Dreamie Fleece Camping Blanket with Travel Bag Review

1Wanting to travel inside country or abroad, people usually confront themselves with the issue of having too many sleeping bags which are undoubtedly practical and useful, but sometimes are just too voluminous. On the other hand, a chilly winter evening in the house may make us want to wrap ourselves in a blanket while watching TV or get a little warmer when we go to bed at night.

Dreamie Fleece Camping Blanket With Travel Bag is an As Seen On TV product available on Amazon that aims to answer our calls for both warmth and comfort, but more importantly, for traveling and packing light. It is designed as a sleeping bag, but the material has the thickness of a cozy fleece flannel, thus being just right for being used as a cocoon during the cold season. We will take a step forward and in our Dreamie Camping Blanket with Travel Bag review we’ll explore if it’s as good as everybody says it is.


The Dreamie Fleece Cocoon comes together with a Pillow Pouch and Carry Case, all made from the same fluffy, comfortable material that is thick enough to keep you warm, but thin and light enough to fit perfectly in the pouch and getting the size of a melon. The pouch is almost weightless and the opening flat is large enough to fit in a standard pillow. It is washable and holds very well the light heat of a dryer.

Reasons to buy the Dreamie Fleece Camping Blanket With Travel Bag

–          You are the cold type

If you count yourself among the ones who always need an extra layer or two during the winter, no matter how warm it is in the house, this cocoon is of great help during those moments when you don’t move enough to keep yourself warm: sitting on the couch watching TV, reading in bed, spend a comfortable evening talking with friends and family. It is also great for chilly evenings in the mountain, if you want to keep yourself safe from the high altitude breeze while spending a beautiful moment on the porch.

–          You travel a lot

If you are the traveling type that goes many places with unexpected weather conditions, this Dreamie is for you: keeps you warm enough and fits and airplane standard of luggage weight.

–          Children / teenagers travel a lot too

2Be it summer / winter camping, studying abroad, a visit to the grandparents or a sleep over at a friend’s house, the Dreamie can accompany them virtually anywhere.

–          It is affordable

The quality / price balance in this product’s case makes it a real good investment on a long term.

Consumers’ issues and concerns

One of the main concerns regarding this product expressed in a Dreamie Camping Blanket with Travel Bag review was the quality of the material. To everybody’s surprise, the Dreamie Fleece Camping Blanket With Travel Bag is of a higher quality than even expected, as it is not only soft and fluffy, but it is indeed warm. Without granting it the full qualities of a real sleeping bag, it won’t keep you free from freezing if you sleep outside in the forest on a chilly night, but it is advertised as a cocoon blanket and from this point of view, it is perfect.

Another concern expressed by consumers was the Dreamie Blanket’s life span, as since it is recommended for traveling, it also needs cleaning, handing, packing and unpacking. It seems that an average of 2 years of frequent use isn’t visible at all, and if washed properly the cocoon blanket doesn’t lose it qualities in material or functionality.

The size is an interesting matter as it should fit even tall (or chubby) people and it does an excellent job at it. Some might have felt covered head to toe, but nobody complained the blanket to be too short or too narrow not to comfortably host anyone.3

How warm makes you feel, exactly, consumer asked. Now if you need just a bit of extra warmth, it will provide it with no problems. In heavy winter nights, it is probably better to slip into it and cover yourself with another blanket. It won’t replace a real professional sleeping bag though.

The Verdict

There are few people who were not pleased with this product, and that mostly happened due to unfortunate accidents or manufacturing flaws. The general verdict of our Dreamie Camping Blanket with Travel Bag review is a wholeheartedly positive one, as the Dreamie will fit any house and any type of person or child. It is a high quality product with high quality features.

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