MSA 30X Sound Amplifier – Discreet Sound Amplifier

1This sounds like a really nice product to help people with hearing problems overcome their fading sense of hearing. Not precisely a high-precision gadget targeting people who are really deaf, but more of a welcome help for people experiencing mild to moderate issues with hearing (mostly old people, since such issues come with age usually, but not limited to them). It is advertised as a cheaper alternative or back-up for traditional hearing aids. Considering that hearing problems are almost unavoidable as your age advances or if you have the misfortune to suffer any accident that affects your ear, the release of this product should be pretty good news. Let’s see if it rises up to the expectations.


This small and skin-colored (assuming you’re Caucasian or relatively fair-skinned) gadget promises to be lightweight and comfortable while providing sound amplification by 30 times your default hearing level. Other bonus points advertised by the company producing it are its discreet appearance (it’s considerably smaller than similar products, skin-colored and with invisible clear tubing) and the fact it is rechargeable (saving you the money you would normally spend on batteries). It’s designed to fit both your left ear or your right ear, its volume control is adjustable and it’s FDA listed and approved.


When you order the product, the box contains the MSA 30X Sound Amplifier, along with six silicone ear buds, a charging cradle, a cleaning brush and an adaptor. All in all, everything seems to be alright as far as product function and integrity are concerned. You can find this product on the manufacturer’s website and on Amazon as well.

Reasons to Buy the MSA 30X Sound Amplifier

Some buyers are inclined to point out that the device isn’t a hearing aid, but plainly a sound amplifier, which means that it will also amplify the background noise, and that you shouldn’t expect it to compare to traditional and (way) more expensive hearing aids. But while taking the time to point this out, all customers seem to agree that for its low price, the product does all that it promises to do and that it’s definitely worth it, again, for its price.

Another advantage of the gadget is that it has a great battery life and lasts almost all day, while the expensive hearing aids only last 1-2 hours.

Customer Issues and Concerns

The biggest issue clients complained about was the high background noise that the device also reproduces. But it seems to be fine if you use it on low volume (which means not amplifying all the way up to 30 times more). Still, there were a few customers who found the noise unbearable even on low volume settings. And there are some who argue that a device that doesn’t filer noise and adapt the sounds to an according level can actually damage your hearing even more over time. Perhaps consult your doctor if you feel any ear pain. But then again, quite some people didn’t even complain of mild discomfort, so don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Another potential issue is the fact that when you buy the product from the manufacturer’s site, you’re forced to buy 2 products at once, which can make some people feel ripped off or scammed. There were no problems, however, when purchasing it from Amazon, so maybe stick with them if you plan to give it a try.

The last thing to mention isn’t really an issue but a heads-up: if you buy it, make sure you fully seat the device in the charging base for it to actually charge. Some customers didn’t catch on to this from the start and had to figure it out.


The Verdict

Because the device also amplifies background noise, it may only be suitable to people with minor hearing problems, who don’t need to turn up the volume to a too high level. The noise doesn’t filtered well when you turn up the volume and it may become a problem, but for the clients with mild hearing issues it seems to work better than the expensive gadgets, if only because the longer battery life. Everyone agrees that it’s definitely worth the money it demands and more; because usually products like this are much higher priced. For minor hearing issues you should be more than satisfied with the product overall.