Nostalgia Electrics Retro Snow Cone Machine Review

Nostalgia Electrics Retro Snow Cone Machine 1The Nostalgia Electrics Retro Snow Cone Machine is an As Seen on TV kitchen product available in the manufacturer’s online store and other specialized shops such as Nordstrom or Amazon, among others. It is a kitchen device that allows the user to have homemade snow cones, no matter the season, and to get creative with different types of syrups, colors and flavors. We will see in this Nostalgia Electrics Retro Snow Cone Machine review if this retro snow cone machine is as good and useful as it is said to be.


This good looking machine offers a family the chance to have snow cones at any moment in a day and during any season. The countertop kitchen appliance comes with stainless-steel ice-shaving blades which turns regular ice cubes into snow cones, provided one adds syrups and flavors. The design is retro-style and chic, but not lacked of functionality, as it is provided with a side tray to hold the cones, while the ice cube compartment is removable. The whole package includes two reusable plastic cones and the machine is easily operable and kept safe with the on/off button.

Reasons to buy the Nostalgia Electrics Retro Snow Cone Machine

–          It makes a great family kitchen appliance

Given its “nostalgic” and “retro” features, customers who bought and used the product found it to fit in perfectly within their family, as the design is friendly and pleasant, and the snow cones satisfy an entire family’s needs.

–          It is great for children’s parties

Having homemade snow cones no matter the season or the event makes the machine a great acquisition especially if parents want to surprise and spoil the children with special treats. However, some parents stated their children fell in love with the machine and use it on a daily basis, special occasion or not.Nostalgia Electrics Retro Snow Cone Machine 2

–          It is practical, efficient, easy to maintain

The machine is easy to use, practical and very easy to clean and maintain. The tray, the plastic cones, the removable ice cubes compartment makes it easy for the owner to start and finish snow cone making without much trouble. Even children can learn how to use it and make their own sweet desserts.

–          It is fun and interesting

The design itself is entertaining and many customers stated in more than a single Nostalgia Electrics Retro Snow Cone Machine review that it also makes a nice gift to offer or to receive. Small children seem to be the perfect audience and fans of the snow cones making process, while adults started complaining it can do too little in one round, when everybody wants many snow cones at once

–          It is safe to use

The on/off button and all the safety mechanisms make the Nostalgia Electrics Retro Snow Cone Machine a safe device for family and children use.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

Some customers complained about the poor functionality of this product, in terms of frailty and poor construction. Some stated that the blades shaving the ice cubes get broken and stop working after a few uses, while others have been making snow cones with the Nostalgia Electrics Retro Snow Cone Machine for a long time without facing any technical issue. There were complaints about the ice cubes getting stuck and clogged and the machine not working or registering construction defects on the tray, removable ice cube compartment and so on, but they are isolated cases. Although it was reported as being a little too noisy, the machine raised to the expectations of those in favor of using it. Some wish the side tray to be retractable when the machine is not in use, but this feature is not a negative point to the overall performances of the appliance.  

Nostalgia Electrics Retro Snow Cone Machine 3The Verdict

Taking into account all users’ perspectives on the product, the majority is very happy with this product. It was described as being wonderful for children, for entertaining guests at a party and even surprising them, with the benefit of having the possibility to create homemade ice cones in the preferred flavors of the family all day and all seasons. Many people appreciate the Nostalgia Electrics Retro Snow Cone Machine as a great gift idea, not only because it looks fun and interesting, but also because it is well received by friends and family members. Whatever technical problems you might face, make sure you insist on getting the problems solved, as it is not impossible.

WaxVac Ear Cleaner Review

WaxVac Ear Cleaner 1The WaxVac Ear Cleaner is an As Seen on TV product that you can purchase from online shops and local stores, including Ace Hardware or Amazon. This is a self grooming device meant to vacuum out was, moisture and debris deposited inside one’s years, as it uses a firm but gentle suction force that is marketed as beneficial and healthy for adults and children alike. This WaxVac Ear Cleaner review aims to discover if the product is as efficient as it is marketed.


The device offers a healthier alternative to Q-tips and all other ear cleaning improvisations, as it is based on sucking out and gently vacuuming the debris, wax, dirt and water in the ear instead of pushing it deeper inside, as the case with cotton swabs. This product comes together with silicone tips and brushes, is powered by AA batteries, is provided with a safety guard that prevents the tip to go too deep inside the ear and is also designed with an examining light on the tip which facilitates the cleaning process.

