Orgreenic 12-inch Frying Pan Review

1When it comes to cookware, we are always in the search for the next best thing, ready to try and experiment with the latest products that will keep us as longer as possible without breaking, will also keep us safe and will need as little as possible effort to clean and maintain them.

The Orgreenic 12-inch Frying Pan is an As Seen on TV product which you can buy from specialized web stores and Amazon. It is marketed as an eco – friendly skillet with nonstick properties which can be used for virtually anything you can think of (broil, bake, fry, sauté or braise) and it is easy to clean – but no dishwasher allowed. Let’s proceed with this Orgreenic 12-inch Frying Pan review to see if this pan is healthier, safer and easier to cook with and clean after, just as they say it is.


At a first glance, this is just your regular nonstick pan, another one in the bunch. However, it has a few features that makes it interesting, to say at least:

Nontoxic: many people fear nonstick pans because they release chemicals while cooking very few people are willing to inhale or ingest with their meals. This pan’s design and construction (ceramic coating) keeps you free from toxins.

It needs little oil or grease to cook with it. Those who pay attention to their health will be happy to hear that this pan can be used to cook by reducing (or eliminating) the need to use oil, grease or even non stick sprays in order to have a healthy dish.

It is also provided with an anodized aluminum with ergonomic stovetop stay-cool handle to make manipulation easier.

Reasons to buy The Orgreenic 12-inch Frying Pan

–          You like to eat healthy

This pan is then a good solution to reduce oil and fats while cooking, no matter if you fry, broil or bake and more than just one Orgreenic 12-inch Frying Pan review has confirmed this.

–          You resent the cookware that presents a slight chance of being toxic

Since this one is designed to be eco – friendly and health – safe, you may find a good cooking partner in it.

–          It has a smooth surface that makes cooking a lot easier1

Some customers highlighted this feature and it does indeed sound good: the skillet’s surface is smooth enough to turn a delicate dish, such as fried eggs or a pancake without rupturing the dish or stumble in the middle creating unaesthetic effects.

–          It is very easy to clean

Although recommended to hand wash, it sometimes can be cleaned only with a paper towel or a wet cloth and being put in the cabinet with no problems.

Customer issues and concerns

Some customers complained about the pan getting sticky, in spite of the marketing, or getting damaged by heat, not heating properly and uniformly or not working well with induction stoves. There is an answer for all these issues: the pan is ceramic based. It will definitely not behave like a metallic one, nor distribute heat in the same manner. It will heat up at different temperatures than a regular skillet and it was found by testers to better work on medium heat.

Another issue that might be counteracted, regarding all these flaws that were reported, is that some customers skipped an essential step: seasoning the pan according to the instructions. Putting the brand new pan on the stove after it was just taken off the package is not the wisest thing to do. Customers who seasoned the skillet didn’t observe any damages induced to the pan after a sensitive amount of time spent using it.


One other issue that should be addressed is the durability of the pan. Since it is ceramic and it is not marketed as an indestructible object, it is subjected to scratches, chips and other inherent accidents if not managed with care. There are, of course, issues with the warranty, and any customer should check the warranty specifications before making a purchase. Otherwise, some passionate cooks out there used coated utensils when using the pan and didn’t report damages besides the usual scratches here and there.

The Verdict

This Orgreenic 12-inch Frying Pan review certainly inclines the balance to the positive side, as, if treated and seasoned right, used with the minimum of necessary precaution and handled accordingly, the pan manages to provide healthy and safe food for the whole family.

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