CitiKitty Review

citikitty-review01The CittiKitty is an As Seen on TV product that any cat owner must have dreamed of, at some point during their feline companionship-filled days. It is a training seat to be used on any regular toilet, aimed at teaching cats how to pee in the bathroom. In this CitiKitty review, we try to figure out if it actually works.


The CittiKitty kit includes the training seat, several interchangeable rings, to be fitted at the bottom of the seat, as the process of training the cat progresses, a guide for training the cat, a set of tip cards, and cat treats. The treats are meant to be used as rewards, as the cat learns to use the CittiKitty. At first, there is no hole at the bottom of the seat and the cat simply uses the device as they would a normal litter box. Disposable kitty litter is required in this stage. Once the cat has been taught to use the seat, the owner can remove the first ring at the bottom, and then gradually enlarge the hole. Once the hole has been made more ample, it is impossible to make it smaller once more.

Reasons to Buy the CitiKitty

  • It can completely eliminate cat litter from your life

There is more than one raving CitiKitty review out there. Many cat owners say their feline got the gist right away and required virtually no training to start using the device. Since their cats switched to using the toilet, the smell, litter, and refuse magically disappeared and were literally flushed down the toilet. Other owners report having to spend a few days or even weeks to get the cat to understand what it needs to do.

  • The product has good customer service

Most people who bought the CitiKitty and either had trouble figuring out how to use it, or even wanted to return it, say customer service was friendly and prompt. Only a handful mention coming across problems in this department.

  • It is more affordable than similar products

Some reviewers have compared the CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit with the Litter Kwitter. However, the latter product is far more expensive than the Walmart-available CitiKitty. The Litter Kwitter also cannot promise you that you will see instant, consistent results – or any results at all.

  • It’s effectivecitikitty-review03

Despite doubts and the amendment that some cats might refuse to use the product at all, most CitiKitty reviews are positive. They say that, with some degree of effort on the part of the owner in terms of time spent on training, the product can work. Many say their cats use the seat, even if many don’t do so all the time.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

One CitiKitty review notes that, should the cat regress to an earlier stage in the process, the rings at the bottom cannot be reattached, therefore making the device rather useless. Other reviewers say that it’s not all that easy to make the holes in the first place, but this can be accomplished through the use of any regular pocket knife – it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. The bigger problem is that there simply is no way to know whether or not the device will work for you and your cat. Ideally, you should spend some time teaching, training, and rewarding the cat for using it. Also, it’s best if the cat can use a toilet that no one else in the household is using, at least during the initial stage. That’s because some cats will not like sharing their toilet with a human, while some humans won’t be too keen on sharing either. Both requirements can be difficult to pull off for some homeowners.citikitty-review02

The Verdict

The best conclusion we could find about this product comes from another CitiKitty review: “Bottom line, it’s not just the product. It’s your cat and your dedication.” The product can and does work, according to many of those who have tried it. However, be informed that there’s no way of knowing beforehand whether or not your cat will like it. The CitiKitty does require some effort – aside from training, you need to buy flushable litter for the first few times of use. What’s more, the product isn’t too sturdy, which makes it difficult for older cats to use it. But, all in all, if you’re willing to chance it, CitiKitty looks like it’s got good odds at success.


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