Perfect Pullup

perfect pullup1You don’t have enough time to go to the gym? Do you incline to work out in the comfort of your own home and keep yourself fit and healthy with a few rounds of push – ups a day? Do you really want to start the day in a great shape but the gym is too far from the house or your busy schedule can’t squeeze in yet another activity, be it sports or relaxation? Today we will take a look at a push – up system available for your homes and see if it is as good as advertised and useful for all those wanting to build their bodies and enhance their health.


Perfect Pullup is an As Seen On TV product available in online stores as well as on Amazon. It includes the pullup bar, mounting brackets, handles and Navy Seal-inspired workout chart, as it is designed by Navy Seal specialists. The main feature of this product is that it allows the arms to move naturally, reducing joint strain for an easy, yet powerful core workout. It comes in a mix of silver, black and red colors and it is easy to assemble and use. It weights only 9 pounds and its dimensions make it suitable even for average – sized apartments: 24 inches long x 10 inches wide x 4 inches deep. It also comes in an affordable price for a system that takes pride in high quality and standards.

perfect pullup2Reasons to Buy the Perfect Pullup

–          It comes with exclusive rotating handles which let you do pullups and chin-ups in one exercise

The Perfect Pullup aims to maximize strength and efficiency while you work out and allows the user to try new exercises as recommended by fitness professionals and Navy Seals.

–          It comes with adjustable metal swing arms

This feature helps the user to help build upper body strength even if the user can’t do a single pullup, thus making it useful even for the beginners in this area of athletic practice

–          The system is strong and sturdy, built in high quality materials which provides the Perfect Pullup a long existence and prolonged periods of use.

This feature is important especially for this type of product, as it is durable, resistant in time and heavy – use proof

–         Besides it helping users shape their bodies in a natural and easy way, the way it is designed and built helps users with their lower backs too, which is considered a welcomed surprise and a strong recommendation for the Perfect Pullups’ versatility of use

–         It is very easy to install – about 5 or 10 minutes, as the design is intuitive and friendly even for the beginners trying to use such system for the first time and it fits door frames like it belongs there

–         It is designed to support average and even heavy users, as some reported – a 200 lbs athlete shouldn’t have any problem in using the Perfect Pullup in a safe, optimal manner.

Customer Issues and Concerns

Given the qualities of this work – out system, there are few to none customers issues and concerns. However, similar products can be found in regular or sporting goods chain stores, but those ones are significantly lower in quality than the Perfect Pullup. The price of this product may be a little higher than the average, but customers consider it is a fair price in comparison to the quality, utility and durability of the product.

The Verdict

perfect pullup3Our Perfect Pullup review comes to the conclusion that this an outstanding product (firstly looking at its features and then taking into account its price) that not once became a constant part of peoples’ work out routines and a stable part of their homes. Given the fact that this is an original product, designed and built by Navy Seals and appealing to those wanting to develop a daily work – out routine in the comfort of their homes, the pullup bar fits almost all needs and is suitable for both men and women. It is optimally built for comfort and flexibility and enhances the work out experience due to its rotating handles and adjustable metal swing arms. It supports extensive use and average to heavy weight users and, according to some opinions, it passes the test of time. It may not be indestructible, but its building is sturdy enough to last you for very long periods of time.

Carhartt Men’s Suede Work Glove with Safety Cuff

carhart gloves2

Men working with tools and dangerous materials, as well as those activating in industries featuring survival – like situations know very well that working gloves are not just useful items, but a necessity for them to do their job right while staying safe and efficient. And even if not all are stars in survival shows on TV, protecting their hands from danger while having all the flexibility and safety needed to finish a task is sometimes even more important. Such work gloves are an As Seen on TV product available on online specialized stores and also on Amazon. Today we will take a look at Carhartt Men’s Suede Work Glove with Safety Cuff and bring you a review in order to see if they are as good as advertised.


These aren’t your typical leather, rigid working gloves that will indeed keep you safe from developing all sorts of hands sores and bunions, but a novelty item made of soft, breathable cloth – a full cotton duck fabric which is water proof and wear and tear resistant, no matter how people use their hands. Moreover, the gloves are provided with side – vents, providing hand aeration and also leather reinforcements that protect the palms and knuckles. The cowhide knuckle protection is a feature very much appreciated by the users, not to mention that they successfully resist abrasions and hard work, such as railroad maintenance activities and snow plowing, being easily washable and coming in fitting sizes for all men to wear.

toolsReasons to Buy the Carhartt Men’s Suede Work Glove with Safety Cuff

–          They are water and tear resistant.

