Ninja Cooking System Review

Wouldn’t it be every home chef’s dream come true, if they could benefit from a single appliance that can handle just about every type of cooking available? The Ninja Cooking System does just that: it slow cooks, bakes, roasts, and browns any type of food, making the need for other kinds of pots and pans nearly non-existent. This kind of appliance is also able to cook some seriously tasty food, as its wide range of functions also comes with the added benefit of fuller flavors. It doesn’t matter if you’re cooking poultry, fish, other types oninja-cooking-systemf meat, or even vegetables. With the Ninja Cooking System, you can be sure it’s going to taste amazing.


The Ninja Cooking System is a 3-in-1 device that measures 18 inches in length, including the handles, 13.5 inches across with the knobs, and 12 inches when it has the lid on. It is equipped with a dial that allows the user to safely and quickly switch between the various functions: from Stovetop, to Slow Cooker, to Oven. This way, it doesn’t take more than one turn of a knob to prepare food just the way you want it prepared.

The Ninja Cooking System also comes with a fine mesh made out of chrome, which can be easily removed and placed back inside, to be used for roasting. The roasting pan is also very light and requires no effort to take out. The browning function allows users to quickly cook meat, for quick meals. If you really want to bake, roast, or slow cook your food, you can use the exact same configuration as you would for browning. Its lid has a vent, which allows the interior to be aerated during cooking – an especially useful function when roasting. It also has a timer and temperature gauge, which are interchangeable during the cooking process. The lid does not heat up during cooking.

Reasons to Buy the Ninja Cooking System

  • It’s easy to clean

ninja-cooking-system 1One of the biggest problems with regular slow cookers is that they may become incredibly difficult (if not outright impossible) to clean up. This is not the case with the Ninja Cooking System, which comes with a non-stick surface inside. Users even tested this quality by burning food inside. The result was that the substances burned to thin, crispy film, which literally rose from the surface of the interior’s bottom. Even the roasting rack is easy to clean and has been tested in a similar manner.

  • It cuts down cooking time

Browning your poultry and meat takes far less time than roasting, baking, or slow cooking, and it is recommended for quick meals. This function produces very flavorful meals, so make sure to try it out, when you purchase the Ninja Cooking System.

  • It’s not at all heavy

Most slow cookers are bulky, heavy-weight items. The Ninja Cooking System only weighs 6 pounds, which makes it very easy to use, no matter your frame and build.

  • It roasts food in two different ways

You can either roast meats the regular way, without having to worry they will come out soggy, as they sometimes do when using a crock pot. For fish, seafood, veggies, and pudding, you can opt for steam roasting, which makes for easy, tasty cooking.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

  • It can heat up

During cooking, users need to make sure they don’t accidentally touch the exterior of the Ninja Cooking System. The appliance can become very hot and contact may result in nasty burns.

  • It doesn’t signal that time is up

There is no way to know that cooking time is up with the Ninja Cooking System, regardless of the function you set it to. After a baking cycle runs its course, the device will turn off the heat by itself after roughly one minute. When using it as a slow cooker, it will turn down the heat to keep the food warm.

  • It does require some pre-heating

The manual of the Ninja Cooking System claims the device requires no pre-heating time, but, in fact, the high temperature in stovetop mode does take quite some time to be reached. It is recommended to switch to the oven setting, in order to heat up the applian

ninja-cooking-system 2

ce as quickly as possible.

The Verdict

Priced at $200, this multifunctional device is not at all that expensive. For the largest part, it does fulfill all the functions it claims to with good results, although it will take some fiddling to get it just right. Some consumers might find the price tag a bit steep, but the Ninja Cooking System definitely makes up for it in terms of versatility and ease of cleaning.


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