Greenwash Ball Review

greenwash-ball-review01Have you ever gone through the pain of carrying all your due laundry to the laundry room, only to discover that, to your great dismay, you are fresh out of detergent? Not only is this annoying, but it also brings up the issue of cost: detergent isn’t exactly the cheapest thing to buy these days. The Greenwash Ball promises to clean your laundry with absolutely no detergent. According to the producers, the ball contains natural ceramics, which bounce around during the washing process and automatically increase the pH levels in the water, thus cleaning your laundry with absolutely no need for adding detergent. Our Greenwash Ball review looks at the experience of customers that have purchased the device and tested it, in hopes of finding out if it actually works.


The Greenwash Ball is available for sale online and can be purchased on Amazon, for only $6.99. It is marketed as an environmentally-friendly product, since it makes no use of detergents. Detergents contain some chemical ingredients, which are potentially harmful for the environment. The Greenwash Ball, on the other hand, activates a natural principle, which allegedly helps clean clothes. It also has a textured surface, which claims to loosen up the dirt accumulated into the fabric. The producers claim each ball can be used for up to 1,000 laundry loads, but we’ve found no Greenwash Ball review to confirm this figure. Each set contains two balls.

Reasons to Buy the Greenwash Ball

–          It saves moneygreenwash-ball-review02

By not having to buy detergent every other couple of months, many users found they could efficiently save money. The Greenwash Ball will not show any signs of deterioration, even after prolonged usage, according to at least one Greenwash Ball review we found online.

–          Works well with light stains

There is at least one user who claims the ball works very well for removing light stains off of clothes. One more enthusiastic buyer says it even helped remove pet odor from a mat, thereby turning him from a skeptic into a ‘believer’.

–          Can be used to reduce detergent consumption

A Greenwash Ball review that is more on the skeptical side explains that, while they gave up on using the ball by itself, it still helped them use less detergent than before. Other users, which employ the ball alone, add scented pellets in the wash, to make clothes smell fresh.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

–          It’s not scented

One Greenwash Ball review explains that it’s virtually impossible to tell if the device actually works, since the clothes don’t come out smelling ‘clean’ from the washer. In other words, unlike with detergent, which lends a certain perfume to the wash load, the Greenball will not make your clothes smell like anything at all. Some users complain that after using nothing but the ball for a while, their clothes and laundry start ‘stinking’.

–          Users can’t tell if it works or not

greenwash-ball-review03One disappointed user says that all the positive reviews are probably based on first experiences, when there was still some detergent left in the washer from previous loads. Most agree that it’s difficult to tell whether or not the Greenwash Ball actually cleans clothes or not, especially if they are put in the laundry when already relatively clean.

The Verdict

The conclusion of this Greenwash Ball review is that opinions on the product are mixed. It is definitely favored by those who live thriftily and care to save money, as well as by environmentalists, on the lookout for alternatives to making their own cleaning and household supplies. However, its efficiency cannot be really tested or evaluated by average users and would require some more thorough scientific research.

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