EZ Moves Furniture Moving System Review

EZ Moves Furniture Moving System1The EZ Moves Furniture Moving System is an As Seen on TV product that you can purchase from the manufacturer’s website, online specialized stores, local stores and also from Amazon. It is a household device aimed at streamlining your environment. It has been created and built in order to help every house occupant to move the furniture in the house easily due to the sliding system and the furniture lift without much effort. The lifter and the 8 additional furniture slides allow people to move any furniture piece even on carpeted surfaces or hard surface floors. This EZ Moves Furniture Moving System review aims to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of owning such furniture moving systems and a general verdict on why it should be bought or not.


The furniture moving system consists in a lifter said to give a person 10 times their natural strength, together with 8 furniture sliders that make the process easier, even on floors that are provided with heavy carpets or present hard surfaces. It is advertised as a Do It Yourself 2 in 1 furniture moving system that is useful whenever one desires to lift and move heavy furniture around the house for cleaning, renovation and even moving purposes. It is also intended for women – no need for a man to push around the couch in the living room or struggle with the refrigerator to clean behind it. According to the manufacturer, anybody of any strength can easily move any type of furniture without effort or support.

Reasons to buy the EZ Moves Furniture Moving System

–          Only if you live alone and there is really nobody else who can help you

Users who bought this product and at least one online EZ Moves Furniture Moving System review mention that in truth, there is the need for at least two people to finish the operation, as one of them lifts and the other to place the pads, but in desperate cases when one really needs to move by himself or herself the furniture, the system works.

–          Only if you have very few and light carpetsEZ Moves Furniture Moving System2

The product is designed and marketed as being able to move any type of heavy furniture on hard surfaces and on carpets, but many users admitted the sliding system isn’t what they expected, especially when they had to move large objects, such as dressers or beds over carpets. However, if the floor is free or the carpets can be removed, the sliding system functions within the limitations of the furniture’s heaviness and shape.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

The device has been tested by the customers who bought it. Despite the efficiency marketed around this product, a woman who used it by herself admitted she could lift and slide a heavy couch, but she agreed that would have been better for her to wait for her husband to come home, as the time period she needed to lift, slide and put everything back again was significantly larger than the time she would have spent in two people did the same things together the classic way. The other major concern almost every buyer mentioned is that this product comes way more expensive than advertised if bought directly from the manufacturer’s site and there are very few and confusing regulations protecting the customers when it comes to exactly what are the costs of the product, the policy of reimbursements or the flawed communication with the customer service department. Many concerns revolve around the fact that there are other similar products on the market that do the same job and even better, at much affordable prices. Regarding the quality of the product itself, some consumers complained about the lifter and the slides breaking apart after a few uses, while others are concerned that this system works well with lighter pieces of furniture, as heavy objects like dressers, bookcases or refrigerators still need some serious efforts and an extra pair of hands.

EZ Moves Furniture Moving System3The Verdict

Taking into account all users’ perspectives on the product, the verdict of this EZ Moves Furniture Moving System review cannot be truly positive, but there are some options to get what people really want. As long as the product keeps its current features and there are no remedies in the online purchase system, consumers will prefer to call in a spouse, a friend or a neighbor to help them move the furniture, even if it is meant to single women or even elders.

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