The Amazing Comfort Ahh Bra Review

amazing-comfort-bra-review01The Amazing Comfort Bra – AHH BRA is an As Seen on TV product available on online stores such as Boscov’s or even on Amazon and is often considered the best choice of bra for women who hate (or suffer less) this type of woman apparel. The Ahh Bra is created out of a soft material that lets the skin breathe and doesn’t let anything show under a dress or a blouse, having also the advantage of being comfortable, as it doesn’t inflict unnecessary pressure on the breasts or doesn’t keep the skin tight. It offers support and due to its design, it can be worn even with larger V – neck cleavage. The purpose of this Amazing Comfort Bra review is to take into account all the Ahh Bra’s features and users’ opinions and to find out if it is really as comfortable, easy to use, “invisible” and efficient as it looks like to be.


The Ahh Bra comes in all cup sizes and it is designed to offer the best support possible, competing even with professional sports bras. Its design also makes it wearable under more fancy outfits, such as dresses or V-neck blouses and it leaves no room for interpretation even if women choose to wear thinner (and sometimes transparent) layers of cloth, as it offers the same features of a classic bra. It also gives women a natural comfort as it doesn’t make movement uncomfortable no matter how intense motion is (at the gym, around the house, walking downtown or having to spend numerous hours walking from one place to another at the office) and, most importantly, they don’t leave unpleasant marks, sores or deep imprints on the skin, as some regular bras do. Sweat is also a problem resolved: one major issue with wearing bras in the hot summer is that they really affect and damage the skin due to perspiration. The Ahh Bra, being created out of a material that lets the skin breathe naturally, doesn’t cause prolonged wearing to become uncomfortable or even painful.

Reasons to buy the Ahh Bra

–          It is very comfortableamazing-comfort-bra-review02

Women who bought and wore the Ahh Bra mentioned the comfort it brought to them in more than just one Amazing Comfort Bra review. Users say it is light and easy to wear and by the middle of the day, they actually forgot they are wearing a bra under their clothes.

–          It is very practical

One Amazing Comfort Bra review says the product can successfully replace a classic bra and since it comes in nude and black colors, it can be worn with almost any type of colored blouse or dress. Moreover, the design allows the user to opt for larger cleavages, stay safe from sweating and wear it even in the gym, around the house and in the office. Many users claimed they even replaced their regular gym bras with this one, as it seems to offer much more support and comfort, while letting the skin to breathe.

–          It is more than affordable

In an online Amazing Comfort Bra review users that had ordered this bra also referred to its cost – productiveness balance, as being quite cheap, it offers numerous advantages to women uncomfortable or refusing to wear regular bras. The cheap price is also a buying factor for the ones who just needed a good replacement for a professional gym bra.

Consumer Issues and Concerns


Not everybody was happy with the Ahh Bra and women’s troubles revolve around two major points. The first one regards the front band which is a little bit wider than women expected and thus it tends to roll under the clothes. However, even if many women reported that their bands seem to roll, this isn’t something to bother them, as the aesthetics of a dress or an office shirt isn’t ruined by this aspect. Also, the rolled front band across the chest might inflict some pressure on the tissues and become uncomfortable at prolonged wear, but women didn’t mention this as being a trouble, on the contrary, many of them suggested that by bringing minor adjustments to their everyday look (while wearing the bra) turned out perfectly. The second issue concerns however, the fact that the bra isn’t fit for all women, due to the fact that some of them wear much larger bra cups than the average woman, for which the product was apparently created. The level of support was reported very low for women who wear double or triple C and D.

The Verdict

All in all the Ahh Bra is considered comfortable, easy to use, and adjustable to almost every need, time of day and occasion. Just as a dress model can’t be perfect for all women alive, this bra also comes with some disadvantages for women wearing C and D cups. However, the majority of Amazing Comfort Bra reviews spoke in favor of the bra, considering it not only useful, safe, fashionable and cheap, but also easy to maintain and keep, a worthy asset especially for those suffering the smallest consequences in pain and discomfort produced by the regular bras.

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