Reasons to buy the WaxVac Ear Cleaner

–          Only if you completely resent or avoid traditional methods

Users who bought this product consider it to be less effective than the more classical ways, even if they imply using Q-tips and peroxide.

–          Only if you have sensitive ears

Some people can’t indeed suffer the discomfort of cleaning their ears the old fashioned way or have restrictions on using cotton swaps inside their ears. The vacuum is perceived as low, not efficient and unable to properly remove wax, debris, dirt or water, but it is better in the lack of anything else.

–          It is good on children

Due to the examining light, parents can assess quickly an ear problem involving a wax accumulation, water and debris deposits inside their kids’ ears, if they have the proper knowledge and experience. Due to the safety guard making it impossible for the tip to push too deep inside, it is safe to use on the little ones without having too invasive effects.

–          Only if you use it as a controlling method

Users complaining about having serious accumulations of wax and moisture in their ears don’t feel this product is very helpful in their case, as more than just one WaxVac Ear Cleaner review attests. However, as a controlling alternative for those who generally don’t have such problems, the low vacuum power of the device is helpful as it keeps the clean area stay clean.WaxVac Ear Cleaner 2

Consumer Issues and Concerns

On testing its efficiency, the majority of users found it not to have beneficial results, as the vacuum power is low and the wax removal is not significant, if at all. Comparing the wax removal performed with the WaxVac Ear Cleaner and ear clean-ups done with Q tips or peroxide and cotton swabs, the cotton clearly was declared a winner of the competition.

Also, users claimed that the device emits a discomforting noise, while it is marketed as being quiet. However, many stated that if the product would have had the promised results, the noise would have been the least of their problems.

The weak aspiration, although non-invasive for adults and children alike is considered too weak for the product to be qualified as efficient or reliable to meet the consumers’ expectations. The issue of the examining light is also debatable as it becomes of a certain use only when somebody else assists with the wax vacuuming process. However, even if parents would look at the child’s ear or even adults using the light to examine a family member’s ear channel, the lack of expertise or proper diagnosing knowledge (something more than “there is wax in your ear”) makes the light a useless accessory.

WaxVac Ear Cleaner 3The Verdict

Altogether, the verdict of this WaxVac Ear Cleaner review is negative. Users reported low efficiency, poor results, products’ flaws and defect and a poor cost – efficiency balance. While a person has a hard time looking inside his or her own ear, the examining light comes for many as a futile accessory to inflate the price and even if it may be beneficial for parents to look inside their children’s ears, this should come together with solid knowledge and previous experience is evaluating if a child has indeed or not a wax problem, debris deposits or unhealthy moist. Since the vacuum does a low quality job, the recommendation is to find similar products that have positive reviews on the outcome and functionality.

Stick N Click Strip Lights Review

Stick N Click Strip Lights 1The Stick N Click Strip Lights is an As Seen on TV product that you can purchase from online specialized stores, your local Home Depot and also from Amazon or Ace Hardware among others. It is a household lighting device that has as main feature the portability and usability of light sticks that can be places virtually in any place or dark corner that needs lighting, due to the fact they stick to any surface. They work on regular batteries and use LED technology to brighten up a space. This Stick N Click Strip Lights review intends to see if the product is as good as it is marketed.


These two Stick N Click Strip Lights come as a solution for having light in spaces otherwise hard or even impossible to wire to electricity, including closets, cellars, dark corners of the house and are marketed especially to those in need to have light under the sink in the kitchen, in poorly lit storage rooms or garages and even under the car’s hood. Since they come with an ON/OFF button, they come in handy only when the user needs more light, while the LED technology brightens up any corner. The highlight of this product is its “sticking” feature, meaning it can be placed on any surface, a cabinet door, a car hood or a garage ceiling.

Reasons to buy the Stick N Click Strip Lights

–          They are practical

They come in a pair and they stick to almost any surface. Be it a wooden cabinet door, a brick garage wall, a cement spot in a dark corner of the attic, they manage to light up even spaces that are not commonly associated with electricity, such as wardrobes, older models of car trunks, hallways or cellars.

