Forever Lazy Soft Fleece Adult Lounge Wear Review

Forever Lazy Soft Fleece Adult Lounge Wear 1The Forever Lazy Soft Fleece Adult Lounge Wear is an As Seen on TV product that you can purchase from online specialized stores and also from Amazon, or Ace Hardware. It is basically an onesie for both adults and children that takes pride in it being practical, very warm, comfortable and great for those who suffer winter cold or want to just attend a funny pajama party. Our Forever Lazy Soft Fleece Adult Lounge Wear review aims to find out if it’s really that comfortable – or perhaps just a little bit silly and impractical.


The Forever Lazy Soft Fleece Adult Lounge Wear comes in various sizes to fit both men, women and children, although it can look oversized on many of the users. It has two zippers and it is designed to help people reach the toilet faster while wearing the onesie. It comes with large deep pockets and, as bonus, a pair of slipper socks. It also comes with a cozy hood and the fabric keeps warm, even if one wears the onesie over regular clothes or not.

Reasons to buy the Forever Lazy Soft Fleece Adult Lounge Wear

–          It is warm

Customers who bought and used this product didn’t complain about it not being what it was said to be: a warm, fuzzy, cozy and lazy outfit, meant for cold days in winter, a lazy afternoon around the house, as a pajama must-have when going camping in the mountains or when travelling to areas that might surprise you with low temperatures over night.

–          It is practical

The zippers make it really easy to put on and take off and the bathroom feature was a good surprise for many of the consumers. The hood and the large deep pockets also received good points for being practical. The onesie allows the user to carry around almost anything in those pockets, making it thus practical to even go with it to spend the night at somebody else’s place.Forever Lazy Soft Fleece Adult Lounge Wear 2

–          It is funny

Some people called it the “Forever alone” onesie, as one might look a little ridiculous in it, but those with a humor admitted that even if it’s oversized sometimes, it makes a great costume for a pajama party, a masquerade party or for lazy-ing arund the house with friends and family during vacations.

–          Kids love it

The small size available for children makes this product a great gift. Some users confessed the children never wanting to get out of the onesie and even intending to go with it to school.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

There are some issues and concerns with this product, many of them revolving around the idea of some manufacturing flaws that are bothering, on one part, but not serious enough to not be able to overcome them. Sometimes the zippers break too easily or the pockets aren’t attached correctly and they tear. Some users found fabric flaws and small holes and tears in the Forever Lazy material. They all fixed them by themselves, including the broken zippers.

Another concern expressed in one online Forever Lazy Soft Fleece Adult Lounge Wear review is whether or not wearing the Forever Lazy Soft Fleece Adult Lounge Wear directly on the skin or over another layer of clothes. Some users complained that they sweated a lot in the Forever Lazy and others even mentioned the color of the onesie getting transferred to the skin.

Forever Lazy Soft Fleece Adult Lounge Wear 3On the other hand, since many people never considered not wearing an extra set of clothes underneath the Forever Lazy, they consider the “bathroom zipper” as being useless, as one definitely has to take the Forever Lazy off.

Some users consider the fabric of the Lazy Forever outfit of being thin and cheapish, but they also admitted that by washing properly and using cleaning products, the onesie becomes better and softer to the touch.

The Verdict

Taking into account all users’ perspectives on the product, the verdict of this Forever Lazy Soft Fleece Adult Lounge Wear review is that the majority loves the Forever Lazy outfit, as it is indeed warm and cozy. The extra slipper socks came as a nice surprise, while the large pockets allow the user to store in there everything they need in order to spend a cozy afternoon, from a cell phone, to a book and some snacks. Despite the products flaws, which should be corrected very soon, as zipper problems and material holes and tears, poorly sewn edges and fittings or stitching running off the seam, the consumers all agree that the Forever Lazy is indeed a comfortable and warm outfit, no matter if some think that it makes a person look ridiculous, while others love the funny look.

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