GoGo Pillow Review

gogo-pillow-review01The GoGo Pillow is an As Seen On TV product available both at their website, as well as at your nearby stores such as Bed, Bath, & Beyond or Walmart and it represents more than just a pillow, its combined functions including tablet holding (for both using as a standalone or as a small TV hung on the headrest for those in the backseats to enjoy), as travel pillow and backpack. Provided with multiple pockets and designed from a soft material, the GoGo pillow comes as a good solution for those in need of using their tablets at home or while travelling by car, while it can easily turn into a neck and head support for those looking for comfort during long trips. This GoGo Pillow review will focus on the product’s features and consumer’ reports in order to find out if it is as good as it sounds.


The GoGo Pillow comes in six colors and at least three main uses: a tablet stand for home, as you can place the pillow at any angle, thus allowing you to use it or watch a video comfortably in your couch, a travel tablet – stand, as it can be hung on the head rest for the pleasure of those in the back and, if it doesn’t hold any mobile device, it can be turned into a travel pillow very useful when riding by bus, car, train and even airplane. The main purpose of the product is to ensure a comfortable use of an iPad or any type of tablet while in motion, as the sockets allow it to safely hold the device in place without being thrown around the car, while the softness of the pillow itself, the material and the design make the pillow a good traveling companion and support. One of the main features of the GoGo Pillow is that it has easy and fast access to a power cord or a set of headphones when necessary. The most appealing feature of this product for the customers who bought it is the possibility to built in a car TV out of the pillow and a tablet and keep the kids in the back entertained and patient, especially long – hour family trips.

Reasons to Buy the GoGo Pillow

–          It is very practical

gogo-pillow-review02Users who bought and used the product speak about its versatility and usefulness in their GoGo Pillow reviews, as both a home tablet stand – one that is comfortable to hold in your lap, on your knees or on the coffee table in front of you – and a reversible car TV holder, as it can keep a tablet safe enough to be hung on the front headrest to become a miniature cinema for those in the back seats. Others appraised its plush cover material and its flexibility of becoming a head and neck support travel pillow that proved its utility especially in plane trips across country.

–          It is easy to use

Many customers feared that being a multi – tasking product, they will meet difficulties in using correctly all the sockets and pockets and make use of the features, but the GoGo proves itself very intuitive and easy to transform from one thing to another.

–          It has special features that always come in handy

Besides from being a tablet stand, the GoGo is provided with elastic bands capable to hold still and keep safe not only the tablet, but other mobile devices, such as a GPS or a smartphone. Due to the elastic stripes, it can also be used as a backpack, especially for children and since it has quite an unique design, powering up a mobile device or connect headphones to it is very easy.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

Some customers that provided a GoGo Pillow review drew the attention regarding the size of the tablet the GoGo allegedly holds in place even during car travels, as tablets vary in sizes and weight. Users who bought the item didn’t complain about the pillow not being able to hold smaller models of iPads or Android tablets, as the bands are elastic and expandable, however, they met some fixing problems when it came to cell phones and Kindle devices, small enough to not perfectly fit in the sockets – not deep enough to hold a Kindle Fire for instance. Another concern was about the devices heating up while buried in the pillow, especially if plugged. Reviewers admitted that tablets seemed to get hot quite fast, but this wasn’t perceived as a problem, as the devices cool down right after they are removed from the pillow – stand. Nobody claimed damages inflicted to the digital devices due to the pillow stand.

gogo-pillow-review03The Verdict

The general conclusion of this particular GoGo Pillow review is that it is a useful multi-purpose item, particularly usable during car rides and long trips, as it can hold in place safely a tablet, for both the front seat passenger aiding the driver with directions (while checking maps on the tablet comfortably placed in their lap) and the back seat passengers who can watch a video, listen to music or browse the Internet. Reviewers consider it a great purchase choice as it is easy to use and maintain and because it can be used as both a tablet stand and a travel pillow, they consider it as a luggage – friendly product and a worthy companion during long trips.


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