The gloves, maybe not able to being labeled immortal, have an impressive degree of resistance to wear, tear and abrasions. The combination of cotton duck cotton and the leather extra – protection make them safe to use in any given conditions, while they allow enough flexibility to the wearer for a strong grip of the tools or handling objects while keeping perfect motility of the hands.

–          The sizes fit all needs.

Maybe this sounds a bit superficial, but many men who bought these gloves appreciated the fact that they come in many sizes and they actually fit as described, in comparison to other similar working gloves that made it difficult for the users to fully enjoy a natural grip and full hand motility.

–          The quality – price balance is very good

The Carhartt Men’s Suede Work Glove with Safety Cuff come with a good price, matching the high quality of the product. Some users have bought them in the past and were very pleased to replace them after many years of extensive use.

Customer Issues and Concerns

According to some customers, there were some cases when the Carhartt Men’s Suede Work Glove with Safety Cuff came with fabrication flaws, such as poor seams that come apart after a few uses, but from what we gathered, these accidents are very rare. On the other hand, a few customers highlighted the fact that similar high quality gloves are available in specialized stores at similar or smaller prices and their quality is the same or even better.

The Verdict

carthart glovesOur Men’s Suede Work Glove with Safety Cuff review comes to the conclusion that this a very good product to use by those working in rough environments and industries and who need not only hand protection from working gloves, but also a product that allows natural hand grips on tools, fire logs, chains or construction materials, as well as a product that will keep the hands free from sweating and developing tears and soars. Given the extra protection given by the combination of cotton duck fabric and leather, as well as the water – proof feature, these working gloves are safe from wear, tear and abrasions themselves, as well as very protective with the user’s palms, knuckles and wrists. Another feature that enhances the positive conclusion drawn upon this product is that is easily washable and doesn’t lose its properties not even after prolonged use. The price is more than affordable, making the product very well balanced in quality and price. Another great feature mentioned by all users is that the sizes the gloves come in are suitable for any hand size. All in all, this product is worth a try if you need resistant, qualitative working gloves.

StufZ Burger Press Review

Stufz-Review02Many As Seen on TV products focus on making our lives in the kitchen easier. One such kitchen gadget is the StufZ Burger Press, which provides help in creating better stuffed burgers. And who doesn’t love stuffed burgers, right? Our StufZ Burger Press review will explore the product’s features, upsides, and downsides, in order to work out how good it is at helping you make the best stuffed burger you’ve ever tasted.


If we were to pay heed to the StufZ Burger Press infomercials blindly, then we’d call this As Seen on TV product the ultimate device for creating stuffed burgers. It’s suitable for any type of ground meat, be it beef, turkey, chicken, or pork. The ads also boast the product’s sealable feature, which promises to keep all the flavors and goodness safely contained within. The product also promises to create perfectly even burgers in terms of thickness, which, in turn, makes it easier to cook the burgers just right and just the way you like them. The StufZ Burger Press costs $9.99, with $4.99 for shipping and handling, but bear in mind that you can’t opt out of the “buy one, get one free” option the seller provides, so this will add an extra $4.99 to your bill.

Reasons to Buy the StufZ Burger Press

–          It’s made of durable materials.

The top feature offered by this product, as stated in more than just one StufZ Burger Press review, is that it’s made of food-grade materials. This makes the product high quality, as it’s very durable and it can withstand a lot more wear and tear than you’d think.Stufz-Review01

–          It can make really huge burgers.

We acknowledge the fact that America has a problem with super-sizing – and the StufZ Burger Press makes no exception. It can create burgers as big as 1/2lbs. The pocket is huge and can contain just about any kind of stuffing you might think of, from veggies to cheese.

–          It can be easily cleaned.

The StufZ Burger Press is very easy to piece apart, as well as to put back together after you’ve washed it. For even more comfort and ease of use, it’s also dishwasher safe.

