Depil Silk Hair Remover Review

depil-silk-hair-removal-review01The Depil Silk Hair Remover Review is an As Seen On TV cosmetic product that any woman dreamed about at least once in her life time, if not every time she had to get a classic bikini wax. What gives this product its novelty feature is that it is a spray, not a cream and not a cold-wax band and our Depil Silk Hair Remover Review will try to find out if it really works exactly as it says it does.


The Depil Silk Hair Remover pack, available on Rock Bottom Deals, contains six boxes, each of them consisting in two products: one Depil Silk Spray hair remover (4 OZ) and one Facial Hair Remover (0.3 OZ), while being altogether repack shelf pulls. The goal of the product is to help women get rid of unwanted hair on their legs, armpits, arms and bikini line without having to endure a classic painful waxing session, make use of shaving blades or use depilation cream. Given the fact that it takes only five minutes to remove all extra-hair without having negative effects on the skin (irritation, rash, itches), but on the contrary, leaving the skin soft and silky, the product appealed to many women, especially since it comes together with a facial hair remover that has a cooling effect and a fresh enjoyable scent.

Reasons to buy the Depil Silk Hair Remover Pack

  • It is fast, clean and effective

How many times, as a woman, you found yourself in the situation of having to go out, wear a dress or a sleeveless top and not being depilated properly? Consumers who bought and used the product admitted that they managed to be ready for a party or even an intimate date with their partner without having to concern about depilation, as it took only five minutes to solve the problem. Reviewers also appraised the effectiveness of removing facial hair in an instant without having the usual post-waxing skin marks, but felt also cooled down and refreshed. The procedure implies no touch and no messy leftovers, as women using the product only had to spray the hairy area and then wipe it clean with a tissue or a cloth.

  • It smells great

depil-silk-hair-removal-review02Whoever used some depilation crèmes always complaint of the cream’s smell, highly chemical. The Depil Silk Hair Remover spray leaves behind a refreshing cucumber and melon aroma those reviewers enjoyed very much.

  • It doesn’t affect the skin

Unlike many other depilation products, reviewers admitted that the Depil Silk Hair Remover leaves the skin clean and fresh. Being designed with a vitamin enriched moisturizing lotion, the skin doesn’t suffer from chemical burns.

  • It is efficient also for the bikini area

One concern that strolled women’s minds was that the spray might not be effective for removing the bikini area hair, as it tends to have stronger roots only waxing could get rid of. Some reviewers however stated that the spray does it job well even in those areas, even if it had to pass more than five minutes to reach its full potential. On a brighter side, given the sensitivity of the area, some reviewers were perfectly happy with waiting more than 5 minutes, but obtaining a rash and irritation – free skin afterwards.

  • It is effective for men too

Some men tried the product and were pleased to find out that it works for them as well. It may not compensate for beard shaving, but they felt satisfied with the hair removal from armpits and inguinal areas.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

depil-silk-hair-removal-review03Some of the concerns we saw in another online Depil Silk Hair Removal review included the effectiveness of hair removal where hair has deep and strong roots or it is hard to handle. While some reviewers openly admitted that even waxing have failed in some cases, as it left hair roots still buried in or irritating skin marks, others felt completely satisfied by the product’s features, especially by the time spent to get the results and its highly practical added value: small and portable, it was a good companion on holidays, spontaneous and unprepared trips, last – minute party or event attending. Men, although reluctant about the product’s efficiency, stated that the product worked at least within some boundaries imposed by their genetic make-up. It won’t replace shaving, but the male reviewers admitted the product was a good help in times of need. Some of the reviewers were concerned about the amount of time passing between the depilation and the hair growing back, but a final conclusion couldn’t be reached, as it depends mostly on every person’s metabolism and genetics.

The Verdict

Bottom line for this Depil Silk Hair Remover review is that the product works if you need a fast depilation and a risk – free one, namely post-depilation irritations or rashes. Reviewers consider that without a doubt, the spray removes hair efficiently and is a good choice in cases of emergency, in case somebody missed their regular waxing session and during vacations or trips.


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