Micro Touch Max Personal Trimmer

Micro Touch Max Personal TrimmerGentlemen, this one is for you! Grooming activities may be a drag sometimes, as they imply the spending of a lot of time and the use of different devices for each body part you’d like to trim. You perhaps have an entire kit of grooming and trimming devices, from the common shaving kit, to that machine that deals with the hair in your nose (and perhaps ears too), not to mention that getting rid of your hair chest sounds very painful, no matter how willing you’d be to give it a try. So how about having an all – in – one trimmer that acts like a blade, but with a soft, noninvasive touch, a device that will solve all your trimming problems, no matter it’s your beard, eyebrows, nose, ears, back neck, arms and chest? How would it be to have this gadget always ready for you, no matter where you travel? Today we will take a closer look to the Micro Touch Max Personal Trimmer and see if it is so spectacular as it is advertised.


neckThis is an As Seen on TV product available on the manufacturer’s website, Amazon and other online stores. The grooming device is built with German stainless steel and provided with a no-slip grip, LED light to ease your moves as it allows you to see what you’re doing, two comb attachments, AAA battery and a lot of applications and benefits, as follows: easy to pack and take wherever you may go, strong enough to deal even with the hardest parts to trim, it gets as close as a regular blade, but offers a soft, safe touch and comes with a 50% longer blade than previous models.

Reasons to Buy the Micro Touch Max Personal Trimmer

The Micro Touch Max Personal Trimmer features all – in – one benefits of several grooming gadgets. It is easy to use and to carry around, significantly lowering the storage space needed to pack it on your travels. It is powerful enough to trim the strong hairs and its soft touch may be a great benefit for those men with sensitive skin for whom traditional shaving is a curse. The product comes with better and improved features compared to previous models and the marketing suggests it is an upgraded model, with better features. If you are the type of man who wants or needs to look sharp and trimmed on all occasions, especially when traveling for business purposes, this device may be exactly what you needed. eyebrows

Customer Issues and Concerns

Now we are going to swim a bit in some murky waters, as seeing how the product is reviewed by customers who bought and used it, the product has a lot of chances to turn into the lest desired grooming gadget. First and foremost, users complained about the trimmer’s poor construction quality, with blades getting dull after a few attempts.

Another frequent issue highlighted by the customers is that the product doesn’t work at all, brand new as it is. Some had to change the battery to make it run, others had no success whatsoever in getting it functional. Complaints and refund requests sent to the company seem to have had no echo.

Micro Touch Max Personal TrimmerAmong other issues regarding this product is that it doesn’t quite do the job as advertised. We have two cases on our hands here: while some managed to use it successfully only to remove nose hair, others complained about the device being too thick and not getting into the nostril enough to have some positive effects, let alone that the sensitive skin around the nostrils suffered some irritations after the trimming was done.

Although the trimmer does a fine job when it does work, many complained of it breaking down in their hands, as the materials seem to be of poor quality, while the whole assembly is fragile and vulnerable.

The Verdict

If you don’t have any device to keep you groomed as you want to, the Micro Touch Max Personal Trimmer might do the trick, provided it works as advertised and comes in full health and body shape. However, before jumping at the opportunity, take a deeper look into the matters and check if you will eventually get the product you’re paying for. In this industry there are certainly other professional products dedicated to men that do their jobs as advertised, even if they cost more. Unfortunately, despite the really good potential this product has, we cannot recommend it to you.

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