–          They are efficient

Due to the batteries they use and the advantage the LED technology offers, the light is at the user’s disposal, as the sticks also include an on and off button, making them economical. The 3 AAA batteries back up the five bright white LEDs which in turn offer a bright light arc in all spaces.Stick N Click Strip Lights 2

–          They are versatile

Many people use these sticks not only as fix light sources in, under or inside dark places, but also as temporary flash lights and emergency lights. One Stick N Click Strip Lights review says that if the batteries are functional, in times of lack of electricity or situations that need more light to be solved, during storms or power failures in and outside the house, the sticks prove their worth by being portable and moreover, even more useful than regular flashlights, as they can stick on the car’s hood while you change the flat tire in the middle of the night, for instance, without having to keep your hands busy with any flashlight. You can temporarily light a space you need once in a while, un-mount the sticks after you finish the job and put them back where you took them from, according to your needs.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

Stick N Click Strip Lights 3The device has been tested not only by customers, but also by professionals concerned with consumer products’ efficiency and cost balance. One of the drawbacks the product registered within consumers is that sticking surface is less powerful than advertised, thus the sticks fall off quite often. Regarding the light efficiency, there are split factions which duel on the subject of the light power emitted by the sticks. While ones are completely pleased with the results of finally being able to see in corners and spaces that were never lit before, others had major expectations regarding the sticks’ power. Some consumers complained about the batteries wearing off too soon or the light being directed and not diffused.

The Verdict

Taking into account all users’ perspectives on the product, the balance for this Stick N Click Strip Lights review inclines in the favor of the sticks, as they are indeed efficient, offer enough light, are portable and if the old batteries are removed in time and changed with new ones, they can make a good back-up solution in unexpected situations, successfully replacing flash lights during power failures or exceptional conditions. As they are meant to light up mostly enclosed spaces and serve as auxiliary measures, they make good companions for those needing an extra light when searching for keys or slippers at night or those needing a glimpse in the dark to find items in the storage rooms.

Forever Lazy Soft Fleece Adult Lounge Wear Review

Forever Lazy Soft Fleece Adult Lounge Wear 1The Forever Lazy Soft Fleece Adult Lounge Wear is an As Seen on TV product that you can purchase from online specialized stores and also from Amazon, or Ace Hardware. It is basically an onesie for both adults and children that takes pride in it being practical, very warm, comfortable and great for those who suffer winter cold or want to just attend a funny pajama party. Our Forever Lazy Soft Fleece Adult Lounge Wear review aims to find out if it’s really that comfortable – or perhaps just a little bit silly and impractical.


The Forever Lazy Soft Fleece Adult Lounge Wear comes in various sizes to fit both men, women and children, although it can look oversized on many of the users. It has two zippers and it is designed to help people reach the toilet faster while wearing the onesie. It comes with large deep pockets and, as bonus, a pair of slipper socks. It also comes with a cozy hood and the fabric keeps warm, even if one wears the onesie over regular clothes or not.

Reasons to buy the Forever Lazy Soft Fleece Adult Lounge Wear

–          It is warm

Customers who bought and used this product didn’t complain about it not being what it was said to be: a warm, fuzzy, cozy and lazy outfit, meant for cold days in winter, a lazy afternoon around the house, as a pajama must-have when going camping in the mountains or when travelling to areas that might surprise you with low temperatures over night.

–          It is practical

The zippers make it really easy to put on and take off and the bathroom feature was a good surprise for many of the consumers. The hood and the large deep pockets also received good points for being practical. The onesie allows the user to carry around almost anything in those pockets, making it thus practical to even go with it to spend the night at somebody else’s place.Forever Lazy Soft Fleece Adult Lounge Wear 2

–          It is funny

Some people called it the “Forever alone” onesie, as one might look a little ridiculous in it, but those with a humor admitted that even if it’s oversized sometimes, it makes a great costume for a pajama party, a masquerade party or for lazy-ing arund the house with friends and family during vacations.

–          Kids love it

The small size available for children makes this product a great gift. Some users confessed the children never wanting to get out of the onesie and even intending to go with it to school.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

There are some issues and concerns with this product, many of them revolving around the idea of some manufacturing flaws that are bothering, on one part, but not serious enough to not be able to overcome them. Sometimes the zippers break too easily or the pockets aren’t attached correctly and they tear. Some users found fabric flaws and small holes and tears in the Forever Lazy material. They all fixed them by themselves, including the broken zippers.

Another concern expressed in one online Forever Lazy Soft Fleece Adult Lounge Wear review is whether or not wearing the Forever Lazy Soft Fleece Adult Lounge Wear directly on the skin or over another layer of clothes. Some users complained that they sweated a lot in the Forever Lazy and others even mentioned the color of the onesie getting transferred to the skin.

