Micro Touch Max Personal Trimmer

Micro Touch Max Personal TrimmerGentlemen, this one is for you! Grooming activities may be a drag sometimes, as they imply the spending of a lot of time and the use of different devices for each body part you’d like to trim. You perhaps have an entire kit of grooming and trimming devices, from the common shaving kit, to that machine that deals with the hair in your nose (and perhaps ears too), not to mention that getting rid of your hair chest sounds very painful, no matter how willing you’d be to give it a try. So how about having an all – in – one trimmer that acts like a blade, but with a soft, noninvasive touch, a device that will solve all your trimming problems, no matter it’s your beard, eyebrows, nose, ears, back neck, arms and chest? How would it be to have this gadget always ready for you, no matter where you travel? Today we will take a closer look to the Micro Touch Max Personal Trimmer and see if it is so spectacular as it is advertised.


neckThis is an As Seen on TV product available on the manufacturer’s website, Amazon and other online stores. The grooming device is built with German stainless steel and provided with a no-slip grip, LED light to ease your moves as it allows you to see what you’re doing, two comb attachments, AAA battery and a lot of applications and benefits, as follows: easy to pack and take wherever you may go, strong enough to deal even with the hardest parts to trim, it gets as close as a regular blade, but offers a soft, safe touch and comes with a 50% longer blade than previous models.

Reasons to Buy the Micro Touch Max Personal Trimmer

The Micro Touch Max Personal Trimmer features all – in – one benefits of several grooming gadgets. It is easy to use and to carry around, significantly lowering the storage space needed to pack it on your travels. It is powerful enough to trim the strong hairs and its soft touch may be a great benefit for those men with sensitive skin for whom traditional shaving is a curse. The product comes with better and improved features compared to previous models and the marketing suggests it is an upgraded model, with better features. If you are the type of man who wants or needs to look sharp and trimmed on all occasions, especially when traveling for business purposes, this device may be exactly what you needed. eyebrows

Customer Issues and Concerns

Now we are going to swim a bit in some murky waters, as seeing how the product is reviewed by customers who bought and used it, the product has a lot of chances to turn into the lest desired grooming gadget. First and foremost, users complained about the trimmer’s poor construction quality, with blades getting dull after a few attempts.

Another frequent issue highlighted by the customers is that the product doesn’t work at all, brand new as it is. Some had to change the battery to make it run, others had no success whatsoever in getting it functional. Complaints and refund requests sent to the company seem to have had no echo.

Micro Touch Max Personal TrimmerAmong other issues regarding this product is that it doesn’t quite do the job as advertised. We have two cases on our hands here: while some managed to use it successfully only to remove nose hair, others complained about the device being too thick and not getting into the nostril enough to have some positive effects, let alone that the sensitive skin around the nostrils suffered some irritations after the trimming was done.

Although the trimmer does a fine job when it does work, many complained of it breaking down in their hands, as the materials seem to be of poor quality, while the whole assembly is fragile and vulnerable.

The Verdict

If you don’t have any device to keep you groomed as you want to, the Micro Touch Max Personal Trimmer might do the trick, provided it works as advertised and comes in full health and body shape. However, before jumping at the opportunity, take a deeper look into the matters and check if you will eventually get the product you’re paying for. In this industry there are certainly other professional products dedicated to men that do their jobs as advertised, even if they cost more. Unfortunately, despite the really good potential this product has, we cannot recommend it to you.

Michel Mercier Ultimate Detangling Brush Review

1Women with straight hair will always envy the ones with curly hair and just the other way round. Women with thin, breakable and prone to tangling long hair will always be jealous on the ones who wear their hair short, while everybody complains about the same thing: sometimes, you can do just about anything and get closer to miracles, hair just tangles and falls and breaks and makes women’s lives a living hell.

So how about having a hair brush which not only detangles, but also helps women keeping their hair strands where they should be, on their heads and not on the floor? Michel Mercier Ultimate Detangling Brush is an As Seen on TV product available on Amazon and other specialized websites that promises it will make the tangled, breaking and falling hair problem go away. In our Michel Mercier Ultimate Detangling Brush Review we will look deeper into the matters to see how things truly work.


This self-grooming device looks almost like any other brush, but has the feature of having bristles that vary in length. Due to this particular design, the brush detangles thick and coarse hair in less of the time needed when using regular brushes, reduces pressure and the number of strokes needed and makes the hair brushing painless (especially for children) because it has many contact points that manage to minimize pressure.

Reasons to buy the Michel Mercier Ultimate Detangling Brush

–          If you have thick, curly, coarse hair

Having any type of hairdo that makes you cry every time when you try to stick a comb in it or brush it requires a lot of patience and a lot of faith in brushes. This one will untangle your hair to some extent, reducing the amount of time and pain you need to endure to get things done.

–          If you have kids with hair problems

2Girls with long tangling hair are the ones more likely to benefit from this brush, as some fathers noticed that the girls’ level of crying and fighting with their mothers over hair brushing decreased significantly. Also, if they are at the beginning of their hair management, girls will benefit from it too, as it is easy to use.

