Heat Surge Review

heat-surge-review03This Heat Surge review aims to explore whether or not the Amish crafted heater is worth the money, given its qualities. It explores several issues taken against the heater’s manufacturers, but also takes a close look at the product’s aspect, its claims at saving the buyers money, and its efficiency in heating up the rooms inside a house. If the thought of buying an electric heater that looks like a fire place appeals to you, read on to find out whether or not this particular device is worth it.


As mentioned by many another Heat Surge review, this product is also known as ‘the Amish Heater’. That’s because the producers were adamant to make it clear that the heaters’ cabinets are all handmade by the Amish community. It’s not a bad selling point, considering it attracted a lot of support from consumer advocates, as well as from buyers who specifically purchased this product, as a show of support for the Amish. Indeed, it seems this claim is true, but there is at least one Heat Surge review out there which claims the cabinet isn’t that well made after all.heat-surge-review01

The heater is small (2 feet tall and 2.5 feet wide) and comes with two power levels (750 watts and 1,500 watts, respectively). The front of the heater displays faux flames, which are lit up by two bulbs. There are also fake logs inside, in order to best emulate a traditional fire place. The cabinet is set up on wheels and the device can be controlled through a remote.

Reasons to Buy the Heat Surge

–          It’s remote controlled

The remote control system will allow you to alter most of the settings of the Heat Surge Roll-n-Glow from a distance. You can change the power, the thermal output, and you can even make the flames less bright.

–          It’s easy to move

Although most reviews of the device are focused on its claim to save money, the one Heat Surge review focusing on the product’s features that we found highly praised the ease with which it can be transported from one place to the next. That’s because the cabinet is set up on wheels, but also because the space heater itself doesn’t take up that much space.

–          It’s life-like

As seen on TV products for the home can be controversial. But the producers of the Heat Surge Roll-n-Glow invested a lot of attention to detail into making the heater look like an actual, real-life fireplace. We think their efforts paid off and that the end result looks as much as a fireplace as it possibly could have. The fake flames look attractive when the heater is turned on and the glow it radiates is a pleasant addition to any room.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

–          It doesn’t come with a thermostat

As one Heat Surge online review has noticed, you can’t adjust the temperature to finer degrees, since the device doesn’t come with a thermostat. This makes it rather awkward to use, as it either tends to overheat or to under-heat the rooms in which it is placed, depending on their size.

–          It doesn’t actually save the buyers money

heat-surge-review02A lot of importance is placed in the Heat Surge infomercials on the fact that the product can save buyers money. However, according to another Heat Surge review, this claim isn’t exactly supported by the facts. Even though the device is made in China and comes in a relatively small size, it’s similarly priced to other products in its category. In other words, buyers might opt for a different electric fireplace which would cost them just about the same, but generate more heat – perhaps even warming up several rooms at a time. To boot, since it can only be purchased directly from its producer, it can end up running high shipping costs.

The Verdict

The conclusion of our Heat Surge review has more to do with the company that manufactures the device than with the heater itself. While the issue of affordability does put an dampen on an otherwise quality product, it’s important to note that the process of returning the device is complicated, time-consuming and costly. There have been hundreds of complaints filed against the producers of the Heat Surge for this reason, so make sure you weigh your options carefully before selecting this particular space heater.

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