Perfect Pullup

perfect pullup1You don’t have enough time to go to the gym? Do you incline to work out in the comfort of your own home and keep yourself fit and healthy with a few rounds of push – ups a day? Do you really want to start the day in a great shape but the gym is too far from the house or your busy schedule can’t squeeze in yet another activity, be it sports or relaxation? Today we will take a look at a push – up system available for your homes and see if it is as good as advertised and useful for all those wanting to build their bodies and enhance their health.


Perfect Pullup is an As Seen On TV product available in online stores as well as on Amazon. It includes the pullup bar, mounting brackets, handles and Navy Seal-inspired workout chart, as it is designed by Navy Seal specialists. The main feature of this product is that it allows the arms to move naturally, reducing joint strain for an easy, yet powerful core workout. It comes in a mix of silver, black and red colors and it is easy to assemble and use. It weights only 9 pounds and its dimensions make it suitable even for average – sized apartments: 24 inches long x 10 inches wide x 4 inches deep. It also comes in an affordable price for a system that takes pride in high quality and standards.

perfect pullup2Reasons to Buy the Perfect Pullup

–          It comes with exclusive rotating handles which let you do pullups and chin-ups in one exercise

The Perfect Pullup aims to maximize strength and efficiency while you work out and allows the user to try new exercises as recommended by fitness professionals and Navy Seals.

–          It comes with adjustable metal swing arms

This feature helps the user to help build upper body strength even if the user can’t do a single pullup, thus making it useful even for the beginners in this area of athletic practice

–          The system is strong and sturdy, built in high quality materials which provides the Perfect Pullup a long existence and prolonged periods of use.

This feature is important especially for this type of product, as it is durable, resistant in time and heavy – use proof

–         Besides it helping users shape their bodies in a natural and easy way, the way it is designed and built helps users with their lower backs too, which is considered a welcomed surprise and a strong recommendation for the Perfect Pullups’ versatility of use

–         It is very easy to install – about 5 or 10 minutes, as the design is intuitive and friendly even for the beginners trying to use such system for the first time and it fits door frames like it belongs there

–         It is designed to support average and even heavy users, as some reported – a 200 lbs athlete shouldn’t have any problem in using the Perfect Pullup in a safe, optimal manner.

Customer Issues and Concerns

Given the qualities of this work – out system, there are few to none customers issues and concerns. However, similar products can be found in regular or sporting goods chain stores, but those ones are significantly lower in quality than the Perfect Pullup. The price of this product may be a little higher than the average, but customers consider it is a fair price in comparison to the quality, utility and durability of the product.

The Verdict

perfect pullup3Our Perfect Pullup review comes to the conclusion that this an outstanding product (firstly looking at its features and then taking into account its price) that not once became a constant part of peoples’ work out routines and a stable part of their homes. Given the fact that this is an original product, designed and built by Navy Seals and appealing to those wanting to develop a daily work – out routine in the comfort of their homes, the pullup bar fits almost all needs and is suitable for both men and women. It is optimally built for comfort and flexibility and enhances the work out experience due to its rotating handles and adjustable metal swing arms. It supports extensive use and average to heavy weight users and, according to some opinions, it passes the test of time. It may not be indestructible, but its building is sturdy enough to last you for very long periods of time.

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