better stuffed burgers. And who doesn’t love stuffed burgers, right? Our StufZ Burger Press review will explore the product’s features, upsides, and downsides, in order to work out how good it is at helping you make the best stuffed burger you’ve ever tasted.


If we were to pay heed to the StufZ Burger Press infomercials blindly, then we’d call this As Seen on TV product the ultimate device for creating stuffed burgers. It’s suitable for any type of ground meat, be it beef, turkey, chicken, or pork. The ads also boast the product’s sealable feature, which promises to keep all the flavors and goodness safely contained within. The product also promises to create perfectly even burgers in terms of thickness, which, in turn, makes it easier to cook the burgers just right and just the way you like them. The StufZ Burger Press costs $9.99, with $4.99 for shipping and handling, but bear in mind that you can’t opt out of the “buy one, get one free” option the seller provides, so this will add an extra $4.99 to your bill.

Reasons to Buy the StufZ Burger Press

–          It’s made of durable materials.

The top feature offered by this product, as stated in more than just one StufZ Burger Press review, is that it’s made of food-grade materials. This makes the product high quality, as it’s very durable and it can withstand a lot more wear and tear than you’d think.Stufz-Review01

–          It can make really huge burgers.

We acknowledge the fact that America has a problem with super-sizing – and the StufZ Burger Press makes no exception. It can create burgers as big as 1/2lbs. The pocket is huge and can contain just about any kind of stuffing you might think of, from veggies to cheese.

–          It can be easily cleaned.

The StufZ Burger Press is very easy to piece apart, as well as to put back together after you’ve washed it. For even more comfort and ease of use, it’s also dishwasher safe.

Customer Issues and Concerns

It might take a while to learn how to properly use the StufZ Burger Press, as an online StufZ Burger Press review notes. At first, many users are tempted to put the stuffing at the top of the layers, which made their burgers very thick. This, of course, meant they also took a longer time to cook than usual and proved a challenge to the users’ patience. However, this is not the biggest issue the users took to the device. Most of them complained of the fact that the stuffing tended to leak. This can be solved, as long as you remember not to over-stuff them, or by pinching the burgers sealed at the top. It also takes a while to figure out how much meat to place inside the StufZ Burger Press. Add too little at the top and your burger will be leaky; add too much and it will take longer to grill, which will also alter its texture and make it uneven. Another feature, which many users would have appreciated, but is missing, is the use of a non-stick material in making the product. Making several burgers one after another can turn out a bit messy.

Stufz-Review03The Verdict

Our StufZ Burger review comes to the conclusion that this could be a great product. It’s not bad as it is, but several things could be improved. It would be great if the product came with some instructions, so that the users find the learning process less frustrating. Then, the ordering process on the producer’s website can get a bit confusing as well, which detracts from the product’s actual quality – one option is to order it off Amazon. Furthermore, it would pay off to make the StufZ Burger Press from better plastic, preferably one with non-stick features. All in all, buy the product if you’re a huge burger fan, but know that other options are also available on the market (and for similar prices). They might just be better, at the end of the day.

Orgreenic 12-inch Frying Pan Review

1When it comes to cookware, we are always in the search for the next best thing, ready to try and experiment with the latest products that will keep us as longer as possible without breaking, will also keep us safe and will need as little as possible effort to clean and maintain them.

The Orgreenic 12-inch Frying Pan is an As Seen on TV product which you can buy from specialized web stores and Amazon. It is marketed as an eco – friendly skillet with nonstick properties which can be used for virtually anything you can think of (broil, bake, fry, sauté or braise) and it is easy to clean – but no dishwasher allowed. Let’s proceed with this Orgreenic 12-inch Frying Pan review to see if this pan is healthier, safer and easier to cook with and clean after, just as they say it is.


At a first glance, this is just your regular nonstick pan, another one in the bunch. However, it has a few features that makes it interesting, to say at least:

Nontoxic: many people fear nonstick pans because they release chemicals while cooking very few people are willing to inhale or ingest with their meals. This pan’s design and construction (ceramic coating) keeps you free from toxins.

