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instabulb-review01What do you do when you need to light up a space but have absolutely no solution to installing one the proper way, with wiring and the help of an electrician? Normally, you would be in quite a lot of trouble, since there’s no way to achieve such a feat. Luckily, in comes the stick-on Instabulb battery operated light fixture from Spark Innovators. As our Instabulb review will try to determine, the product’s makers claim that this household item can produce light just about anywhere, with no effort whatsoever. All you need to do is purchase the two-pack set, slide the light bulb in, and turn it on by the pull of a chord.


The main features of the Instabulb As Seen on TV product are the fact that it works instantly, requires no hardware or professional interventions, and can be installed anywhere. This being the case, the producers claim, the Instabulb is a far cheaper alternative to just about any similar products on the market. The light fixture consists of a 40 watt bulb which never heats up excessively and can always be touched safely with one’s bare hand. Should it fall to the floor, the Instabulb is guaranteed not to shatter, which makes it safe for use in the rooms of children, as well as in rooms to which pets have access. According to the infomercial, the Instabulb can be put in under stairs and cabinets, in attics, basements, closets, garages, and just about anywhere else where you need to shed some light. The easy installation process simply requires removing the paper off the adhesive side of the bulb and sticking it to the desired surface. The Instabulb works with four regular AA batteries, which are not included in the pack.

Reasons to Buy the Instabulb

–          It has a long lifespan

One online Instabulb review says the device can last for a long time, although this generally depends on the length of time for which it is left on. According to the same user, one of their products lasted for as long as two years and even more.

–          It is easy to install

Nearly all those who bought and reviewed the Instabulb on the Internet confirmed that the installation of the device is as easy as indicated in the infomercial. All the user needs to do is remove the paper on the adhesive surface and slide it in.

–          It can be used with a plug adapter

Although this rather defeats the initial claim, that the Instabulb needn’t be plugged in, the option of purchasing an adapter for it (sold separately, for $8.95 + $4.95 shipping costs) does address the issue of running out of batteries. It’s important to know that the Instabulb will lose its warranty if used with any other kind of adapter than the one sold by its producers.instabulb-review02

–          It’s affordable

As explained by one Instabulb review, the product’s quality is fair, when one considers its very low price.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

–          It eats up a lot of batteries

There is more than just one Instabulb review out there which says the product will consume a massive amount of batteries. One buyer claims his batteries ran out in under an hour. Although this claim might be exaggerated, others bring some truth to it, by stating that they have ran through eight AA batteries in a single week, by only leaving the light on for one hour.

–          Its pull switches can come with issues

We found not one Instabulb review, but several online, which explained that their product had been delivered with a faulty pull switch cord, making it virtually impossible to use. The same buyers claimed they wanted to return the product, but found the procedure of returning it far too complicated and costly to be worth the trouble, considering the product’s initial price.

–          It doesn’t generate enough light

instabulb-review03One Instabulb review said four such items were required to bring a decent amount of light to a very small closet. Another review likened the light produced by one device with the light of a single Christmas candle.

The Verdict

The conclusion of our Instabulb review is that you might be better off abstaining from the purchase of this product, unless you can plug it in and make do with very low lighting. If not, you should probably consider a traditional solution for lighting up small, dark spaces.


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