Comfy Gel Cushion Review

comfy-gel-cushion-review01The Comfy Gel Seat Combination Cushion is an As Seen On TV product that may change the life of any person spending most of their time sitting in an office chair for a prolonged period of time or driving for miles on a regular basis. Available on BedBathHome, our Comfy Gel Cushion Review will try to figure out if this revolutionary cushion really has the positive effects upon people’s health and comfort.


The Comfy Gel Seat Combination Cushion is built to alleviate the stress and pain inflicted on someone’s back, spine and muscles while sitting for in the same place for many hours or driving regularly. It features three layers designed to optimally distribute a person’s weight while sitting.

The superior layer is made out of foam, quite rigid in appearance, but comfortable while sitting on it and has the property of absorbing the shock of people’s weight or even the car bumps that are quite unavoidable during long trips. The third – bottom layer is the same foam – type coating which allows absorption of shocks coming from a vertical, down – up trajectory.

The middle layer represents the highlight of the product, as it is a very dense, very thick gel structure that equally distributes weight and shock so that the one who sits down for a longer period of time doesn’t feel the usual back, lower back and hip muscle and bone pressure. The gel layer also allows a person to feel less pain in the coccyx area.

Reasons to buy the Comfy Gel Seat Combination Cushion

  • It can relieve you from back pains

People who used this cushion admitted that after a while, they felt less tortured by the pains insinuating with little chance of going away every day after some hours of sitting down at the office. People working on computers as part of their jobs have little time or opportunities to stretch their legs or their backs during the day and many complain about uncomfortable positions and a lot of distress felt at the lower back level, shoulders, neck and head. Using this cushion and having the possibility to have their weight correctly distributed shows that even those suffering from pre-existent spondylosis feel much better while sitting down for long hours.

  • Absorbs car shocks

comfy-gel-cushion-review02People who are bound to drive daily, either because it is their job nature or just live far from their work place tend to feel more and more stressed about sitting down and being aggressed by all the possible bumps in the road which end up reflecting in coccyx and lowe back pains, superior shoulder muscle pains and even neck and headaches. Those who permanently installed the Comfy Gel Seat Combination Cushion on their drive seat experienced less painful road shocks and ultimately less driving discomfort.

  • It is practical and easy to use

The cushion is provided with a full machine washable cover made of a very soft material that is temperature friendly, as it keeps warm in cold days and cool in hot days. Having an optimal size, it can be used not only in the office or in the car, but taken everywhere, from people’s own living rooms, to the stadium, cinema and even restaurants provided with rigid wooden chairs. People using the cushion found a lot other great uses for it, adorning garden benches with a number of such cushions for a more pleasurable sitting in open air or even leaning their backs against it for a comfortable sit in front of the TV.

Consumer issues and concerns

One customer Comfy Gel Cushion review drew attention upon the fact that after prolonged using, the gel layer in the middle can wear off and get deformed, thus annulling the cushion’s main feature. Other reviewers cleared the matters by stating that gel, as a material, is flexible and not submitted to physical modifications due to prolonged using and body pressure, thus the cushion’s features remain unchanged even after sustained, extended sitting.

The Verdict

comfy-gel-cushion-review03Gathering together every single Comfy Gel Cushion review available online, the logical conclusion that can be drawn is that the Comfy Gel Seat Combination Cushion does work well for people having to sit down daily for a significant number of hours. Although it is inevitable to feel discomfort while driving, even on perfectly built roads without obstacles or all sort of bumps, the cushion alleviates bottom, back and neck stress. Another plus point was given to the product by those customers who found it very easy to keep it clean and maintained, so all in all, the gel cushion deserves a try, especially by those suffering from constant back pains due to their constraint of sitting down extensively.


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