Forever Lazy Soft Fleece Adult Lounge Wear 3On the other hand, since many people never considered not wearing an extra set of clothes underneath the Forever Lazy, they consider the “bathroom zipper” as being useless, as one definitely has to take the Forever Lazy off.

Some users consider the fabric of the Lazy Forever outfit of being thin and cheapish, but they also admitted that by washing properly and using cleaning products, the onesie becomes better and softer to the touch.

The Verdict

Taking into account all users’ perspectives on the product, the verdict of this Forever Lazy Soft Fleece Adult Lounge Wear review is that the majority loves the Forever Lazy outfit, as it is indeed warm and cozy. The extra slipper socks came as a nice surprise, while the large pockets allow the user to store in there everything they need in order to spend a cozy afternoon, from a cell phone, to a book and some snacks. Despite the products flaws, which should be corrected very soon, as zipper problems and material holes and tears, poorly sewn edges and fittings or stitching running off the seam, the consumers all agree that the Forever Lazy is indeed a comfortable and warm outfit, no matter if some think that it makes a person look ridiculous, while others love the funny look.

Emery Cat Emery Board Refill Review

Emery Cat® Emery Board Refill 1The Emery Cat Emery Board Refill is to be used together with the patented emery cat board abrasive emery surface. This is an As Seen on TV product that you can purchase from the manufacturer’s website, some online specialized stores and also from Amazon. This is a pet and owner intended device in order to offer any cat the pleasure of cutting nails and grooming while it plays and the owner the chance to save some time with the grooming and save other objects in the house from the cats’ scratches. It is a pet supply and a refill and it fits down into the Emery Cat system, being thicker and having a nail filing feature. Here’s our Emery Cat Emery Board Refill review, which aims to answer the foremost natural question: does it work?


The replacement works exactly like the original Emery Cat, but this one comes together with a thicker surface and improved features, offering the cat a place to file and polish its nails. It also comes together with a bag of cat nip, so the cat can befriend the board faster and with positive results. Apparently, the surface is interesting enough for all cats to quit on clawing furniture or other objects in the house.

Reasons to buy the Emery Cat Emery Board Refill

–          Cats love it

Users who bought this refill for their cats admit that even if reluctant at first towards this new board, the cats end up loving it, not only because they can file their nails and scratch to their liking as much as they can, but sometimes they get so attached to it, they end up sleeping on the board.

–          It saves your furniture

Given the surface of this refill and the attraction cats develop for it, many users who observed their cats’ behavior mentioned that no further damages were inflicted upon the furniture or, even worse, floors, carpets or other textile objects.Emery Cat® Emery Board Refill 2

–          The trimming is excellent

While kittens would scratch and claw almost anything around the house, this refill board has significant results on the trimming. In other words, it has more than an entertaining and “keep the cat busy” purpose; it indeed does the job well.

–          It is cost efficient

Since this board contains emery in it, it lasts longer, is more solid, harder to shred fast and more resistant than other cat scratching boards so it saves money on the long term. Many users admitted that other boards get torn apart really quick, if the cat they own is a passionate scratcher, but this one is durable and efficient, while the price is affordable.

–          It convinces even the most reluctant of cats

Not all cats are very fond to finding their old scratcher thrown away and replaced, but this refill board comes with a bag of catnip that eventually persuades them into using it.

–          It can be placed virtually anywhere

Many users talk about their cats loving to scratch this board while on the floor, but others, knowing about their pets’ preference for a certain corner of the couch or bed, placed the board there and saved the day.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

Emery Cat® Emery Board Refill 3In reality, there are few issues and concerns when it comes to the Emery Cat Emery Board Refill. People who own the Emery Cat admitted the refill fits in perfectly. There’s more than just one positive Emery Cat Emery Board Refill review out there. Some users aren’t sure about the trimming efficiency when it comes to the surface dulling the cats’ claws, as they wished it was a little bit finer, but others saw the results and were happy about them.

The Verdict

Taking into account all users’ perspectives on the product, the verdict of this Emery Cat Emery Board Refill review is positive. Cats love to scratch this board and become so attached to it, they even turn it into a temporary sleeping place. The surface does file the cats’ claws, making them feel better and saving the owner time and money with other trimming solutions. The refill boards is excellent to give the cats a long term hobby and since it is durable and well constructed, it saves money on the long term, as it doesn’t break into shreds very fast. Having and using this at will, cats will be less fascinated with scratching and clawing doors, furniture pieces, floors or textile objects, which is a relief for any cat owner. Last but not least, it is a practical device that can be used even with cats that are reluctant to using scratching boards like this, as it lures them into loving it.

