Chef Basket Review

chef-basket-review01The Chef Basket is a self-described ‘cooking dynamo’, which, according to the product’s infomercial, can be used in dozens of different ways for cooking. It allegedly works as a steamer, a colander, and a deep frying basket, to name but a few of its functions. Now, this here Chef Basket review is going to try to see what other reviewers have had to say about the product, and then conclude whether or not the Chef Basket is all it’s cracked up to be, as its producers claim.


The Chef Basket is, in a nutshell, a collapsible, foldable wire mesh basket, which can be used in a wide range of different ways, for cooking purposes. It can be used in a frying pan or a pot, in boiling water or sizzling hot oil. It can be used as a pasta colander, to transfer noodles from the pot into your plate, or it can fry your chicken drumsticks or pounds of potatoes that you want to serve fried at the family dinner. The infomercial, as well as more than one Chef Basket review we found online, only mentioned several functions – the ‘dozens’ did not quite add up. However, it’s safe to say that the Chef Basket is a multi-functional cooking device – a new addition to an already expanding market niche, which focuses on functionality in the kitchen. Once used, the Chef Basket can be folded up, in order to be stored safely.

Reasons to Buy the Chef Basket

–          It doesn’t take up that much space

chef-basket-review02Given its light, wire mesh structure and clever design, the Chef Basket can be easily folded up and stored away. It doesn’t occupy that much space and will certainly not clutter your kitchen. It takes up about as much room as your average trey. Unlike other multi-functional cooking devices, it is not as big as a pot, or a frying pan, which also makes it rather easy to clean and manoeuver.

–          It’s a great steamer

One other Chef Basket review noted that the product is great for usage over a pot of boiling water, for those who prefer their food steamed. You can choose to steam vegetables and rice, if you are so inclined (and tend to favor the Asian cuisines). The Chef Basket can be safely affixed to the edge of the pot and left to steam over the water, with no concerns for the food burning or becoming too mushy.

–          It’s perfect as a colander

After all, one good look at the Chef Basket will tell you that’s just what it is: a mesh colander. As such, if you need a device in which you can easily rinse vegetables, fruit, or even some types of pasta, this one may be the solution you’ve been seeking. It’s easy to handle, thanks to its design, and can help you toss and turn the food under the stream of water, even without you ever getting your hands wet.


Consumer Issues and Concerns

–          It fits poorly in most pots

Although there is more than just one Chef Basket review out there to attest to its usefulness and efficiency in the kitchen, the truth is that the device will not fit in all pots. It is too big for some, and too small for others – a design flaw which undermines its claims at multi-functionality. Ideally, the Chef Basket should be adjustable, as to fit in as many types of pots and pans as possible.

–          It’s shoddily designed

The actual concept of the Chef Basket is not bad at all, but its construction leaves a lot to be desired. Some reviewers and users have found that the device will simply break when attempting to fold it. Others noticed that, after some usage with heavier food items, it will give in under their weight.

–          Its holes are too big

Perhaps the most relevant Chef Basket review online is a YouTube video, during which the tester attempts to cook pasta in the Chef Basket. The result? He stops mid-way, as he realizes that the holes in the mesh wiring are too big for the spaghetti he was trying to cook. His verdict: “If I can only cook rigatoni, this basket’s useless”.

chef-basket-review03The Verdict

The conclusion of this Chef Basket review is that, while the concept of the device is quite clever, the execution leaves a lot to be desired. Given the problems in design that the product displays, it can actually only be used with relative success to perform a couple of tasks in the kitchen – which pretty much defeats its very purpose for existence.


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