It needs little oil or grease to cook with it. Those who pay attention to their health will be happy to hear that this pan can be used to cook by reducing (or eliminating) the need to use oil, grease or even non stick sprays in order to have a healthy dish.

It is also provided with an anodized aluminum with ergonomic stovetop stay-cool handle to make manipulation easier.

Reasons to buy The Orgreenic 12-inch Frying Pan

–          You like to eat healthy

This pan is then a good solution to reduce oil and fats while cooking, no matter if you fry, broil or bake and more than just one Orgreenic 12-inch Frying Pan review has confirmed this.

–          You resent the cookware that presents a slight chance of being toxic

Since this one is designed to be eco – friendly and health – safe, you may find a good cooking partner in it.

–          It has a smooth surface that makes cooking a lot easier1

Some customers highlighted this feature and it does indeed sound good: the skillet’s surface is smooth enough to turn a delicate dish, such as fried eggs or a pancake without rupturing the dish or stumble in the middle creating unaesthetic effects.

–          It is very easy to clean

Although recommended to hand wash, it sometimes can be cleaned only with a paper towel or a wet cloth and being put in the cabinet with no problems.

Customer issues and concerns

Some customers complained about the pan getting sticky, in spite of the marketing, or getting damaged by heat, not heating properly and uniformly or not working well with induction stoves. There is an answer for all these issues: the pan is ceramic based. It will definitely not behave like a metallic one, nor distribute heat in the same manner. It will heat up at different temperatures than a regular skillet and it was found by testers to better work on medium heat.

Another issue that might be counteracted, regarding all these flaws that were reported, is that some customers skipped an essential step: seasoning the pan according to the instructions. Putting the brand new pan on the stove after it was just taken off the package is not the wisest thing to do. Customers who seasoned the skillet didn’t observe any damages induced to the pan after a sensitive amount of time spent using it.


One other issue that should be addressed is the durability of the pan. Since it is ceramic and it is not marketed as an indestructible object, it is subjected to scratches, chips and other inherent accidents if not managed with care. There are, of course, issues with the warranty, and any customer should check the warranty specifications before making a purchase. Otherwise, some passionate cooks out there used coated utensils when using the pan and didn’t report damages besides the usual scratches here and there.

The Verdict

This Orgreenic 12-inch Frying Pan review certainly inclines the balance to the positive side, as, if treated and seasoned right, used with the minimum of necessary precaution and handled accordingly, the pan manages to provide healthy and safe food for the whole family.

OneTouch Can Opener Review

1The OneTouch Can Opener is a kitchen tool and an As Seen on TV product that is available on dedicated websites, on the manufacturer’s website and also on Amazon. Now, if you struggled before with opening cans or needed one that doesn’t require manual strength, as it works on batteries, this product is marketed as being the perfect solution for everybody, from elders who don’t have enough force to use a manual one, disabled people with poor motor skills, families who need a can opened in a blink of an eye, as they cook often and even teenagers sent to summer camp. It is not a product to be used by children, so make sure you know that. In this OneTouch Can Opener review, we will see together if the product is as good and as efficient as it is marketed.


The OneTouch Can Opener is a House and Kitchen device marketed as being able to open up any type of can size and shape, working on batteries, cutting from the side and being easy to use by just pressing a button after set in position. It is also provided with a magnet which conveniently lifts off the metallic lid, and, more importantly, it cuts from beneath the lid, not from its top, thus eliminating the consequence of sharp, irregular metallic edges people often cut themselves into. It is also light and well sized to fit any kitchen drawer and the two AA batteries used in order to make it operational are not included in the package.

Reasons to buy the OneTouch Can Opener

–          Only if you don’t have anything else that comes in handy

Users who bought this product mentioned the fact that an older similar model available on the market a few years back was way more efficient than this one and some of them would choose it only if they wouldn’t have a manual one or even a knife.2

–          If you don’t have any other choice, physically speaking

Some people bought this item for their elder family members or for those who suffer one type or another of physical impairment or motor skills, thus making their lives easier. We will see soon why their lives were actually made harder, but to some extent, the product does open cans, although not without side – effects.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

They are quite many, so we will take them in order, as the aim of this OneTouch Can Opener review is to be objective and properly organize the info available online.