Customer Issues and Concerns

It might take a while to learn how to properly use the StufZ Burger Press, as an online StufZ Burger Press review notes. At first, many users are tempted to put the stuffing at the top of the layers, which made their burgers very thick. This, of course, meant they also took a longer time to cook than usual and proved a challenge to the users’ patience. However, this is not the biggest issue the users took to the device. Most of them complained of the fact that the stuffing tended to leak. This can be solved, as long as you remember not to over-stuff them, or by pinching the burgers sealed at the top. It also takes a while to figure out how much meat to place inside the StufZ Burger Press. Add too little at the top and your burger will be leaky; add too much and it will take longer to grill, which will also alter its texture and make it uneven. Another feature, which many users would have appreciated, but is missing, is the use of a non-stick material in making the product. Making several burgers one after another can turn out a bit messy.

Stufz-Review03The Verdict

Our StufZ Burger review comes to the conclusion that this could be a great product. It’s not bad as it is, but several things could be improved. It would be great if the product came with some instructions, so that the users find the learning process less frustrating. Then, the ordering process on the producer’s website can get a bit confusing as well, which detracts from the product’s actual quality – one option is to order it off Amazon. Furthermore, it would pay off to make the StufZ Burger Press from better plastic, preferably one with non-stick features. All in all, buy the product if you’re a huge burger fan, but know that other options are also available on the market (and for similar prices). They might just be better, at the end of the day.

Dolce Gusto Genio Review

Dolce-Gusto-Genio-review03Are you a coffee drinker? Then you’re probably thinking of purchasing your own machine for making quality caffeinated beverages at home – if you don’t already own one, that is. The Nespresso line from Nestle offers affordable Dolce Gusto coffee makers for buyers to enjoy at home. There are many Dolce Gusto options for you to choose from: the Piccolo (which is the smallest of all the coffee machines in this series), the Genio (the newest model), Melody 2, Creativa, Circo, Creativa, etc.. All models have been featured in a range of infomercials. Prices of the Dolce Gusto coffee machines range from $45 to $200.

For today’s post we selected the Dolce Gusto Genio. The Dolce Gusto Genio review below aims to figure out how good this machine is at producing top-notch coffee brews, both for discerning palates, as well as for regular drinkers.


The Dolce Gusto is an espresso machine which comes in several variants and can be purchased online, via Our Dolce Gusto Genio review focuses on the new release of the product, available as of August, 2013. The coffee comes from flavor capsules, which can be purchased separately, in 16-capsule boxes. Some of the most popular flavors include black coffees (Americano, espresso, dark roast, lungo, morning blend, etc.), specialty drinks (cappuccino, skinny cappuccino, latte macchiato, skinny latte, caramel latte, vanilla latte, chocohino, mocha), exotic drinks, and chilled drinks. The capsules are based on powdered milk and the machine comes with a 15-bar pressure pump.

Reasons to Buy the Dolce Gusto Genio

–          It offers numerous flavors

There’s so many of them they can almost get confusing! Users can freely select between regular coffee brews, flavored drinks, chilled drinks and others. The Dolce Gusto Genio even offers the wildly popular Chai Tea Latte as part of its range of flavors.Dolce-Gusto-Genio-review01

–          It has a near-professional grade system

The 15-bar pressure pump-based system is great even for the more experienced coffee drinkers out there. While they may not agree with all the features and flavors of the Dolce Gusto Genio, they will, however, be impressed with its powerful system, which is, after all is said and done, able to produce impressive results.

–          It’s not expensive

The price-quality ratio of the Dolce Gusto Genio is satisfactory, according to more than just one Dolce Gusto Genio review we’ve read online. The machine costs $129, which makes it one of the low-end espresso machines offered by Nestle, as part of its Nespresso range.

–          The drinks are customizable.

Though the machine’s producers don’t specifically explain this, it’s worth bearing in mind that not all drinks require the same amount of water. One Dolce Gusto Genio review out there encourages buyers to experiment with their preferences by varying the amount of water they use.

