Slushy Magic Review

Slushy Magic is the newest product for kids and kid’s at heart. The magic works by freezing beverages. This turns them into slushies. The magic cubes do all the work. Slushy Magic is safe and definitely effective. With a few easy steps, everyone can enjoy the slushiness in every drink without too much effort and mess. Here is the limited-time buy one get one free deal straight from the product manufacturer.

As Seen on TV

The product’s commercial shows how easy it is to use this product. Slushy Magic comes with three magic cubes that need to be frozen. These cubes can be mixed with juice and other beverages. They will get turned into slushies, and they are ready to drink right away. The cubes can be used again by simply freezing them. Kids will be ready for their next refreshing drink quickly. Slushy Magic does not need a blender or real ice to make delicious slushies.

slushy magicFeatures

This product is packed with many features that kids really love. Parents do not have to worry about supervising their kids in preparing their favorite shakes. Kids do not have to use a blender, and there are no more messy kitchens or injuries.

In addition, the magic cubes are non-toxic. They are BPA-free. Parents do not have to worry about poisoning as Slushy Magic is specially formulated to be safe. The magic cube contents do not mix with the drink. The magic cubes are big enough that there is no risk of swallowing or choking. Slushy magic does not change the flavor of the drink. It comes in a complete set, and kids do not have to use other glasses that they might break.

Slushy Magic Complete Set

  • Magic cup
  • Reusable magic cubes
  • Magic Spoon straw
  • Magic guide

The Secret Behind Slushy Magic

This product is made from a safe formula that only changes the texture of the drink. It comes from an ingredient called slush powder that has the ability to turn liquid into its solid form. Sodium polyacrylate can absorb as much as 800 to 1000 times more than its weight. Slushy Magic cubes contain amazing water jelly crystals that can be frozen. The absorbent polymer inside the cubes lowers water temperatures to create delicious drinks.

Proper Way of Using Slushy Magic

The three magic cubes can be reused by simply refreezing them. In as fast as 10 minutes, these cubes can be frozen again. The magic process is explainable with science. The concept behind Slushy Magic is based on a chemical reaction. People who have problems with this product are usually using it in the wrong way.

Freeze the cubes before and after every use. You can see the whole process in this news report. The cubes will not turn the beverage into slush once they are defrosted. It is best to put them back in the freezer after every shake. They can usually be used again in about 10 minutes. However, it is best to freeze them until the cubes are completely hardened.

Shake faster and longer. Patience and effort is needed to come up with the best slushy. Some users give up trying after a few minutes. This is why they think the product does not really work. It is actually best to shake for two to four minutes. Shaking completes the process of turning the liquid into slush. More precise shaking makes a yummier slushy. Most importantly, kids and adults should have fun while shaking so that they won’t get tired and bored.

Slushy Magic does not work with alcoholic beverages. Users should take time reading the guide before tossing the magic cubes into their favorite drink. Alcohol does not react well with the formulated mixture inside the cubes. People who use Slushy Magic with alcoholic beverages should not expect to get the same slush consistency they would get with non-alcoholic beverages. It is usually best to use a blender to prepare drinks that contain alcohol.

Do not use Slushy Magic with carbonated drinks because they can explode. Even carbonated drinks that are in a bottle can explode when they are shaken and opened. Using Slushy Magic requires constant and hard shaking, and this is not suitable for beverages like colas. Many users have complained that the product can be messy. This may because they use Slushy Magic with the wrong beverage.

Two magic cubes are enough to come up with the best slushy texture. Users may add more cubes into their drink if desired.

The Pros and Cons of Slushy Magic


  1. There is no need to supervise kids as Slushy Magic is easy, safe and fun to use with no mess. This allows parents to sit and relax while their kids are busy preparing their slushies.
  2. The magic cubes are non-toxic, and they have no risk of being swallowed.
  3. The product does not change the taste of the beverage. This is because it does not mix with the drink contents. It only changes the texture and makes it cold.
  4. The product does not add calories to the drink. Health conscious people should not worry about their drinks getting more calories from the cubes. It is not possible. The cubes are packed in non-toxic plastic, and their contents do not mix with the drink.
  5. Users can purchase more magic cubes if they wish. The set comes with three cubes. With more cubes, people can make more slushies at once.
  6. It is more cost-effective than buying a slushy machine. The kit comes with two cups.


  1. The product does not work with alcoholic beverages. This product was primarily designed for kids and alcohol-free drinks. This is because alcohol has a lower freezing temperature than water. With this, it is impossible to turn it into slush.
  2. The product does not work with carbonated drinks. As mentioned, explosions may occur when these drinks are shaken.
  3. The magic cubes take some time to become fully frozen. Kids should wait a little bit longer until they can be used again. If a family has many kids, it is best that they purchase several Slushy Magic kits to accommodate all the kids at once.

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