The placing / replacing of batteries. The device, just as any other one, has a battery compartment that it is quite hard to find, open, use and close properly. Some people never finished this level and thus can’t really say if the product really works or not.

The functionality. This product’s efficiency is debatable, as almost every customer that bought the item declared it really just doesn’t work. Looking deeper into the situation, the “not working” problem can be defined as follows: the device indeed doesn’t cut hard can metal. Another situation is when the device starts going round and round around the can and can’t be stopped. It also happens to not make a full round, as it stumbles and stops working.

Another thing that worries customers regarding this product is the fact that it sometimes can’t grip correctly the can, thus making a poor job opening it. Furthermore, there are irregularly shaped cans out there, which come in oval shapes, square shapes and so on, and the OneTouch Can Opener can’t seem to be able to manage them at all.

3As we said, there is a problem with the ones that really needed this product around: the elders, the people with poor motor skills or physical impairments, the teenagers gone camping who need to stay safe from accidents. Many of these people found this kitchen device not only hard, but almost impossible to use and in this respect, it is really a shame.

The Verdict

Many consumers referred to this product in terms of “junk” and “waste of time and money” and unfortunately, the truth of this OneTouch Can Opener review is on their side. With a few little exceptions, the can opener doesn’t work great, if it works at all, and considering other similar products that work manually, or even older automatic models that worked exemplary, this one doesn’t meet the customers’ standards and needs. Also, there are some refunding issues to be addressed and, of course, the issue of warranty which is confusing, to say

Potato Express Review

potato-express-review01Who doesn’t love a good baked potato? We have yet to meet such a person – yet the issue most often cited by people who enjoy this type of meal is that it’s far too complicated to serve. That’s because potatoes will take forever to cook in the oven and if you use the microwave oven, you might just end up with a potato that’s undercooked in the middle and burnt on the outside. What’s the solution? It’s the Potato Express Microwave Oven Bag, according to a popular as-seen-on-TV product infomercial. But does the product really deliver on its claim to yield perfectly baked potatoes with the mere use of a microwave oven? That’s the aim of this Potato Express review: to find out if potatoes cooked in this bag are really that scrumptious.


The Potato Express review we consulted online stated this product only costs $24 for the whole set, which includes two microwave oven bags, two guides for recipes, plus two graters for cheese. You can use the whole pack or gift half of it to a friend or family member. The seller also offers a 30-day money back guarantee, but it’s not for a full refund – only for $10, and you’ll also have to pay for having the pack shipped back to its producers. The way the product works is by inserting a potato inside either one of its sleeves and then putting it into the microwave to cook. According to the infomercial, the potatoes are supposed to come out fully baked, with crisp skins and a fully baked core in no more than 4 minutes. The ad also says that the bags can be used for cooking potatoes in a wide range of other ways.

Reasons to Buy the Potato Express

–          It cooks far quicker

It takes 40 minutes up to a whole hour to bake potatoes in the oven. Several tests ran by the author of a Potato Express review have revealed that the microwave sleeve can actually produce edible, cooked potatoes in a far shorter span of time, ranging from 4 to 10 minutes.

–          It provides variety

Since baking potatoes in a traditional oven usually takes a long time, most people opt to boil, mash, or deep-fry them. The Potato Express allows you to sample baked potatoes as a side-dish, with far less effort than actual baking involved.

–          It’s washable and reusablepotato-express-review02

Since it’s made out of a textile fabric, the Potato Express microwave oven bag can be used several times, after it has been washed and dried. In this sense, it’s an environmentally friendly product.

–          It works with other foods, too

The Potato Express microwave oven bag can also be used for corn or bread. It comes with a recipe book, which is chockfull of microwave oven ‘baking’ ideas and recipes.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

–          It doesn’t exactly help bake the potatoes

According to more than just a single Potato Express review, the product doesn’t really help bake potatoes in the microwave. The sealable bags generate a sauna-like environment, inside which the potato is steamed. As such, the taste and texture of the end-product will resemble that of boiled potatoes far more than that of oven-baked ones. They come out with a crisp skin, but not completely dried out, as when cooking potatoes in the microwave oven without the sleeve. The inside remains fluffy and moist.