Customer Issues and Concerns

Dolce-Gusto-Genio-review02We found one Dolce Gusto Genio review online which spoke of testing the machine both on connoisseurs of coffee and on regular drinkers. While, by and large, the regular drinkers were rather impressed with the machine, both in terms of features, as well as of flavors offered, the aficionados were mostly underwhelmed. Some of their issues included the fact that the capsules are based on artificial powdered milk. Moreover, they were curious to know whether other brands of coffee capsules are compatible with the machine, only to find out they aren’t. Less experienced users also complained at times about the learning curve involved in dealing with the machine, as well as with the fact that it might at times be difficult to find the capsules. Since most drinks require the use of two capsules, this might render the ultimate price of a single drink rather high: two capsules cost $1.19 and a box only offers eight drinks, not 16, as many would be tempted to believe.

The Verdict

The verdict of our Dolce Gusto Genio review is mixed, if leaning toward the positive side in terms of performance. Overall, the machine does provide coffee drinks which many might enjoy, especially if they’re not hardcore drinkers. Espresso fanatics, on the other hand, should probably consider other products, which are both more professional, as well as more readily available. If you’re into lattes, cappuccinos, or mochas, then the Dolce Gusto Genio is probably all right for you.

Dreamie Fleece Camping Blanket with Travel Bag Review

1Wanting to travel inside country or abroad, people usually confront themselves with the issue of having too many sleeping bags which are undoubtedly practical and useful, but sometimes are just too voluminous. On the other hand, a chilly winter evening in the house may make us want to wrap ourselves in a blanket while watching TV or get a little warmer when we go to bed at night.

Dreamie Fleece Camping Blanket With Travel Bag is an As Seen On TV product available on Amazon that aims to answer our calls for both warmth and comfort, but more importantly, for traveling and packing light. It is designed as a sleeping bag, but the material has the thickness of a cozy fleece flannel, thus being just right for being used as a cocoon during the cold season. We will take a step forward and in our Dreamie Camping Blanket with Travel Bag review we’ll explore if it’s as good as everybody says it is.


The Dreamie Fleece Cocoon comes together with a Pillow Pouch and Carry Case, all made from the same fluffy, comfortable material that is thick enough to keep you warm, but thin and light enough to fit perfectly in the pouch and getting the size of a melon. The pouch is almost weightless and the opening flat is large enough to fit in a standard pillow. It is washable and holds very well the light heat of a dryer.

Reasons to buy the Dreamie Fleece Camping Blanket With Travel Bag

–          You are the cold type

If you count yourself among the ones who always need an extra layer or two during the winter, no matter how warm it is in the house, this cocoon is of great help during those moments when you don’t move enough to keep yourself warm: sitting on the couch watching TV, reading in bed, spend a comfortable evening talking with friends and family. It is also great for chilly evenings in the mountain, if you want to keep yourself safe from the high altitude breeze while spending a beautiful moment on the porch.

–          You travel a lot

If you are the traveling type that goes many places with unexpected weather conditions, this Dreamie is for you: keeps you warm enough and fits and airplane standard of luggage weight.

–          Children / teenagers travel a lot too

2Be it summer / winter camping, studying abroad, a visit to the grandparents or a sleep over at a friend’s house, the Dreamie can accompany them virtually anywhere.

–          It is affordable

The quality / price balance in this product’s case makes it a real good investment on a long term.

Consumers’ issues and concerns

One of the main concerns regarding this product expressed in a Dreamie Camping Blanket with Travel Bag review was the quality of the material. To everybody’s surprise, the Dreamie Fleece Camping Blanket With Travel Bag is of a higher quality than even expected, as it is not only soft and fluffy, but it is indeed warm. Without granting it the full qualities of a real sleeping bag, it won’t keep you free from freezing if you sleep outside in the forest on a chilly night, but it is advertised as a cocoon blanket and from this point of view, it is perfect.

Another concern expressed by consumers was the Dreamie Blanket’s life span, as since it is recommended for traveling, it also needs cleaning, handing, packing and unpacking. It seems that an average of 2 years of frequent use isn’t visible at all, and if washed properly the cocoon blanket doesn’t lose it qualities in material or functionality.

The size is an interesting matter as it should fit even tall (or chubby) people and it does an excellent job at it. Some might have felt covered head to toe, but nobody complained the blanket to be too short or too narrow not to comfortably host anyone.3

How warm makes you feel, exactly, consumer asked. Now if you need just a bit of extra warmth, it will provide it with no problems. In heavy winter nights, it is probably better to slip into it and cover yourself with another blanket. It won’t replace a real professional sleeping bag though.

