Magic Mesh Review

Magic Mesh Screen Door is an innovation that changes the way of protecting homes and even vehicles from bugs and other pests. It is made from excellent quality mesh that allows air to pass through but stops insects from getting in. Magic Mesh makes homes and motor homes safe and very comfortable. Click here for the Magic Mesh discount offer from the manufacturer.

The Magic of Magic Mesh

Many people love to stay inside a cool home during the summer. Unfortunately, they may have to pay a lot for utility bills if they run the air conditioning all the time. Bringing in fresh, natural air through the doors and windows is the best solution. The problem is that bugs get inside when people leave their doors open. The good news is that Magic Mesh can put an end to this problem. It allows the summer air to get in and keeps bugs out.

Another problem happens when someone forgets to close the door after they go inside. Kids and pets do this. Wooden or glass doors won’t close by themselves. This welcomes bugs and mosquitoes inside. These insects can be a real problem. They can also contaminate food and pose a threat to the family’s health.

This innovative mesh door won’t let these insects bite anyone at home. This magic door closes on its own. Homeowners will no longer have to worry about kids and pets coming in and out of the house. They can make sure that the doors are sealed all the time.

Magic Mesh Features

  • It is made from superior quality fine mesh.
  • It is relatively easy to install. There is no need to drill.
  • It can fit in double doors.
  • It is easy to store.
  • It comes with an 18 magnet fastening system that closes by itself.

Reasons to Get Magic Mesh

  • It lets fresh air in and keeps bugs out.

This amazing feature certainly puts an end to a common problem. Ensuring that the front and rear doors are always sealed after they have been opened is a tedious chore. An open door is the best entrance for bugs and pest. However, Magic Mesh can screen them out. It closes automatically after someone passes through. This is made possible with 18 magnets that separate when opened and attract each other to close back. Moreover, the product has fine holes that allow air to get inside. With this, homeowners can still enjoy the fresh air indoors.

  • It provides a safe passage for pets.

Homeowners will no longer have to worry about their pets being left outside to scratch at the door in order to get in. Dogs and cats can pass through this mesh door with ease and convenience. It is so light that they do not have to push it hard to open the screen. There is no more rolling or pulling up. The screen door will open easily and close automatically.

  • It stops the door from slamming.

Magic Mesh is not as heavy as wooden or glass doors. Parents get annoyed by slamming doors every time their kids pass through. This product puts a stop to slamming doors. With this, there is no more unnecessary noise. The magnetic fastening system simply clicks as it closes. It snaps back quietly.

  • It can fit in double doors and even RVs.

Magic Mesh is great for double doors and recreational vehicles. It is very easy to install and detach if not needed. It is so light that it can be carried along just about anywhere. This screen door is best to use during the summer when it is too hot to keep the doors and windows closed. In addition, it is a good traveling buddy for people who love to drive, stop and sleep in their vehicles. Campers can also add this mesh door to their adventure gear.

  • It is very affordable and durable.

The only permanent solution that keeps bugs out is a screen door. The problem is that these fixtures are quite expensive. They help protect the house from bugs and insects just like a mesh door. They also allow fresh air to get in. Unfortunately, screen doors are heavy and difficult to open. Mesh doors do not require much effort to push or pull. Anyone can pass through without any assistance even when their hands are full. This door can last for a long time as it is made from high quality mesh.

Magic Mesh Drawbacks

Customer reviews mostly say good things about what Magic Mesh provides them. However, there are some customers that see negative points that come with these innovative screen doors.

  • It is not good to use on windy days.

Some customers find Magic Mesh useless during windy days. Actually, the makers designed the product to be used in fine weather. It is not suitable for all weather conditions. The product is made from fine and light mesh. It is intended to open and close easily. The primary goal of the product is to let fresh air in and keep bugs out. With this, customers should not expect the product to function well on a windy day.

  • The magnets are weak.

Proper installation is important to make use of all product features. Many customers say that the mesh screen door magnets are too weak. A customer with this problem reinstalled his mesh door and found the solution. Improper magnet alignment causes the problem. Owners should ensure that the mesh door’s height is even from end to end. Doing so will allow magnets to attract each other easily.

  • The velcro loses its function after a short period of use.

Magic Mesh only uses velcro for installation. It does not require drilling. However, some customers complained that the velcro loses its functionality easily. Fortunately, they can buy velcro strips from DIY stores. They can either replace it with this or add wood screws to secure the mesh.

The Verdict

Magic Mesh is a great product for people who know how and when to use it. The product is very affordable, and it offers a lot of features. This mesh door is guaranteed durable. It can last for many years depending on usage and maintenance.


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