–          It has size limitations

The sleeve is not big enough to accommodate 4 large potatoes, according to one Potato Express review. Four smaller ones might fit, but will take a longer time to cook (roughly 10 minutes, according to the same source) than advertised in the infomercial.

–          The purchase process is not very friendly

When buying the Potato Express, you are mandated to purchase a double pack and there is no way to opt out of this. Also, several consumers claimed they were charged more than they expected, as items they hadn’t ordered were added to their bill. Furthermore, returning the products is costly and inefficient.

–          More accessible options might be available to buyerspotato-express-review03

One Potato Express review we found online noted that there is one supermarket product with similar features available in most grocery stores. To boot, you can also buy similar products online, via Amazon, and many of them come with lower price tags.

The Verdict

The number of Potato Express reviews we found online was rather scarce. Given this fact, as well as the costly price of the item, the complicated return process, and the fact that other similar products are available at lower costs, this Potato Express review will conclude that the product is only recommendable for potato fans. They are likely the only ones willing to spend this much money on what is essentially a cloth bag.

EZ Cracker Egg Cracker Separator Review

ez-cracker-egg-cracker-separator-review01The EZ Cracker Egg Cracker Separator is an As Seen on TV product that you can purchase from online specialized stores and also from Amazon, EBay or your local Walmart. It is a kitchen device that prides itself in its capacity of cracking eggs in an instant without any shell spills; separating the yolk from the egg-white without any mess and which can remove the shell from oiled eggs with little effort. This EZ Cracker Egg Cracker Separator review aims to discover if the product is as efficient as it is marketed.


The device offers anybody who wants to cook fast and well the opportunity to save time and avoid little kitchen accidents by helping them manage raw or boiled eggs with little time and effort. It can crack an egg without supplemental spills or shell drops in the food and the supplemental attachment can help separate cleanly the yolk from the rest of the egg. It also can help people to avoid the unpleasant and long task of pealing boiled eggs. The device is build out of plastic and consists in two plastic handles, rings and a claw. It also comes with a bonus attachment which helps the yolk separation be clean and fast.

Reasons to buy the EZ Cracker Egg Cracker Separator

–          Only if you think of yourself as a cooking gadget guruez-cracker-egg-cracker-separator-review02

Users who bought and wrote an EZ Cracker Egg Cracker Separator review seem to have mixed emotions and conclusions after using the device a few times. The function of cracking eggs is reviewed positively most of the times, but with a few amendments on the time saved and on the shell spills: testers and customers tracked the time necessary for the device to crack the eggs and found that the old classic way using your bare hands is much more efficient. Also, after a number of consecutive usages, the device begins to become messy, as it leaves small shreds of egg shell from one egg to the next, making them land eventually in the bowl. The reviewers admitted the device works on a number of limited occasions (large eggs, skilled cooks), but for a regular morning omelet, they recommend cracking the eggs by yourself.

–          Only if you resent getting messy

The separation of the yolk is considered not as efficient as marketed, although many people bought the item especially for avoiding getting messy and sticky on their hands when manipulating a large batch of eggs at a time. The process of getting the yolk separated from the egg white can become similarly messy, especially if you use smaller eggs that slip, or if you use a very large egg and the egg white spills for not having enough room to being deposited safely.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

ez-cracker-egg-cracker-separator-review03The device has been tested not only by customers, but also by professionals concerned with consumer products’ efficiency and cost balance. The main concern everybody mentioned in more than just one EZ Cracker Egg Cracker Separator review is the fact that the product doesn’t efficiently separate the yolk, but can sometimes crack the yolk itself, creating the yolk to spill. Also, small eggs slip out of the device, while if using large eggs, there is a chance that the separation process to be unsuccessful due to the large quantity of liquid that cannot be properly contained. Also, the shell peeling was described by users as being useless, as the device just cracks in half a boiled egg. Another problem mentioned by the users was that the device is not dishwasher safe; therefore cleaning it takes a lot of time, much more than washing your hands after manually cracking an egg. Also there is no guarantee on the shell shreds being kept away from the bowl or the pan, as the device itself may gather small egg parts after consecutive usage that end up in an omelet or a baking dough.

