Eggies Egg Cooker

1This As Seen on TV kitchen product promises to be a simpler solution for making hard boiled eggs without the fuss of peeling their shells once they’re done, and without the frustration of realizing you can never peel them in a perfect shape. The point is that you just crack the egg while it’s still raw, pour it in the mold and cook it. After boiling, you’re supposed to just twist the shape to let the egg loose and enjoy perfectly-shaped boiled eggs for a variety of recipes. Let’s see if it’s as simple or efficient as it sounds.


The Eggies Egg Cooker is a set that contains tow plastic sides that come together to contain the eggs while boiling, then come off again to release them once they’re boiled. No need to concern yourself with peeling anymore and this seems to be the main point of the product. Since the eggs are added raw to the device, another interesting perk is that you can spice them or add a bit of various flavorings from the cooking stage. You can buy this kitchen gizmo on Amazon.

Reasons to Buy the Eggies Egg Cooker

It’s reasonably priced, looks fun to use together with kids to involve them in preparing dinner (and perhaps convince them to eat since they’ve played around a bit with preparing it) and it doesn’t hurt to give them a try. Another sensible thing to consider is that if you’re really busy or clumsy (like if you babysit or if you have some mobility issues that make egg peeling problematic), this is a very good reason to get this product to make your life easier. Perhaps another good reason to give the product a chance it that you may find yourself, at times, needing to cook a lot of hard boiled eggs at once for different dishes (Scotch eggs, deviled eggs, egg salad and so on) and simply don’t have the time or the patience to peel the shell off of all. Thus, using the Eggies Egg Cooker might just save you all that time and effort you would normally need.


Customer Issues and Concerns

This is where it gets a bit unpleasant, because there have been more than one slight malfunction reported about this product. Many people reported that the eggs may drip while cooking and come off in weird shapes because of it, that the time required to boil them is way longer than cooking them in the shell, or that the device is so difficult to clean that maybe it would have just been easier to peel those shells in the first place. Even worse, the yolk becomes mixed with the whites in some unappetizing threads and the device is far from being non-stick as the manufacturer claims. Quite a number of people are also cautious about the product being made from plastic as that may have potentially harmful health effects in combination with the high heat. Still, there were still a few customers who were satisfied with the Eggies Egg Cooker and said that overall it’s less messy than simply cooking eggs the traditional way. The bad news is that there are more unsatisfied customers than satisfied ones, so it would be safe to assume that the product isn’t really a success.

The Verdict

3You probably won’t cook eggs on a really industrial scale, and therefore you won’t need such a gadget more often than a rare once in a while. In the rest of the time, it will just occupy space in your already crowded cupboard, along with the rest of the kitchen gizmos that seemed like a good idea at some point. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t buy it, but perhaps just give it a very good and cold consideration before deciding. Do you really need another kitchen thingy like this one? If the answer is yes and you’re willing to turn a blind eye to all the potential glitches that others have complained about, then, by all means, give it a go. It wouldn’t be a complete waste of money, but we’re not enthusiastic about it either. Maybe a more satisfying alternative would be to turn to a kitchen appliance designed for cooking eggs, only a bit more expensive than this product and with far fewer issues.


Nostalgia Electrics Retro Snow Cone Machine Review

Nostalgia Electrics Retro Snow Cone Machine 1The Nostalgia Electrics Retro Snow Cone Machine is an As Seen on TV kitchen product available in the manufacturer’s online store and other specialized shops such as Nordstrom or Amazon, among others. It is a kitchen device that allows the user to have homemade snow cones, no matter the season, and to get creative with different types of syrups, colors and flavors. We will see in this Nostalgia Electrics Retro Snow Cone Machine review if this retro snow cone machine is as good and useful as it is said to be.


This good looking machine offers a family the chance to have snow cones at any moment in a day and during any season. The countertop kitchen appliance comes with stainless-steel ice-shaving blades which turns regular ice cubes into snow cones, provided one adds syrups and flavors. The design is retro-style and chic, but not lacked of functionality, as it is provided with a side tray to hold the cones, while the ice cube compartment is removable. The whole package includes two reusable plastic cones and the machine is easily operable and kept safe with the on/off button.

Reasons to buy the Nostalgia Electrics Retro Snow Cone Machine

–          It makes a great family kitchen appliance

Given its “nostalgic” and “retro” features, customers who bought and used the product found it to fit in perfectly within their family, as the design is friendly and pleasant, and the snow cones satisfy an entire family’s needs.

–          It is great for children’s parties

Having homemade snow cones no matter the season or the event makes the machine a great acquisition especially if parents want to surprise and spoil the children with special treats. However, some parents stated their children fell in love with the machine and use it on a daily basis, special occasion or not.Nostalgia Electrics Retro Snow Cone Machine 2

–          It is practical, efficient, easy to maintain

The machine is easy to use, practical and very easy to clean and maintain. The tray, the plastic cones, the removable ice cubes compartment makes it easy for the owner to start and finish snow cone making without much trouble. Even children can learn how to use it and make their own sweet desserts.