The Verdict

There are few people who were not pleased with this product, and that mostly happened due to unfortunate accidents or manufacturing flaws. The general verdict of our Dreamie Camping Blanket with Travel Bag review is a wholeheartedly positive one, as the Dreamie will fit any house and any type of person or child. It is a high quality product with high quality features.

Orgreenic 12-inch Frying Pan Review

1When it comes to cookware, we are always in the search for the next best thing, ready to try and experiment with the latest products that will keep us as longer as possible without breaking, will also keep us safe and will need as little as possible effort to clean and maintain them.

The Orgreenic 12-inch Frying Pan is an As Seen on TV product which you can buy from specialized web stores and Amazon. It is marketed as an eco – friendly skillet with nonstick properties which can be used for virtually anything you can think of (broil, bake, fry, sauté or braise) and it is easy to clean – but no dishwasher allowed. Let’s proceed with this Orgreenic 12-inch Frying Pan review to see if this pan is healthier, safer and easier to cook with and clean after, just as they say it is.


At a first glance, this is just your regular nonstick pan, another one in the bunch. However, it has a few features that makes it interesting, to say at least:

Nontoxic: many people fear nonstick pans because they release chemicals while cooking very few people are willing to inhale or ingest with their meals. This pan’s design and construction (ceramic coating) keeps you free from toxins.

It needs little oil or grease to cook with it. Those who pay attention to their health will be happy to hear that this pan can be used to cook by reducing (or eliminating) the need to use oil, grease or even non stick sprays in order to have a healthy dish.

It is also provided with an anodized aluminum with ergonomic stovetop stay-cool handle to make manipulation easier.

Reasons to buy The Orgreenic 12-inch Frying Pan

–          You like to eat healthy

This pan is then a good solution to reduce oil and fats while cooking, no matter if you fry, broil or bake and more than just one Orgreenic 12-inch Frying Pan review has confirmed this.

–          You resent the cookware that presents a slight chance of being toxic

Since this one is designed to be eco – friendly and health – safe, you may find a good cooking partner in it.

–          It has a smooth surface that makes cooking a lot easier1

Some customers highlighted this feature and it does indeed sound good: the skillet’s surface is smooth enough to turn a delicate dish, such as fried eggs or a pancake without rupturing the dish or stumble in the middle creating unaesthetic effects.

–          It is very easy to clean

Although recommended to hand wash, it sometimes can be cleaned only with a paper towel or a wet cloth and being put in the cabinet with no problems.

Customer issues and concerns

Some customers complained about the pan getting sticky, in spite of the marketing, or getting damaged by heat, not heating properly and uniformly or not working well with induction stoves. There is an answer for all these issues: the pan is ceramic based. It will definitely not behave like a metallic one, nor distribute heat in the same manner. It will heat up at different temperatures than a regular skillet and it was found by testers to better work on medium heat.

Another issue that might be counteracted, regarding all these flaws that were reported, is that some customers skipped an essential step: seasoning the pan according to the instructions. Putting the brand new pan on the stove after it was just taken off the package is not the wisest thing to do. Customers who seasoned the skillet didn’t observe any damages induced to the pan after a sensitive amount of time spent using it.


One other issue that should be addressed is the durability of the pan. Since it is ceramic and it is not marketed as an indestructible object, it is subjected to scratches, chips and other inherent accidents if not managed with care. There are, of course, issues with the warranty, and any customer should check the warranty specifications before making a purchase. Otherwise, some passionate cooks out there used coated utensils when using the pan and didn’t report damages besides the usual scratches here and there.

The Verdict

This Orgreenic 12-inch Frying Pan review certainly inclines the balance to the positive side, as, if treated and seasoned right, used with the minimum of necessary precaution and handled accordingly, the pan manages to provide healthy and safe food for the whole family.

Michel Mercier Ultimate Detangling Brush Review

1Women with straight hair will always envy the ones with curly hair and just the other way round. Women with thin, breakable and prone to tangling long hair will always be jealous on the ones who wear their hair short, while everybody complains about the same thing: sometimes, you can do just about anything and get closer to miracles, hair just tangles and falls and breaks and makes women’s lives a living hell.