The Verdict

Taking into account all users’ perspectives on the product, the verdict of this EZ Cracker Egg Separator review cannot be positive. Consumers consider it as being an improper device to use as long as it keeps its current features, as it doesn’t save more time than cracking eggs by hand, doesn’t help keeping the shell shreds away from the bowl and it is inconsistent in its efficiency by working properly only a few times, depending on the egg’s size, shell toughness and the user’s skills.

Chef Basket Review

chef-basket-review01The Chef Basket is a self-described ‘cooking dynamo’, which, according to the product’s infomercial, can be used in dozens of different ways for cooking. It allegedly works as a steamer, a colander, and a deep frying basket, to name but a few of its functions. Now, this here Chef Basket review is going to try to see what other reviewers have had to say about the product, and then conclude whether or not the Chef Basket is all it’s cracked up to be, as its producers claim.


The Chef Basket is, in a nutshell, a collapsible, foldable wire mesh basket, which can be used in a wide range of different ways, for cooking purposes. It can be used in a frying pan or a pot, in boiling water or sizzling hot oil. It can be used as a pasta colander, to transfer noodles from the pot into your plate, or it can fry your chicken drumsticks or pounds of potatoes that you want to serve fried at the family dinner. The infomercial, as well as more than one Chef Basket review we found online, only mentioned several functions – the ‘dozens’ did not quite add up. However, it’s safe to say that the Chef Basket is a multi-functional cooking device – a new addition to an already expanding market niche, which focuses on functionality in the kitchen. Once used, the Chef Basket can be folded up, in order to be stored safely.

Reasons to Buy the Chef Basket

–          It doesn’t take up that much space

chef-basket-review02Given its light, wire mesh structure and clever design, the Chef Basket can be easily folded up and stored away. It doesn’t occupy that much space and will certainly not clutter your kitchen. It takes up about as much room as your average trey. Unlike other multi-functional cooking devices, it is not as big as a pot, or a frying pan, which also makes it rather easy to clean and manoeuver.

–          It’s a great steamer

One other Chef Basket review noted that the product is great for usage over a pot of boiling water, for those who prefer their food steamed. You can choose to steam vegetables and rice, if you are so inclined (and tend to favor the Asian cuisines). The Chef Basket can be safely affixed to the edge of the pot and left to steam over the water, with no concerns for the food burning or becoming too mushy.

–          It’s perfect as a colander

After all, one good look at the Chef Basket will tell you that’s just what it is: a mesh colander. As such, if you need a device in which you can easily rinse vegetables, fruit, or even some types of pasta, this one may be the solution you’ve been seeking. It’s easy to handle, thanks to its design, and can help you toss and turn the food under the stream of water, even without you ever getting your hands wet.


Consumer Issues and Concerns

–          It fits poorly in most pots

Although there is more than just one Chef Basket review out there to attest to its usefulness and efficiency in the kitchen, the truth is that the device will not fit in all pots. It is too big for some, and too small for others – a design flaw which undermines its claims at multi-functionality. Ideally, the Chef Basket should be adjustable, as to fit in as many types of pots and pans as possible.

–          It’s shoddily designed

The actual concept of the Chef Basket is not bad at all, but its construction leaves a lot to be desired. Some reviewers and users have found that the device will simply break when attempting to fold it. Others noticed that, after some usage with heavier food items, it will give in under their weight.

–          Its holes are too big

Perhaps the most relevant Chef Basket review online is a YouTube video, during which the tester attempts to cook pasta in the Chef Basket. The result? He stops mid-way, as he realizes that the holes in the mesh wiring are too big for the spaghetti he was trying to cook. His verdict: “If I can only cook rigatoni, this basket’s useless”.

chef-basket-review03The Verdict

The conclusion of this Chef Basket review is that, while the concept of the device is quite clever, the execution leaves a lot to be desired. Given the problems in design that the product displays, it can actually only be used with relative success to perform a couple of tasks in the kitchen – which pretty much defeats its very purpose for existence.