–          It is fun and interesting

The design itself is entertaining and many customers stated in more than a single Nostalgia Electrics Retro Snow Cone Machine review that it also makes a nice gift to offer or to receive. Small children seem to be the perfect audience and fans of the snow cones making process, while adults started complaining it can do too little in one round, when everybody wants many snow cones at once

–          It is safe to use

The on/off button and all the safety mechanisms make the Nostalgia Electrics Retro Snow Cone Machine a safe device for family and children use.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

Some customers complained about the poor functionality of this product, in terms of frailty and poor construction. Some stated that the blades shaving the ice cubes get broken and stop working after a few uses, while others have been making snow cones with the Nostalgia Electrics Retro Snow Cone Machine for a long time without facing any technical issue. There were complaints about the ice cubes getting stuck and clogged and the machine not working or registering construction defects on the tray, removable ice cube compartment and so on, but they are isolated cases. Although it was reported as being a little too noisy, the machine raised to the expectations of those in favor of using it. Some wish the side tray to be retractable when the machine is not in use, but this feature is not a negative point to the overall performances of the appliance.  

Nostalgia Electrics Retro Snow Cone Machine 3The Verdict

Taking into account all users’ perspectives on the product, the majority is very happy with this product. It was described as being wonderful for children, for entertaining guests at a party and even surprising them, with the benefit of having the possibility to create homemade ice cones in the preferred flavors of the family all day and all seasons. Many people appreciate the Nostalgia Electrics Retro Snow Cone Machine as a great gift idea, not only because it looks fun and interesting, but also because it is well received by friends and family members. Whatever technical problems you might face, make sure you insist on getting the problems solved, as it is not impossible.

WaxVac Ear Cleaner Review

WaxVac Ear Cleaner 1The WaxVac Ear Cleaner is an As Seen on TV product that you can purchase from online shops and local stores, including Ace Hardware or Amazon. This is a self grooming device meant to vacuum out was, moisture and debris deposited inside one’s years, as it uses a firm but gentle suction force that is marketed as beneficial and healthy for adults and children alike. This WaxVac Ear Cleaner review aims to discover if the product is as efficient as it is marketed.


The device offers a healthier alternative to Q-tips and all other ear cleaning improvisations, as it is based on sucking out and gently vacuuming the debris, wax, dirt and water in the ear instead of pushing it deeper inside, as the case with cotton swabs. This product comes together with silicone tips and brushes, is powered by AA batteries, is provided with a safety guard that prevents the tip to go too deep inside the ear and is also designed with an examining light on the tip which facilitates the cleaning process.

Reasons to buy the WaxVac Ear Cleaner

–          Only if you completely resent or avoid traditional methods

Users who bought this product consider it to be less effective than the more classical ways, even if they imply using Q-tips and peroxide.

–          Only if you have sensitive ears

Some people can’t indeed suffer the discomfort of cleaning their ears the old fashioned way or have restrictions on using cotton swaps inside their ears. The vacuum is perceived as low, not efficient and unable to properly remove wax, debris, dirt or water, but it is better in the lack of anything else.

–          It is good on children

Due to the examining light, parents can assess quickly an ear problem involving a wax accumulation, water and debris deposits inside their kids’ ears, if they have the proper knowledge and experience. Due to the safety guard making it impossible for the tip to push too deep inside, it is safe to use on the little ones without having too invasive effects.

–          Only if you use it as a controlling method

Users complaining about having serious accumulations of wax and moisture in their ears don’t feel this product is very helpful in their case, as more than just one WaxVac Ear Cleaner review attests. However, as a controlling alternative for those who generally don’t have such problems, the low vacuum power of the device is helpful as it keeps the clean area stay clean.WaxVac Ear Cleaner 2

Consumer Issues and Concerns

On testing its efficiency, the majority of users found it not to have beneficial results, as the vacuum power is low and the wax removal is not significant, if at all. Comparing the wax removal performed with the WaxVac Ear Cleaner and ear clean-ups done with Q tips or peroxide and cotton swabs, the cotton clearly was declared a winner of the competition.

Also, users claimed that the device emits a discomforting noise, while it is marketed as being quiet. However, many stated that if the product would have had the promised results, the noise would have been the least of their problems.

The weak aspiration, although non-invasive for adults and children alike is considered too weak for the product to be qualified as efficient or reliable to meet the consumers’ expectations. The issue of the examining light is also debatable as it becomes of a certain use only when somebody else assists with the wax vacuuming process. However, even if parents would look at the child’s ear or even adults using the light to examine a family member’s ear channel, the lack of expertise or proper diagnosing knowledge (something more than “there is wax in your ear”) makes the light a useless accessory.

WaxVac Ear Cleaner 3The Verdict

Altogether, the verdict of this WaxVac Ear Cleaner review is negative. Users reported low efficiency, poor results, products’ flaws and defect and a poor cost – efficiency balance. While a person has a hard time looking inside his or her own ear, the examining light comes for many as a futile accessory to inflate the price and even if it may be beneficial for parents to look inside their children’s ears, this should come together with solid knowledge and previous experience is evaluating if a child has indeed or not a wax problem, debris deposits or unhealthy moist. Since the vacuum does a low quality job, the recommendation is to find similar products that have positive reviews on the outcome and functionality.