So how about having a hair brush which not only detangles, but also helps women keeping their hair strands where they should be, on their heads and not on the floor? Michel Mercier Ultimate Detangling Brush is an As Seen on TV product available on Amazon and other specialized websites that promises it will make the tangled, breaking and falling hair problem go away. In our Michel Mercier Ultimate Detangling Brush Review we will look deeper into the matters to see how things truly work.


This self-grooming device looks almost like any other brush, but has the feature of having bristles that vary in length. Due to this particular design, the brush detangles thick and coarse hair in less of the time needed when using regular brushes, reduces pressure and the number of strokes needed and makes the hair brushing painless (especially for children) because it has many contact points that manage to minimize pressure.

Reasons to buy the Michel Mercier Ultimate Detangling Brush

–          If you have thick, curly, coarse hair

Having any type of hairdo that makes you cry every time when you try to stick a comb in it or brush it requires a lot of patience and a lot of faith in brushes. This one will untangle your hair to some extent, reducing the amount of time and pain you need to endure to get things done.

–          If you have kids with hair problems

2Girls with long tangling hair are the ones more likely to benefit from this brush, as some fathers noticed that the girls’ level of crying and fighting with their mothers over hair brushing decreased significantly. Also, if they are at the beginning of their hair management, girls will benefit from it too, as it is easy to use.

–          If you shed a lot of hair and nothing else can help you

There are a lot of beauty products that at some point prove themselves being efficient in reducing the amount of hair women shed. Brushes also sustain this problem as some actually break the hair themselves. However, this brush was reported to diminish the shedding problem in some cases.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

This is exactly that type of product that will not work the same for everybody, only because not all women out there have the same type of hair, tangling or shedding problems. Regarding this particular product, there seem to be two factions on opposite grounds: the ones who were perfectly happy with this product and the ones who were disappointed by it. So given this almost tie, let’s take a deeper look into the matters.

One reason of concern expressed in a Michel Mercier Ultimate Detangling Brush review is that the bristles seem to bend, twist and get soft after a period of time. There are other regular brushes which are subdued to the same phenomena, while those which seem to be indestructible, keeping their bristles harder than steel usually hurt a lot when pressed against the scalp. This is more a matter of how often the brush is used, how hard you press to detangle your hair and how sensitive your scalp is, as the second problem mentioned by users was that it still hurts.

But does it or doesn’t it detangle the most tangled of hairs? It does to a certain extent. It is still a brush and some women just have barb – wire like hair which can’t be detangled unless going through some effort and some pain.

Women with very long, thick and coarse hair complained about the brush not being able to penetrate their hair deep to their scalp and the bristles getting flattened right away.3

The Verdict

Given all customers’ opinions regarding this product, the verdict of this Michel Mercier Ultimate Detangling Brush review is that it’s safe to assume it does a decent job at detangling the hair and keeping it from breaking and shedding in large amounts. However, if you know you have difficult hair and a soft brush won’t help you much, it is recommended to search for other similar products which are proven to have better results.

The Bedazzler Review

1Always wanted to add some shine to some older outfits that look alright, just need a little make-over? Are you in Do It Yourself Projects involving interior decoration, clothes making or arts and crafts? Always felt compelled to add some rhinestones or stubs to your favorite pair of jeans or to teach your little girl how to embellish her own wardrobe?

The Bedazzler is an As Seen on TV product available for purchase from the manufacturer, other As Seen on TV dedicated websites and, of course, Amazon. It is an Arts, Crafts & Sewing dedicated tool which allows you to embed rhinestones and studs in any piece of clothing and, why not, other textile – made objects, such as table cloths, drapes, or pillow cases, depending on your imagination and skills. The package comes with the machine and an additional stock of 150 rhinestones and studs. In the Bedazzler review that follows we will see if the product is as good as it seems.


The machine looks like a special type of staples, plastic and metal combined, that helps the user to quickly attach rhinestones, beads and studs on their favorite clothes or interior decoration pieces with little effort. The additional 150 shiny applications make a good start stock for whoever feels creative and wants to give an old jacket a fresh look.

Reasons to buy the Bedazzler

–          If you can’t find other similar product

The market is quite generous when it comes to such devices. It is not that the Bedazzler doesn’t work, it’s that others work better.

