Perfect Bacon Bowl Review

perfect bacon bowlWhile many people bash bacon around because it is fatty and not so healthy in large quantities and constant intakes, we have to admit that bacon is still one of our favorite delights when it comes to a classic breakfast, a pizza slice, some afternoon munchies or quick bites to take along to our work place. Kids and adults alike love bacon and if there was such a thing that could turn bacon into an edible plate or bowl (just as they sometimes do with flat bread for salads – allowing you to eat the salad and the crisp flat bread bowl in the same time), everybody would feel like touching Heaven. Fortunately, there is such product that can be used in the microwave, oven and toaster oven in order to turn bacon into a crunchy, grease – free bowl to season with everything you like, from salads to eggs and pasta. In truth, you can use it even for bread bowls and today we will take a look at the Perfect Bacon Bowl and see if this is as great as advertised.


This is an As Seen on TV product available on Amazon and some local stores that provide kitchenware. It is a bowl of plastic, provided with a collector channel that gathers all the bacon grease for you to remove and have crunchy, sizzling bacon without the fatty side effects. The procedure is quite simple: you wrap around the bacon slices around the bowl and put it in the oven or microwave. In no time, you will have a hot and crispy bacon bowl to fill in with your favorite sides. The product comes in a pair and is marketed as being microwave free and dishwasher safe.

perfect bacon bowlReasons to Buy the Perfect Bacon Bowl

If you can wrap around your mind around the idea that what this product represents is just a plastic bowl to wrap bacon around and you still find some charm to it, then the Perfect Bacon Bowl is a fun kitchen accessory. Your cooking and your life won’t depend on it, but it can make some interesting appetizers to a party or during game night, not to mention that kids will probably love it the best. The product comes in handy also to those who never considered making bacon (or bread) bowls with the help of flipped-over muffin tins. However, if you really need to impress some audience and to have fun playing with the children, the Perfect Bacon Bowl may be a fun way to expand your vision on cooking.

Customer Issues and Concerns

Now imagine paper – thin slices of bacon (greasy or less greasy, doesn’t really matter) staying perfectly wrapped around a plastic bowl while it gets heated up in the microwave and staying that way with the help of… gravity. Quite hard to imagine the final product will actually look like in the picture and listening to consumers, our hypothesis is true: the bacon slices happen very often to slide and get lost in the oven. Some people tried pinning the bacon slices to the bowl with toothpicks, but this didn’t lead either to a perfectly shaped bacon bowl, not to mention that due to the imperfect cooking of the slices, people found themselves in the situation to overcook the bacon. Which leads to even more troubles…

Almost all customers trying the product complained about grease burning inside their microwave ovens, splattering all over the place, emanating an almost toxic smell and smog and in some unfortunate cases, burning the whole microwave to a crisp.

Another issue most customers complained about is that the bowl comes in cheap plastic, an even cheaper wrapping and to their shock, with no cooking instructions, cooking time frames, no recipes or dish suggestions, nothing. Just as one disappointed customer said, it is useless and dangerous to make edible bacon bowls with it, but it makes a cute plastic bowl for your kitchen nonetheless.

The Verdict

perfect bacon bowlTo explain to you how pointless it is to purchase this product would take us double the words already written here. There are certainly other similar products to make bacon bowls with that you can find in stores together with some instructions or guidelines, not to mention that you can find products of much higher quality. If your cooking whims mandate you to absolutely make bacon bowls for the next barbeque party you’re throwing, you can use flipped – over muffin tins which can be actually more useful to you.

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