EZ Eyes Keyboard Review

EZ Eyes Keyboard is the newest solution for computer users who have problems seeing letters on the keyboard. This device has letters that are four times larger than a standard keyboard. This innovative product aims to help computer users avoid eye strain. It also helps improve typing speed and quality. Here is the limited time double discount offer from the manufacturer of the keyboard.

The EZ Eyes Keyboard Commercial

The product’s TV commercial initially shows an old woman who is having a hard time typing. The EZ Eyes Keyboard solves her problem. Its big and bright yellow letters allow the user to type smoothly without having to exert too much effort. The ad shows that the product is great for people of all ages. This includes kids.

It can be a great gift for older not-so-tech-savvy people. It is a plug and play device as shown in the commercial. There is no need to download any software to use it. In addition, it glows in the dark. With this, users can work in dark conditions with ease and convenience. The ad also claims that this product is spill-proof.

EZ Eyes Unique Features

  • It is an oversized keyboard.
  • It has oversized bold letters.
  • It comes with a bright yellow background and black letters.
  • It is designed for people of all ages.
  • It comes with an ergonomic mouse.
  • It glows in the dark.
  • It is spill-proof.
  • It works as an external keyboard for laptops.

Reasons To Buy EZ Eyes

  • To Avoid Eye Strain

Computer users always suffer from the same condition after a long day of working in front of the computer. Small letters and dark-colored keyboards are the usual cause of this problem. This is very common among older people and those who have vision problems. EZ Eyes Keyboard is packed with features that allow users to see the letters right away while they are typing. They do not have to strain their eyes focusing on a dark keyboard.

  • To Type Faster and More Accurately

The most common factor that slows down any typing task is the inability to see the letters on the keyboard clearly. It may be because of an inefficient keyboard. With this, users tend to press the wrong letters. They always end up messing up their work and starting all over again. Fortunately, this innovative keyboard will not make it hard on them. Users can be sure that they can press the right keys all the time. They do not have to bow down in order to look closely at the letters. EZ Eyes Keyboard lets them see the letters clearly even from afar.

  • To Be Able To Work In The Dark

This unique keyboard can glow in the dark. People who usually work at night can work comfortably even without light. They may work in their own rooms without disturbing their roommates as they do not need the light on. They can save energy while doing their job.

  • To Come Up With a Perfect Gift For Grandparents or People With Bad Vision

Small print keyboards commonly come with the purchase of PCs and laptops. This is not very suitable for older people. EZ Eyes is designed to meet the needs of these people. It can be a great gift for them.

  • To Get a Keyboard and Mouse In One

EZ Eyes Keyboard comes with an additional mouse. These accessories are all included in the price. Consumers can save on buying a separate device. This package is cost-effective and not available in stores.

  • To Be Able To Eat and Drink While Working

Many computer users love to eat and drink while working. They know that this is not advisable as accidents may happen anytime. Beverages can spill onto the electronic device and damage it. This is among the main weaknesses of electronic gadgets. The keyboard is the liquid’s port of entry. It can destroy the computer’s interior, and it may not be usable again. Fortunately, this is no longer a problem with EZ Eyes. The product claims to be spill-proof. It does not allow water to get into the computer. With this, the device stays operational even after it is exposed to water.

Drawbacks Of Buying EZ Eyes Keyboard

  • Only One Color Available

This keyboard only comes with a bright yellow background and black letters. There are no other colors available. This is because yellow is soothing to the eye. The color looks great when it glows in the dark. Yellow and black are two contrasting colors that make it easier to identify letters on the keyboard. The yellow enhances the black to become more noticeable.

  • Bulky Keyboard

Many computer users purchase the product to use it instead of the laptop’s built-in keyboard. They hope that they can easily take it anywhere. Unfortunately, this keyboard is too bulky to carry. In addition, there is no wireless version.

EZ Eyes is great for office and home use. Buyers should make sure they are aware of the size and features of the product before they buy. This product is not designed to be a portable device. It is better left at home or at the office. Users can simply carry the laptop alone when they need to go out.

Common Customer Reviews

Many customers who purchased this device find it very beneficial. They enjoy the oversized letters and the strain relief. The most common complaint is that they cannot freely carry the device as they find it bulky. This product is designed to be oversized. The makers intended it to be large enough to make sure that the letters are clear. Otherwise, it will not serve its purpose.

Moreover, older people are able to use this device. It does not just relieve their eye strain. It also helps their back and neck pain. They do not have to bow down deeper to see the letters.

The Bottom Line

EZ Eyes Keyboard is a good product to buy. This is very helpful in ending problems with small letters that are difficult to read. This device allows convenience and comfort when working. Gone are the days of worrying about drinks spilling onto the keyboard. With EZ Eyes Keyboard, typing will never be the same again.