Carhartt Men’s Suede Work Glove with Safety Cuff

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Men working with tools and dangerous materials, as well as those activating in industries featuring survival – like situations know very well that working gloves are not just useful items, but a necessity for them to do their job right while staying safe and efficient. And even if not all are stars in survival shows on TV, protecting their hands from danger while having all the flexibility and safety needed to finish a task is sometimes even more important. Such work gloves are an As Seen on TV product available on online specialized stores and also on Amazon. Today we will take a look at Carhartt Men’s Suede Work Glove with Safety Cuff and bring you a review in order to see if they are as good as advertised.


These aren’t your typical leather, rigid working gloves that will indeed keep you safe from developing all sorts of hands sores and bunions, but a novelty item made of soft, breathable cloth – a full cotton duck fabric which is water proof and wear and tear resistant, no matter how people use their hands. Moreover, the gloves are provided with side – vents, providing hand aeration and also leather reinforcements that protect the palms and knuckles. The cowhide knuckle protection is a feature very much appreciated by the users, not to mention that they successfully resist abrasions and hard work, such as railroad maintenance activities and snow plowing, being easily washable and coming in fitting sizes for all men to wear.

toolsReasons to Buy the Carhartt Men’s Suede Work Glove with Safety Cuff

–          They are water and tear resistant.

The gloves, maybe not able to being labeled immortal, have an impressive degree of resistance to wear, tear and abrasions. The combination of cotton duck cotton and the leather extra – protection make them safe to use in any given conditions, while they allow enough flexibility to the wearer for a strong grip of the tools or handling objects while keeping perfect motility of the hands.

–          The sizes fit all needs.

Maybe this sounds a bit superficial, but many men who bought these gloves appreciated the fact that they come in many sizes and they actually fit as described, in comparison to other similar working gloves that made it difficult for the users to fully enjoy a natural grip and full hand motility.

–          The quality – price balance is very good

The Carhartt Men’s Suede Work Glove with Safety Cuff come with a good price, matching the high quality of the product. Some users have bought them in the past and were very pleased to replace them after many years of extensive use.

Customer Issues and Concerns

According to some customers, there were some cases when the Carhartt Men’s Suede Work Glove with Safety Cuff came with fabrication flaws, such as poor seams that come apart after a few uses, but from what we gathered, these accidents are very rare. On the other hand, a few customers highlighted the fact that similar high quality gloves are available in specialized stores at similar or smaller prices and their quality is the same or even better.

The Verdict

carthart glovesOur Men’s Suede Work Glove with Safety Cuff review comes to the conclusion that this a very good product to use by those working in rough environments and industries and who need not only hand protection from working gloves, but also a product that allows natural hand grips on tools, fire logs, chains or construction materials, as well as a product that will keep the hands free from sweating and developing tears and soars. Given the extra protection given by the combination of cotton duck fabric and leather, as well as the water – proof feature, these working gloves are safe from wear, tear and abrasions themselves, as well as very protective with the user’s palms, knuckles and wrists. Another feature that enhances the positive conclusion drawn upon this product is that is easily washable and doesn’t lose its properties not even after prolonged use. The price is more than affordable, making the product very well balanced in quality and price. Another great feature mentioned by all users is that the sizes the gloves come in are suitable for any hand size. All in all, this product is worth a try if you need resistant, qualitative working gloves.

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