OneTouch Can Opener Review

1The OneTouch Can Opener is a kitchen tool and an As Seen on TV product that is available on dedicated websites, on the manufacturer’s website and also on Amazon. Now, if you struggled before with opening cans or needed one that doesn’t require manual strength, as it works on batteries, this product is marketed as being the perfect solution for everybody, from elders who don’t have enough force to use a manual one, disabled people with poor motor skills, families who need a can opened in a blink of an eye, as they cook often and even teenagers sent to summer camp. It is not a product to be used by children, so make sure you know that. In this OneTouch Can Opener review, we will see together if the product is as good and as efficient as it is marketed.


The OneTouch Can Opener is a House and Kitchen device marketed as being able to open up any type of can size and shape, working on batteries, cutting from the side and being easy to use by just pressing a button after set in position. It is also provided with a magnet which conveniently lifts off the metallic lid, and, more importantly, it cuts from beneath the lid, not from its top, thus eliminating the consequence of sharp, irregular metallic edges people often cut themselves into. It is also light and well sized to fit any kitchen drawer and the two AA batteries used in order to make it operational are not included in the package.

Reasons to buy the OneTouch Can Opener

–          Only if you don’t have anything else that comes in handy

Users who bought this product mentioned the fact that an older similar model available on the market a few years back was way more efficient than this one and some of them would choose it only if they wouldn’t have a manual one or even a knife.2

–          If you don’t have any other choice, physically speaking

Some people bought this item for their elder family members or for those who suffer one type or another of physical impairment or motor skills, thus making their lives easier. We will see soon why their lives were actually made harder, but to some extent, the product does open cans, although not without side – effects.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

They are quite many, so we will take them in order, as the aim of this OneTouch Can Opener review is to be objective and properly organize the info available online.

The placing / replacing of batteries. The device, just as any other one, has a battery compartment that it is quite hard to find, open, use and close properly. Some people never finished this level and thus can’t really say if the product really works or not.

The functionality. This product’s efficiency is debatable, as almost every customer that bought the item declared it really just doesn’t work. Looking deeper into the situation, the “not working” problem can be defined as follows: the device indeed doesn’t cut hard can metal. Another situation is when the device starts going round and round around the can and can’t be stopped. It also happens to not make a full round, as it stumbles and stops working.

Another thing that worries customers regarding this product is the fact that it sometimes can’t grip correctly the can, thus making a poor job opening it. Furthermore, there are irregularly shaped cans out there, which come in oval shapes, square shapes and so on, and the OneTouch Can Opener can’t seem to be able to manage them at all.

3As we said, there is a problem with the ones that really needed this product around: the elders, the people with poor motor skills or physical impairments, the teenagers gone camping who need to stay safe from accidents. Many of these people found this kitchen device not only hard, but almost impossible to use and in this respect, it is really a shame.

The Verdict

Many consumers referred to this product in terms of “junk” and “waste of time and money” and unfortunately, the truth of this OneTouch Can Opener review is on their side. With a few little exceptions, the can opener doesn’t work great, if it works at all, and considering other similar products that work manually, or even older automatic models that worked exemplary, this one doesn’t meet the customers’ standards and needs. Also, there are some refunding issues to be addressed and, of course, the issue of warranty which is confusing, to say

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