Music Bullet Review

Music Bullet claims to provide incredibly powerful sound from a tiny speaker. These speakers are travelers’ newest sound buddies. They are about the size of a desktop mouse. They are very handy, and they can produce a real crisp sound. Mobile phone and tablet owners usually complain about the lacking sound quality. Music Bullet promises to help. Click here for the Music Bullet buy one get one free limited time offer from the manufacturer.

music bulletMusic Bullet in Action

Music enthusiasts know that bigger is better when it comes to sound. With this, speaker manufacturers produce their products in large sizes to ensure the best output possible. However, Music Bullet claims to change this concept. These tiny speakers produce good quality bass that is often lacking in mobile phone and tablet speakers.

Music Bullet can be great when traveling. It can also be used at home or in the office. This small sound device is so handy that it can be carried anywhere. These innovative speakers are actually designed for both indoor and outdoor use. They can even be used for a backyard party. Users can combine as many Music Bullet units as they like for a more phenomenal effect.

Music Bullet Features

  • It is as small as a desktop mouse.
  • It is rechargeable.
  • It is handy.
  • It produces powerful sound.
  • It comes with options that can double the sound output.
  • It is compatible with MP3 players, mobile phones, tablets, computers and laptops.

Reasons to Get a Music Bullet

  • Incredibly Powerful Sound From a Tiny Speaker

The sound quality can affect the excitement that comes from listening to music. Music lovers always want to hear the best quality sound possible. The problem is that most speakers built into mobile phones and other devices are often weak and lack bass. In the past, music lovers needed to have bulky headphones and large speakers to satisfy their appetite for music. Fortunately, Music Bullet corrects the misconception that only large speakers can blow listeners away. With this, music lovers can achieve the sound output they long for from a small device.

  • Listen to Music Without the Hassles

This tiny sound device has long, retractable wires. With this, users can play their favorite music anywhere without having to deal with wire tangles. This simply means that people can use it when they want to and easily store it when they don’t need it. They can conveniently place the speaker inside a car or on an office table. All it needs is a USB cable to charge the batteries. Users have the option to recharge the device with a separate jack. Using this tiny speaker is very convenient.

  • Share the Music

Users can take this sound gadget anywhere indoors or outdoors. They can even set it up for a party in the backyard. With this, they can share the music with everyone. They do not have to listen to music alone in the car or in the office using their own earpiece. This device allows them to expand the sound coverage however they want. The option to double the sound output can reach distant areas without affecting the sound quality. The richness of the bass remains the same whether indoors or outdoors.

  • More Features, Lower Price

Many customers claim that they got more than they paid for. This product is relatively small, but it produces a lot of sound for its size. The device is truly inexpensive. This is especially true compared to headsets that give out the same sound quality.

  • Mini-Movie Theater and Speaker Phone

This tiny speaker is also very convenient for movie enthusiasts. It allows them to set up a mini-movie theater with their tablets or iPads. With this, they can enjoy a quality viewing experience anywhere.

Music Bullet Drawbacks

  • The sound it produces is not enough for outdoor parties.

music bullet reviewsA customer reviewing the product said that this tiny speaker is not good for outdoor parties. The manufacturer actually recommends the combination of many speaker units to produce the loudest sound possible. A single unit alone may not be able to cover a large outdoor area. This is because it is too small to disseminate the sound evenly and loudly. The solution is to purchase more units and combine all of them. Doing so will allow users to get the loudest sound possible for an outdoor party.

  • The sound quality is just the same as the phone’s built-in speaker.

Another review pointed out that Music Bullet only produces louder sound than the phone’s built-in speaker. They said that the sound quality is the same. This speaker is actually designed to boost or fill in the missing sound elements provided by the mobile phone speaker. However, the best way to achieve this is to install a sound app on the phone or music player itself. It was tested by another reviewer. The user was actually surprised with the sound enhancement. Combining the product with a phone sound app can produce the best sound possible. Doing so will allow users to get more out of the Music Bullet.

The Verdict

Music Bullet may have been built with an unusual design, but it has a lot of features for the price. Many customers were amazed when they received their unit. There have never been any other speakers this small that can create such powerful bass.

Many customers liked the 7 hour battery life. They get to enjoy continuous sound without the distortion. There may be some technical problems that come with the product, but the majority of customers find it tolerable.

The best way to use this sound device is to pair it with a good music player. Users should not expect the product to perform sound adjustments. The quality of the music player matters. It is also advisable to install applications that balance the sound elements.

This tiny speaker is worth the price. It gives out good quality sound and powerful bass. It is portable and rechargeable. Music lovers will surely get the best sound possible from a portable speaker. These features all come at a very affordable price.

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