Space Bag Under-Bed Vacuum Tote Review

Space-Bag-Under-Bed-Vacuum-Tote-Review01The Space Bag Under-Bed Vacuum Tote is an As Seen on TV product that you can purchase from online specialized stores such as Target or from It is a jumbo-sized storage bag with a vacuum that can store a variety of items, from bedding sets, pillows, blankets and even voluminous winter jackets or sweaters. Due to the fact that it presents a vacuum feature, it can be stored in otherwise unusable storage spaces such as the floor under your bed, although it can be safely stored on the top of dressers and in indoor storage rooms or dressings. This Space Bag Under-Bed Vacuum Tote review aims to discover if the product is as efficient as it is marketed.


According to more than just one online Space Bag Under-Bed Vacuum Tote review, this product for the home offers the users a storage space up to four times more efficient than regular storage boxes or bags, due to its vacuum sealing. The material is resistant enough to keep the items inside safe from dust deposits, mildew, moth attacks, moist and odors. It is made out of plastic and nylon compounds which represent an efficient barrier against dust or dirt, while the locking strips make it also easy to transport, to move and to keep. The zipper system makes it easy for the user to insert and take out the stored items in and from the Space Bag Under-Bed Vacuum Tote, while the bag can be cleaned and maintained only by being dust-wiped.

Reasons to buy the Space Bag Under-Bed Vacuum Tote

–          It is very practicalSpace-Bag-Under-Bed-Vacuum-Tote-Review02

Users who bought this product often claimed they will buy even more pieces, as they provide an incredible storage room for large items to be kept safe during seasons. Also its portability makes it ideal for those who intend to move to another place or live in small apartments that leave little storage space around the house. Given the fact that it can fit under a bed, any aesthetic issues regarding storage and organization around the house are resolved, as the bag can be easily hidden either under the bed or in less circulated areas.

–          It keeps the stored items safe

While storing their clothes, winter jackets, bed settings, blankets or pillows, consumers stated that they faced inherent damage suffered by their items due to dust, moths, moist (and subsequently – mildew), even rodents or their own pets. Another Space Bag Under-Bed Vacuum draws the conclusion that the vacuum tote seals the items inside very well, preserving them even for longer periods of time, say the whole summer or winter season, depending on what it is stored there.

–          It is easy reliable and safe

Its practicality doesn’t come from just being able to store a lot of items into one place, but because the space bag is carefully designed and sealed, and, most importantly, because it is strong and reliable enough to be carried around in major movements, as from one state to another and even one country to another, without being damaged by transportation or heavy manipulation.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

Space-Bag-Under-Bed-Vacuum-Tote-Review03There are two major concerns people drew attention upon after using the Space Bag Under-Bed Vacuum Tote and these ones referred to the fact that some of them found miniature holes in the bag which rapidly transformed into tears which, of course, made the bag impossible to use. It happens sometimes that some products come with manufacturing errors, but most of the times, complaints and refunds solve the problem. These were reported only as very low-incident cases. The other issue which is more probable to concern many users is that even if they used the vacuum feature, the bag didn’t get the sharp square box shape they saw in commercials, but a bulky shape that not only looked bad but was hard to fit under the bed. One Space Bag Under-Bed Vacuum Tote review from a long term user admits that not always the bag gets a perfect box shape, but advises the inexperienced ones to try placing the items in the bag in different positions in order to get the best results. It is a matter of training and being careful on how to use the vacuum feature and the zipper sealing.

The Verdict

Taking into account all users’ perspectives on the product, the verdict cannot be but a positive one, as given the price and the high rankings the product have among customers, it has proven its worth. Few customers complained about it being too fragile and thus tearing apart at manipulation, while others appraised its storing qualities at full value. It is a good acquisition for those who live in small spaces and those who want to keep their seasonal clothes or apparel safe from environmental damages.

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