Potato Express Review

potato-express-review01Who doesn’t love a good baked potato? We have yet to meet such a person – yet the issue most often cited by people who enjoy this type of meal is that it’s far too complicated to serve. That’s because potatoes will take forever to cook in the oven and if you use the microwave oven, you might just end up with a potato that’s undercooked in the middle and burnt on the outside. What’s the solution? It’s the Potato Express Microwave Oven Bag, according to a popular as-seen-on-TV product infomercial. But does the product really deliver on its claim to yield perfectly baked potatoes with the mere use of a microwave oven? That’s the aim of this Potato Express review: to find out if potatoes cooked in this bag are really that scrumptious.


The Potato Express review we consulted online stated this product only costs $24 for the whole set, which includes two microwave oven bags, two guides for recipes, plus two graters for cheese. You can use the whole pack or gift half of it to a friend or family member. The seller also offers a 30-day money back guarantee, but it’s not for a full refund – only for $10, and you’ll also have to pay for having the pack shipped back to its producers. The way the product works is by inserting a potato inside either one of its sleeves and then putting it into the microwave to cook. According to the infomercial, the potatoes are supposed to come out fully baked, with crisp skins and a fully baked core in no more than 4 minutes. The ad also says that the bags can be used for cooking potatoes in a wide range of other ways.

Reasons to Buy the Potato Express

–          It cooks far quicker

It takes 40 minutes up to a whole hour to bake potatoes in the oven. Several tests ran by the author of a Potato Express review have revealed that the microwave sleeve can actually produce edible, cooked potatoes in a far shorter span of time, ranging from 4 to 10 minutes.

–          It provides variety

Since baking potatoes in a traditional oven usually takes a long time, most people opt to boil, mash, or deep-fry them. The Potato Express allows you to sample baked potatoes as a side-dish, with far less effort than actual baking involved.

–          It’s washable and reusablepotato-express-review02

Since it’s made out of a textile fabric, the Potato Express microwave oven bag can be used several times, after it has been washed and dried. In this sense, it’s an environmentally friendly product.

–          It works with other foods, too

The Potato Express microwave oven bag can also be used for corn or bread. It comes with a recipe book, which is chockfull of microwave oven ‘baking’ ideas and recipes.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

–          It doesn’t exactly help bake the potatoes

According to more than just a single Potato Express review, the product doesn’t really help bake potatoes in the microwave. The sealable bags generate a sauna-like environment, inside which the potato is steamed. As such, the taste and texture of the end-product will resemble that of boiled potatoes far more than that of oven-baked ones. They come out with a crisp skin, but not completely dried out, as when cooking potatoes in the microwave oven without the sleeve. The inside remains fluffy and moist.

–          It has size limitations

The sleeve is not big enough to accommodate 4 large potatoes, according to one Potato Express review. Four smaller ones might fit, but will take a longer time to cook (roughly 10 minutes, according to the same source) than advertised in the infomercial.

–          The purchase process is not very friendly

When buying the Potato Express, you are mandated to purchase a double pack and there is no way to opt out of this. Also, several consumers claimed they were charged more than they expected, as items they hadn’t ordered were added to their bill. Furthermore, returning the products is costly and inefficient.

–          More accessible options might be available to buyerspotato-express-review03

One Potato Express review we found online noted that there is one supermarket product with similar features available in most grocery stores. To boot, you can also buy similar products online, via Amazon, and many of them come with lower price tags.

The Verdict

The number of Potato Express reviews we found online was rather scarce. Given this fact, as well as the costly price of the item, the complicated return process, and the fact that other similar products are available at lower costs, this Potato Express review will conclude that the product is only recommendable for potato fans. They are likely the only ones willing to spend this much money on what is essentially a cloth bag.


  1. Inga says

    I have not used this product yet, but am confused about the directions, which say don’t use on high. No directions as to what micro way setting to use. I’d love to use this to bake some jams for Thanksgiving, the recipe booklet is very poor, and there is no phone number provided to ask questions. Furthermore the web site provides information on how to cook small multiple potatoes as well as corn, but no information is given in the recipe book.

  2. says

    I purchased the potato express. One large regular baking potato. You say not high so I did 50% after 4 minutes not done. I added another 2 minutes still not done then 1 more minute. Totla of 7 minutes and it could of needed another minute. You state use a max of 4 minutes. What degree should I use and what could happen if I have the bag in the microwave more than the 4 minutes. I would like to know if whole squash and whole cored apples can be cooked in the bag, also if I can wrap cob corn in plastic wrap and put in the bag

  3. Suzanne Sheridan says

    I have no idea if the “bag” works well or not, since I haven’t received my order place over 3 weeks ago. It’s almost impossible to get help from customer service. The website keeps referring me to a number in a foreign country that offers no order status, they just want to sell me a Walmart gift card and take my credit card number again. Today I found an email address on which I sent a message to customer service. No response yet.

    So far I give this no stars at all.

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