Kymaro New Body Shaper Review

The Kymaro New Body Shaper from is one of those as-seen-on-TV products that really does seem too good to be true. What is it? Essentially, an updated, more modern girdle, that promises to make the wearer instantly look thinner. It requires no dieting, no exercising, and it basically helps those too lazy (or too busy, let’s say) to live a healthy lifestyle shape up. It is obviously a product targeted at women, who would like to be able to wear any style of clothing and any kind of fashion, even though said fashions kymaro-new-body-shaper-review01might not normally flatter their figure. But does it really work? This Kymaro New Body Shaper Review is going to give you all the information you need, in order to make an informed decision on this instant slimming product.


The Kymaro New Body Shaper is an As Seen on TV product that emerged as the main competition for Spanx. It enhances posture and creates a feminine shape for the wearer, yet the fabric is breathable enough so that it never gets too hot wearing it. It is safe to wash, can be worn underneath any type of clothing and will instantly do away with bulges, bumps, and rolls of fat. It is particularly useful for women trying to conceal excess loose skin, caused by giving birth or massive weight loss.

Kymaro Workout

Reasons to Buy the Kymaro New Body Shaper

  • It is far more affordable than similar products

The camisoles produced by Spanx, the main competitor for the Kymaro New Body Shaper, sell for $44 to $198, compared to the measly $29.99 that you can purchase the Body Shaper for. Additionally, as one Kymaro New Body Shaper review states, the products are also available through chain stores across the country. These days, the product can also be purchased online, for the same, reduced price mentioned above. Online buyers may even become eligible for discounts on other products in the same range, such as Kymaro’s New Bottom Shaper and the Kymaro Cami.

  • It will instantly make you look thinner

Remember that dress you purchased for ‘thinspiration’, but never got around to wear? Those pants you were going to lose 10 lbs for? That wonderful top, which unfortunately showed off all your rolls and bulges? You can now enjoy wearing all of them, with the Kymaro New Body Shaper.

  • It’s seamless

The issue with many other girdles is that they’re not produced with actual clothing in mind. As such, when worn, they tend to show off all the unsightly sewing marks, wires, hooks, and bones. This is not the case with the Kymaro New Body Shaper, which pulls off the seamless look perfectly. It can be safely worn underneath sheer and figure-hugging clothing, irrespective of whether you’re going for a casual, or a formal look.

  • kymaro-new-body-shaper-review02The back is reinforced for support

Esthetic reasons aside, another Kymaro New Body Shaper review says the product is great for people with chiropractic health issues. The buyer was not allowed to wear any form of back support, as their doctor did not want the patient’s back muscles to become weak. With the Body Shaper, which comes with criss-cross back support, this is simply not an issue.

  • It doesn’t create a flat chest effect

Many underclothing items designed to support the upper body squash the breasts. Not only does this create an unsightly effect, but it’s also not very healthy for the breast tissue. The Kymaro New Body Shaper comes with straps that fit snugly under the breasts, thus providing them support and allowing the wearer to enjoy a certain degree of freedom.

  • It’s made out of great fabric

The fabric is breathable and durable. It can be safely washed, without having to worry that the fabric will become looser with time.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

  • The sizing might be a bit off

One Kimaro New Body Shaper review author notes that she ordered the product in her usual size and got a product that was too small to fit. Upon exchanging it with a larger size, she received a Body Shaper that was too large. Fit might vary according to build.

  • It will not work for the extremely overweight

While many a Kymaro New Body Shaper review says the product is fine for dealing with excess skin and a bit of a bulge here and there, it does have its limitations. For those who expect to slim down by several sizes, even if they are currently overweight, weight loss and exercising programs are probably a more appropriate solution.kymaro-new-body-shaper-review03

The Verdict

The Kymaro New Body Shaper is a good product, which helps women who wear it feel more comfortable with their own bodies. It will enhance the way clothes fit and also help with posture. To boot, it’s a very affordable and durable product, with a long-standing lifespan.


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