4 Reasons Why Kids Love the Slushy Magic

Some of the hottest trends among kids these days are frozen beverages, and that’s why there are at least 4 reasons why kids love the Slushy Magic device. This product can turn nearly any liquid into a frozen treat without the need for any complicated blending. Here are four reasons why kids and even adults love the product and the frozen beverages it creates.

It’s Fast

One of the biggest reasons kids love the product is due to just how quickly it works. Kids can remove the magic cubes from the freezer, place them in the Slushy Magic maker, add almost any liquid, and shake for a frozen treat that is ready in minutes. Unlike other slushy makers, you don’t have to wait for ice to be crushed or liquids to be blended. The magic cubes can be kept in the freezer between uses so they’ll always be ready to make another slushy.

It’s Easy

There aren’t many kitchen products that parents would feel comfortable letting their young children use, especially not a blender, but this product is safe and simple enough for almost any child to use. With the Slushy Magic there are no sharp blades involved, no ice to crush, and no messes to clean up. Everything is contained within one easy to clean cup and since there aren’t any large blender pitchers to clean, you can have a slushy anytime you want. If your kid knows how to pour and shake, they can use this product with ease.

It’s Delicious

Since the product can be used with essentially any liquid, your kids can take the flavorful beverages they already love and make them even tastier! From frozen lemonade to frozen chocolate milk, there isn’t much of anything that doesn’t taste better when it’s made into a slushy treat. The Slushy Magic is especially refreshing during the summer months when your kids will no doubt crave cold beverages to help cool down. It’s also a great way to get kids to drink fruit and vegetable juices they may not try otherwise.

It’s Fun

Lastly, the sheer fun of shaking and creating your own frozen beverage is fun for every member of the family. Since the slushy maker takes all of the frustration out of making a frozen drink, the only thing left to do is shake it up and enjoy! Not only is shaking up your own drink tons of fun, but kids absolutely love experimenting with their own flavor combinations to make drinks that they’ve never had before. And since it’s so kid-friendly, you’ll never have to hesitate when your kids ask if they can use the Slushy Magic.

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