–          If you are really into arts and crafts and want to develop your talents2

This product is good for those who know they will use it constantly and for a long time, as applying three rhinestones on some blouse and ending the quest here doesn’t justify the price, which becomes affordable only if you plan to create more decorations for clothes or design projects

–          If you have daughters who are into arts and crafts

Many customers admitted they bought the product for children – either for their daughters or nieces, as they are the ones who seem to like decorating their clothes and add some shine to their wardrobe.

–          Only if you have enough strength to make it work

We will see a few customers’ concerns immediately, but if you know you lack some physical force and patience, maybe it’s better to look around for other products that are easier to use.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

The device has been tested by the customers who bought it and there’s just more than one Bedazzler review out there. One of the first issues they highlighted is that the device is poorly constructed, being described as “cheap plastic and cheap metal” which not always bind right or feel solid enough when used.

However, paradoxically, the product is not easy either to break, or to use. Pressing the rhinestones into the textile – and we are talking here light and almost transparent cloth like T-Shirt materials and silky ones – led to the unexpected result of the prongs not going through the material all the way, or leaving the teeth unbent properly. Finishing the job with alternative means such as your own hands, a spoon or even a knife blade isn’t worth the product’s money.

The rhinestones, studs or beads may fall out of the prongs before you can reach your purpose, and this makes the embedding a lot harder that it should be.

3Also, another issue that was observed at testing it was that the machine is very hard to use as you need a lot of strength to push the studs all the way, not to mention the level of difficulty met when dealing with jeans or denim jackets.

Finally, it seems that the embedded rhinestones and studs fall out while they get the machine washing treatment, thus you should only restrict your craft ideas only to those clothes that will never and up in a centrifuge.

The Verdict

Taking into account all users’ perspectives on the product, this Bedazzler review says this one is a “no-go.” Hard to use and meeting all sorts of obstacles, it proved to be difficult to use by children or adolescents – some of the primary customer category – while the poor construction, little usability and long – term debatable results may convince you to look for other similar products with better reviews.

Aqua Globes Mini-Set of 3 Review

1Let’s all admit it: when it comes to leaving the house for a long or even short trip, the issue of plant watering can get even harder to solve than leaving the child to your parents or the cat to the pet hotel. But to have somebody come on over your house to water your plants or install some device to prevent them from drying out and dying, this is a real dilemma many people face.

The Aqua Globes Mini-Set of 3 is an As Seen on TV product that is available on specialized websites, on the manufacturer’s website and also on Amazon. The three pieces come in variable sizes, one dedicated to small potted plants, they are glass – made and make not only slowly and steadily watering devices, but also artistic decorations to your flower pots. In our Aqua Globes Mini-Set of 3 review we will see if they work as amazingly as they seem to.


The Aqua Globes have a very smart feature that eliminates the “guess how much water my plant needs every day” routine: as the soil in the pot dries up, it releases enough oxygen into the Agua Globe watering bulb so it “knows” when it has to in turn release the exact amount of water in order to keep your plant watered sufficiently. This isn’t some high-tech science, just a bit of manufacturing intelligence. With this system, the globes can keep a plant watered for up to two weeks. Also, one of the greatest features of this product is that the globes are really individually crafted and glass – blown and made to look beautifully as decorations.

Reasons to buy the Aqua Globes Mini-Set of 3

–          You’re a constant traveler

Well, you have to have plants, in the first place, but if you are on a constant departure schedule, as your job or personal affairs keep you more on the road, these globes will save you from worrying about having your friends take rounds to water your plants while you’re gone.

–          You don’t have anybody to water your plants

2Sometimes, if you leave on vacation with the entire family and there’s no one around to water your plants during your stay away from home, the Aqua Globes will keep them moist enough to welcome you back home alive and happy.

–          You are… very busy or forgetful

It happens sometimes that even if we are at home, we sometimes forget to water the plants, only to realize that we have treated them bad and because of us they are dying. Given the fact that the Aqua Globes will poor water to the roots only when the soil dries, you can be care free for a few days knowing that you will have to check on your green beauties once in a few days.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

Generally, all customers declared themselves pleased with the product. There were some concerns we will focus our attention on, however, only to clarify some points.

