Aqua Globes Mini-Set of 3 Review

1Let’s all admit it: when it comes to leaving the house for a long or even short trip, the issue of plant watering can get even harder to solve than leaving the child to your parents or the cat to the pet hotel. But to have somebody come on over your house to water your plants or install some device to prevent them from drying out and dying, this is a real dilemma many people face.

The Aqua Globes Mini-Set of 3 is an As Seen on TV product that is available on specialized websites, on the manufacturer’s website and also on Amazon. The three pieces come in variable sizes, one dedicated to small potted plants, they are glass – made and make not only slowly and steadily watering devices, but also artistic decorations to your flower pots. In our Aqua Globes Mini-Set of 3 review we will see if they work as amazingly as they seem to.


The Aqua Globes have a very smart feature that eliminates the “guess how much water my plant needs every day” routine: as the soil in the pot dries up, it releases enough oxygen into the Agua Globe watering bulb so it “knows” when it has to in turn release the exact amount of water in order to keep your plant watered sufficiently. This isn’t some high-tech science, just a bit of manufacturing intelligence. With this system, the globes can keep a plant watered for up to two weeks. Also, one of the greatest features of this product is that the globes are really individually crafted and glass – blown and made to look beautifully as decorations.

Reasons to buy the Aqua Globes Mini-Set of 3

–          You’re a constant traveler

Well, you have to have plants, in the first place, but if you are on a constant departure schedule, as your job or personal affairs keep you more on the road, these globes will save you from worrying about having your friends take rounds to water your plants while you’re gone.

–          You don’t have anybody to water your plants

2Sometimes, if you leave on vacation with the entire family and there’s no one around to water your plants during your stay away from home, the Aqua Globes will keep them moist enough to welcome you back home alive and happy.

–          You are… very busy or forgetful

It happens sometimes that even if we are at home, we sometimes forget to water the plants, only to realize that we have treated them bad and because of us they are dying. Given the fact that the Aqua Globes will poor water to the roots only when the soil dries, you can be care free for a few days knowing that you will have to check on your green beauties once in a few days.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

Generally, all customers declared themselves pleased with the product. There were some concerns we will focus our attention on, however, only to clarify some points.

One issue expressed in an online Aqua Globes Mini-Set of 3 review was one of the Aqua Globes getting clogged with soil and dirt when inserted into the pot. Now this issue can be avoided if you first make a tiny canal with a straw or even a thin pen, so the elongated end of the globe doesn’t get stuffed with dirt, thus making it useless.3

Another issue some customers highlighted was the fact that some globes are working too slow or too fast, thus not complying with the 2 – weeks specification, either by getting empty in a few days, or not delivering water enough to keep the plants happy. This issue was solved when talking about the fact that some plants need larger quantities of water than others and adjusting to the plants’ needs is the wisest thing to do.

The Verdict

All things considered, the verdict of this Aqua Globes Mini-Set of 3 review is that the devices are a great investment to solve indoor and even outdoor plants watering if the user adjusts the process to the plants needs. Bigger pots will need bigger globes, while some plants just “drink” a lot more water than the others. In conclusion, the Aqua Globes, besides making very beautiful interior plant decorations, as they are very well crafted, make also good back – up plans for plant care, whether you leave the house or just need a little help to keep all the pots watered and safe without you having to worry much about them.