Stick N Click Strip Lights Review

Stick N Click Strip Lights 1The Stick N Click Strip Lights is an As Seen on TV product that you can purchase from online specialized stores, your local Home Depot and also from Amazon or Ace Hardware among others. It is a household lighting device that has as main feature the portability and usability of light sticks that can be places virtually in any place or dark corner that needs lighting, due to the fact they stick to any surface. They work on regular batteries and use LED technology to brighten up a space. This Stick N Click Strip Lights review intends to see if the product is as good as it is marketed.


These two Stick N Click Strip Lights come as a solution for having light in spaces otherwise hard or even impossible to wire to electricity, including closets, cellars, dark corners of the house and are marketed especially to those in need to have light under the sink in the kitchen, in poorly lit storage rooms or garages and even under the car’s hood. Since they come with an ON/OFF button, they come in handy only when the user needs more light, while the LED technology brightens up any corner. The highlight of this product is its “sticking” feature, meaning it can be placed on any surface, a cabinet door, a car hood or a garage ceiling.

Reasons to buy the Stick N Click Strip Lights

–          They are practical

They come in a pair and they stick to almost any surface. Be it a wooden cabinet door, a brick garage wall, a cement spot in a dark corner of the attic, they manage to light up even spaces that are not commonly associated with electricity, such as wardrobes, older models of car trunks, hallways or cellars.

–          They are efficient

Due to the batteries they use and the advantage the LED technology offers, the light is at the user’s disposal, as the sticks also include an on and off button, making them economical. The 3 AAA batteries back up the five bright white LEDs which in turn offer a bright light arc in all spaces.Stick N Click Strip Lights 2

–          They are versatile

Many people use these sticks not only as fix light sources in, under or inside dark places, but also as temporary flash lights and emergency lights. One Stick N Click Strip Lights review says that if the batteries are functional, in times of lack of electricity or situations that need more light to be solved, during storms or power failures in and outside the house, the sticks prove their worth by being portable and moreover, even more useful than regular flashlights, as they can stick on the car’s hood while you change the flat tire in the middle of the night, for instance, without having to keep your hands busy with any flashlight. You can temporarily light a space you need once in a while, un-mount the sticks after you finish the job and put them back where you took them from, according to your needs.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

Stick N Click Strip Lights 3The device has been tested not only by customers, but also by professionals concerned with consumer products’ efficiency and cost balance. One of the drawbacks the product registered within consumers is that sticking surface is less powerful than advertised, thus the sticks fall off quite often. Regarding the light efficiency, there are split factions which duel on the subject of the light power emitted by the sticks. While ones are completely pleased with the results of finally being able to see in corners and spaces that were never lit before, others had major expectations regarding the sticks’ power. Some consumers complained about the batteries wearing off too soon or the light being directed and not diffused.

The Verdict

Taking into account all users’ perspectives on the product, the balance for this Stick N Click Strip Lights review inclines in the favor of the sticks, as they are indeed efficient, offer enough light, are portable and if the old batteries are removed in time and changed with new ones, they can make a good back-up solution in unexpected situations, successfully replacing flash lights during power failures or exceptional conditions. As they are meant to light up mostly enclosed spaces and serve as auxiliary measures, they make good companions for those needing an extra light when searching for keys or slippers at night or those needing a glimpse in the dark to find items in the storage rooms.

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