One issue expressed in an online Aqua Globes Mini-Set of 3 review was one of the Aqua Globes getting clogged with soil and dirt when inserted into the pot. Now this issue can be avoided if you first make a tiny canal with a straw or even a thin pen, so the elongated end of the globe doesn’t get stuffed with dirt, thus making it useless.3

Another issue some customers highlighted was the fact that some globes are working too slow or too fast, thus not complying with the 2 – weeks specification, either by getting empty in a few days, or not delivering water enough to keep the plants happy. This issue was solved when talking about the fact that some plants need larger quantities of water than others and adjusting to the plants’ needs is the wisest thing to do.

The Verdict

All things considered, the verdict of this Aqua Globes Mini-Set of 3 review is that the devices are a great investment to solve indoor and even outdoor plants watering if the user adjusts the process to the plants needs. Bigger pots will need bigger globes, while some plants just “drink” a lot more water than the others. In conclusion, the Aqua Globes, besides making very beautiful interior plant decorations, as they are very well crafted, make also good back – up plans for plant care, whether you leave the house or just need a little help to keep all the pots watered and safe without you having to worry much about them.

OneTouch Can Opener Review

1The OneTouch Can Opener is a kitchen tool and an As Seen on TV product that is available on dedicated websites, on the manufacturer’s website and also on Amazon. Now, if you struggled before with opening cans or needed one that doesn’t require manual strength, as it works on batteries, this product is marketed as being the perfect solution for everybody, from elders who don’t have enough force to use a manual one, disabled people with poor motor skills, families who need a can opened in a blink of an eye, as they cook often and even teenagers sent to summer camp. It is not a product to be used by children, so make sure you know that. In this OneTouch Can Opener review, we will see together if the product is as good and as efficient as it is marketed.


The OneTouch Can Opener is a House and Kitchen device marketed as being able to open up any type of can size and shape, working on batteries, cutting from the side and being easy to use by just pressing a button after set in position. It is also provided with a magnet which conveniently lifts off the metallic lid, and, more importantly, it cuts from beneath the lid, not from its top, thus eliminating the consequence of sharp, irregular metallic edges people often cut themselves into. It is also light and well sized to fit any kitchen drawer and the two AA batteries used in order to make it operational are not included in the package.

Reasons to buy the OneTouch Can Opener

–          Only if you don’t have anything else that comes in handy

Users who bought this product mentioned the fact that an older similar model available on the market a few years back was way more efficient than this one and some of them would choose it only if they wouldn’t have a manual one or even a knife.2

–          If you don’t have any other choice, physically speaking

Some people bought this item for their elder family members or for those who suffer one type or another of physical impairment or motor skills, thus making their lives easier. We will see soon why their lives were actually made harder, but to some extent, the product does open cans, although not without side – effects.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

They are quite many, so we will take them in order, as the aim of this OneTouch Can Opener review is to be objective and properly organize the info available online.

The placing / replacing of batteries. The device, just as any other one, has a battery compartment that it is quite hard to find, open, use and close properly. Some people never finished this level and thus can’t really say if the product really works or not.

The functionality. This product’s efficiency is debatable, as almost every customer that bought the item declared it really just doesn’t work. Looking deeper into the situation, the “not working” problem can be defined as follows: the device indeed doesn’t cut hard can metal. Another situation is when the device starts going round and round around the can and can’t be stopped. It also happens to not make a full round, as it stumbles and stops working.

Another thing that worries customers regarding this product is the fact that it sometimes can’t grip correctly the can, thus making a poor job opening it. Furthermore, there are irregularly shaped cans out there, which come in oval shapes, square shapes and so on, and the OneTouch Can Opener can’t seem to be able to manage them at all.

3As we said, there is a problem with the ones that really needed this product around: the elders, the people with poor motor skills or physical impairments, the teenagers gone camping who need to stay safe from accidents. Many of these people found this kitchen device not only hard, but almost impossible to use and in this respect, it is really a shame.

The Verdict

Many consumers referred to this product in terms of “junk” and “waste of time and money” and unfortunately, the truth of this OneTouch Can Opener review is on their side. With a few little exceptions, the can opener doesn’t work great, if it works at all, and considering other similar products that work manually, or even older automatic models that worked exemplary, this one doesn’t meet the customers’ standards and needs. Also, there are some refunding issues to be addressed and, of course, the issue of warranty which is confusing, to say