–          If you shed a lot of hair and nothing else can help you

There are a lot of beauty products that at some point prove themselves being efficient in reducing the amount of hair women shed. Brushes also sustain this problem as some actually break the hair themselves. However, this brush was reported to diminish the shedding problem in some cases.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

This is exactly that type of product that will not work the same for everybody, only because not all women out there have the same type of hair, tangling or shedding problems. Regarding this particular product, there seem to be two factions on opposite grounds: the ones who were perfectly happy with this product and the ones who were disappointed by it. So given this almost tie, let’s take a deeper look into the matters.

One reason of concern expressed in a Michel Mercier Ultimate Detangling Brush review is that the bristles seem to bend, twist and get soft after a period of time. There are other regular brushes which are subdued to the same phenomena, while those which seem to be indestructible, keeping their bristles harder than steel usually hurt a lot when pressed against the scalp. This is more a matter of how often the brush is used, how hard you press to detangle your hair and how sensitive your scalp is, as the second problem mentioned by users was that it still hurts.

But does it or doesn’t it detangle the most tangled of hairs? It does to a certain extent. It is still a brush and some women just have barb – wire like hair which can’t be detangled unless going through some effort and some pain.

Women with very long, thick and coarse hair complained about the brush not being able to penetrate their hair deep to their scalp and the bristles getting flattened right away.3

The Verdict

Given all customers’ opinions regarding this product, the verdict of this Michel Mercier Ultimate Detangling Brush review is that it’s safe to assume it does a decent job at detangling the hair and keeping it from breaking and shedding in large amounts. However, if you know you have difficult hair and a soft brush won’t help you much, it is recommended to search for other similar products which are proven to have better results.

WaxVac Ear Cleaner Review

WaxVac Ear Cleaner 1The WaxVac Ear Cleaner is an As Seen on TV product that you can purchase from online shops and local stores, including Ace Hardware or Amazon. This is a self grooming device meant to vacuum out was, moisture and debris deposited inside one’s years, as it uses a firm but gentle suction force that is marketed as beneficial and healthy for adults and children alike. This WaxVac Ear Cleaner review aims to discover if the product is as efficient as it is marketed.


The device offers a healthier alternative to Q-tips and all other ear cleaning improvisations, as it is based on sucking out and gently vacuuming the debris, wax, dirt and water in the ear instead of pushing it deeper inside, as the case with cotton swabs. This product comes together with silicone tips and brushes, is powered by AA batteries, is provided with a safety guard that prevents the tip to go too deep inside the ear and is also designed with an examining light on the tip which facilitates the cleaning process.

Reasons to buy the WaxVac Ear Cleaner

–          Only if you completely resent or avoid traditional methods

Users who bought this product consider it to be less effective than the more classical ways, even if they imply using Q-tips and peroxide.

–          Only if you have sensitive ears

Some people can’t indeed suffer the discomfort of cleaning their ears the old fashioned way or have restrictions on using cotton swaps inside their ears. The vacuum is perceived as low, not efficient and unable to properly remove wax, debris, dirt or water, but it is better in the lack of anything else.

–          It is good on children

Due to the examining light, parents can assess quickly an ear problem involving a wax accumulation, water and debris deposits inside their kids’ ears, if they have the proper knowledge and experience. Due to the safety guard making it impossible for the tip to push too deep inside, it is safe to use on the little ones without having too invasive effects.

–          Only if you use it as a controlling method

Users complaining about having serious accumulations of wax and moisture in their ears don’t feel this product is very helpful in their case, as more than just one WaxVac Ear Cleaner review attests. However, as a controlling alternative for those who generally don’t have such problems, the low vacuum power of the device is helpful as it keeps the clean area stay clean.WaxVac Ear Cleaner 2

Consumer Issues and Concerns

On testing its efficiency, the majority of users found it not to have beneficial results, as the vacuum power is low and the wax removal is not significant, if at all. Comparing the wax removal performed with the WaxVac Ear Cleaner and ear clean-ups done with Q tips or peroxide and cotton swabs, the cotton clearly was declared a winner of the competition.

Also, users claimed that the device emits a discomforting noise, while it is marketed as being quiet. However, many stated that if the product would have had the promised results, the noise would have been the least of their problems.

The weak aspiration, although non-invasive for adults and children alike is considered too weak for the product to be qualified as efficient or reliable to meet the consumers’ expectations. The issue of the examining light is also debatable as it becomes of a certain use only when somebody else assists with the wax vacuuming process. However, even if parents would look at the child’s ear or even adults using the light to examine a family member’s ear channel, the lack of expertise or proper diagnosing knowledge (something more than “there is wax in your ear”) makes the light a useless accessory.

WaxVac Ear Cleaner 3The Verdict

Altogether, the verdict of this WaxVac Ear Cleaner review is negative. Users reported low efficiency, poor results, products’ flaws and defect and a poor cost – efficiency balance. While a person has a hard time looking inside his or her own ear, the examining light comes for many as a futile accessory to inflate the price and even if it may be beneficial for parents to look inside their children’s ears, this should come together with solid knowledge and previous experience is evaluating if a child has indeed or not a wax problem, debris deposits or unhealthy moist. Since the vacuum does a low quality job, the recommendation is to find similar products that have positive reviews on the outcome and functionality.