The Bedazzler Review

1Always wanted to add some shine to some older outfits that look alright, just need a little make-over? Are you in Do It Yourself Projects involving interior decoration, clothes making or arts and crafts? Always felt compelled to add some rhinestones or stubs to your favorite pair of jeans or to teach your little girl how to embellish her own wardrobe?

The Bedazzler is an As Seen on TV product available for purchase from the manufacturer, other As Seen on TV dedicated websites and, of course, Amazon. It is an Arts, Crafts & Sewing dedicated tool which allows you to embed rhinestones and studs in any piece of clothing and, why not, other textile – made objects, such as table cloths, drapes, or pillow cases, depending on your imagination and skills. The package comes with the machine and an additional stock of 150 rhinestones and studs. In the Bedazzler review that follows we will see if the product is as good as it seems.


The machine looks like a special type of staples, plastic and metal combined, that helps the user to quickly attach rhinestones, beads and studs on their favorite clothes or interior decoration pieces with little effort. The additional 150 shiny applications make a good start stock for whoever feels creative and wants to give an old jacket a fresh look.

Reasons to buy the Bedazzler

–          If you can’t find other similar product

The market is quite generous when it comes to such devices. It is not that the Bedazzler doesn’t work, it’s that others work better.

–          If you are really into arts and crafts and want to develop your talents2

This product is good for those who know they will use it constantly and for a long time, as applying three rhinestones on some blouse and ending the quest here doesn’t justify the price, which becomes affordable only if you plan to create more decorations for clothes or design projects

–          If you have daughters who are into arts and crafts

Many customers admitted they bought the product for children – either for their daughters or nieces, as they are the ones who seem to like decorating their clothes and add some shine to their wardrobe.

–          Only if you have enough strength to make it work

We will see a few customers’ concerns immediately, but if you know you lack some physical force and patience, maybe it’s better to look around for other products that are easier to use.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

The device has been tested by the customers who bought it and there’s just more than one Bedazzler review out there. One of the first issues they highlighted is that the device is poorly constructed, being described as “cheap plastic and cheap metal” which not always bind right or feel solid enough when used.

However, paradoxically, the product is not easy either to break, or to use. Pressing the rhinestones into the textile – and we are talking here light and almost transparent cloth like T-Shirt materials and silky ones – led to the unexpected result of the prongs not going through the material all the way, or leaving the teeth unbent properly. Finishing the job with alternative means such as your own hands, a spoon or even a knife blade isn’t worth the product’s money.

The rhinestones, studs or beads may fall out of the prongs before you can reach your purpose, and this makes the embedding a lot harder that it should be.

3Also, another issue that was observed at testing it was that the machine is very hard to use as you need a lot of strength to push the studs all the way, not to mention the level of difficulty met when dealing with jeans or denim jackets.

Finally, it seems that the embedded rhinestones and studs fall out while they get the machine washing treatment, thus you should only restrict your craft ideas only to those clothes that will never and up in a centrifuge.

The Verdict

Taking into account all users’ perspectives on the product, this Bedazzler review says this one is a “no-go.” Hard to use and meeting all sorts of obstacles, it proved to be difficult to use by children or adolescents – some of the primary customer category – while the poor construction, little usability and long – term debatable results may convince you to look for other similar products with better reviews.