GoJo Hands Free Review

GoJo Hands Free is the best way to use mobile phones, tablets and even laptops without having to use your hands. This product was thought to be a spoof, but it turned out to be real and usable. This innovation is something really new and totally fresh. It certainly defines what a real hands-free product is all about. Here is the limited-time discount buy-two get two free deal straight from the makers of the product.

As Seen on TV

The GoJo Hands Free TV commercial shows the difference between the product and the other devices that claim to be hands-free. The ad presents the many uses of this gadget. It can hold mobile phones, land lines, tablets and even laptops. The ad implies that this hands-free device allows users to multitask. They can do work and talk on the phone at the same time. Users can drive and answer the phone safely and conveniently.

The TV ad even showed a cheerleader doing a back flip while holding a phone in place with the device. Setting up a mobile device with GoJo Hands Free only takes a few seconds. Then, the user is totally hands-free. It claims to be the only product on earth to offer this feature.

gojo hands freeGoJo Hands Free Unique Features

  • Adjustable fit for all.
  • Compatible with all phones and tablets.
  • There are no chargers or batteries needed.
  • There are no hanging wires.
  • It comes with a small suction cup to secure mobile phones and keep them in place.

Reasons To Buy GoJo Hands Free

  • It is totally hands-free.

There are no other devices available today that offer 100 percent hands-free operations. Even mobile phone headsets require using the other hand to hold the phone. This innovative product allows users to do other tasks and talk at the same time. Many people think that only mobile phones can be used hands-free. This GoJo device can even be used with land line phones, laptops and tablets.

  • It is easy to use.

It only takes a few seconds to set up this device with a mobile phone. Users do not have to worry about intertwining wires like they do with typical phone earpieces. It works like a headband that can hold a phone in place on the ear.

Bluetooth earpieces have also become popular. They offer hands-free features. However, GoJo Hands Free outperforms these devices by not using a battery. It does not need charging. Therefore, it is easy to use and carry any time.

  • It uses the phone’s own speakers.

Users do not have to worry about disruptions in the sound due to the earpiece’s quality. GoJo Hands Free allows users to listen directly to their own speakers. With this, they can be sure that the sound is always high quality. It will not affect the speaker output in any way.

  • It is necessary when driving.

Many states have now implemented laws that allow drivers to use hands-free cellphone devices. These laws aim to reduce distractions while driving. They also mean that drivers should never hold their cell phones while driving. GoJo Hand Free helps drivers avoid violations related to using the phone while driving. The device does not slip when set up.

GoJo Hands Free Common Customer Complaints and Solutions

  • The device cannot stick to phone protectors.

The suction cup sticks well on real phone covers. Unfortunately, rubber protectors or other types of coverings may have to be removed it first before the device can be used. This is a problem for many product users.

Mobile phone users often have special coverings to protect their phone from impacts or scratches. However, the GoJo device may require them to not use this protection. The only solution to this problem is to choose between the two accessories. This hands-free device does more than the phone casing. It also comes with non-slip mats that can protect the phone from falling or getting scratches from rough surfaces.

  • gojo hands free headsetIt looks funny when people use it with bigger devices.

Some customers actually complained about the product making them look ridiculous. Users may use it in any way they like as long as its serves its purpose. This device is primarily designed to provide convenience. People may not use it for heavier devices when they do not feel like it is appropriate.

It is best that people use this device at home or in the office where they need to perform many tasks at the same time. They can use it while driving and simply take it off then they get out of the car.

  • It takes some time to get used to.

This is a very common problem that does not only apply to GoJo Hands Free. The same is also true with other phone accessories. Consumers complain that it is quite inconvenient to set it up. This is actually expected. It only takes practice. They can solve the problem by using the device as often as necessary.

  • The device comes in sets of two.

Some customers lose interest in buying the product because it comes with an extra piece. In fact, this is an advantage. Other people see it as an additional cost. They actually have a choice. They can give the other piece to someone as a gift. Otherwise, they can ask their friends to share the cost and get one for each of them.

  • It is not good to use with laptops and tablets.

One customer complained about using the device with laptops and tablets. Holding these devices close to the skin will actually cause burns. Another customer suggested that users should ensure that their laptops, tablets and mobile phones have a protective sheet. With this, they can ensure that their skin is protected even if it gets close to these devices.

The Bottom Line

GoJo Hands Free has greatly changed the way that hands-free devices are designed. It is relatively easy to use with no maintenance required. It truly provides a feeling that the phone will not slip. The suction cup is strong enough to hold even heavy gadgets like tablets and laptops.