Heeltastic Intensive Heel Therapy

1From all the cosmetic products that the industry has to offer, heel treatment products seem to be the most prone to disappoint. That’s probably not because foot creams and heel treatments in general are bad or at least worse than other care products, but because the area itself is a very delicate one. Being very exposed to dryness and cracks, highly used during daily life, prone to get hardened up and thus less open to any external attempts to moisturize it, the skin on our feet and heels quickly turns into a problem area. This is why we need our foot care products to be really good, and we’re more likely to be disappointed in them, but also to be really excited when we find one that finally works and restores our skin. The Heeltastic Intensive Heel Therapy promises to be one of those wonder products that will not only fail to disappoint, but will work so well that we’ll never need to switch it for a different one ever again. Let’s see if those claims have any truth to them.


This As Seen on TV product comes in the shape of a care stick with a concentrated formula that needs to be applied on really dry areas, mainly the heels and soles. Its primary ingredients are natural neem and karanja oils, doubled with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal substances. Therefore, the Heeltastic Intensive Heel Therapy not only nourishes and restores, but also protects the feet from bacterial infections and funguses that often target the feet and toe areas. The intensive care stick can also be applied to other dry problem areas, like the elbows, hands (if they’re extremely dry), rough knees and so on. It even works its magic on dried up cuticles, so it may be an unexpected manicure helper. The reviews all seem positive and confirm these claims, while the product’s price is also more than reasonable. You can buy it from Amazon.


Reasons to Buy the Heeltastic Intensive Heel Therapy

There have been reviewing customers that reported having used this product for years and being completely satisfied with it. The results appear as fast as after only two days or nights of use, even in the worst dryness cases. Obviously, as any other skin care product, the most effective intensive use is over-night. Another reported plus of the Heeltastic Intensive Heel Therapy is the fact that it’s super convenient to apply because of its concentrated stick shape. There’s also hardly a need to get the product on your hands, so you can avoid spreading it on your palms if you plan to use them for other products as part of your care routine and don’t want to mix stuff together. Another reported plus is that the product was satisfying even to people with serious medical conditions with their feet (up to the point where the dryness and cracks were so severe that there was bleeding and hurting upon walking), as well as to people who have had a bad experience with similarly advertised products.

Customer Issues and Concerns

Some customers with a more sensitive sense of smell complained that the product’s scent, while definitely pleasant, is a tad too strong. A few have called the scent too medicinal-like or simply annoying. Another few have complained about the weird color. But there were no reports about the product not delivering the promised effect, so we see no serious drawbacks here.


The Verdict

If you’re bored with the routine required to keep your soles and heels barely in a presentable shape, then this product is definitely right for you. As long as you’re not over-sensitive about strong herbal scents, or you’re willing to tolerate them for the greater good of your skin, you should by all means go ahead and try this out. We’ve rarely seen an As Seen on TV product with so intensely positive reviews, and its price is completely comparable to similar products in stores if not even a bit lower. All in all, we can think of no reason not to try this product if you’re having issues with dry skin or worse, with dryness-fueled bacterial or fungi infections – on your heels or elsewhere on the body.