Turbo Snake Drain Snake Review

Turbo Snake® Drain Snake1The Turbo Snake Drain Snake is an As Seen On TV product available both online and in your nearby stores, as well as on Amazon and other retailing websites such as Ace Hardware. How many times did you feel frustrated that your sink is a slow drainer or that your hair always seems to get stuck in the tub sink without any chance to remove the hair balls? The Turbo Snake comes as a simple solution to remove any clots from the elbows joints of your sink drains, remove hair balls and make the drains perform better. This Turbo Snake Drain Snake review has the purpose of gathering all the necessary data regarding this product and see if it really works as good as it is marketed.


The Turbo Snake Drain Snake comes with 1 Sink Snake, 1 Shower and Tub Snake and 1 Storage Hook. The “snakes” are actually two carbon steel cables, each of them provided with a plastic tab on one end and a piece of Velcro at the other hand. The Velcro piece “grabs” the hair balls and any other types of residue that might be clogged in there and cleans the sink drain. The “snakes” are different, as one is smaller for the sinks and one is larger for the tubs, but the functioning principle is the same: you just need to insert the snake a twist in order for it to do its job.

The hook that comes in the package has a storing feature to it, as it helps keeping the snakes in one place, store them safely and even transport them more easily.

Reasons to Buy the Turbo Snake Drain SnakeTurbo Snake® Drain Snake2

–          It is practical

Like other home improvement products we’ve previously reviewed, this one, too, aims to be practical. Users who bought and used the product speak about the fact that the snakes are quite easy to use, if you follow the instructions correctly. The twisting process gave some a little trouble, as some twisted too much, but to remove hair balls and make the sink drain work faster, this household appliance does the trick.

–          It is versatile

Coming with two different snakes, it allows the user to skip any improvisation and use the right snake for the right drain system.

–          It is easy to store and transport

The hook allows the user to keep both snakes together and even transport them safely and comfortably to another house maybe to give a friend a helping hand when in need for a quick plumbing.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

Turbo Snake® Drain Snake3When it comes to the products efficiency, many consumers agreed the device does work properly when it is used for the first time. However, many complained about the frailty of the snakes, as the velcro head is sometimes poorly attached and instead of cleaning the drain, it will remain stuck there (being only glued to the snake), thus causing severe problems.  Some customers drew the attention regarding also the frailty of the carbon cable, as it sometimes was found not rigid enough to do the job it was intended to do. Another category of customers complained about the poor manufacturing of the whole snake system, as some twisted the snake too hard and broke it, while others talked about the snake’s handle as being the subject of breaking apart too fast.

Consumers and more than one online Turbo Snake Drain Snake review agree this would have been a great product if the attachments were mechanically bound, and not glued. Some of them insisted on buying another set after the first one got broken on the first attempt, as they understood better how it works. However, there are still concerns on the Turbo Snake losing its head in the drain after the first use or the second.

The Verdict

The general conclusion of this Turbo Snake Drain Snake review is that it should improve on its technical features, making the Velcro head reliably holding on to the snake and not detaching itself on the first use. Although this device won’t solve serious plumbing issues, it will remove hair balls, paper residue or other types of residue that make the sink drains work less fast and efficient. However, if you don’t want this product to be “once in a lifetime” experience, there is recommended to find similar ones that don’t present technical malfunctions and have the bindings and the incorporated pieces strongly fastened together.

EZ Moves Furniture Moving System Review

EZ Moves Furniture Moving System1The EZ Moves Furniture Moving System is an As Seen on TV product that you can purchase from the manufacturer’s website, online specialized stores, local stores and also from Amazon. It is a household device aimed at streamlining your environment. It has been created and built in order to help every house occupant to move the furniture in the house easily due to the sliding system and the furniture lift without much effort. The lifter and the 8 additional furniture slides allow people to move any furniture piece even on carpeted surfaces or hard surface floors. This EZ Moves Furniture Moving System review aims to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of owning such furniture moving systems and a general verdict on why it should be bought or not.


The furniture moving system consists in a lifter said to give a person 10 times their natural strength, together with 8 furniture sliders that make the process easier, even on floors that are provided with heavy carpets or present hard surfaces. It is advertised as a Do It Yourself 2 in 1 furniture moving system that is useful whenever one desires to lift and move heavy furniture around the house for cleaning, renovation and even moving purposes. It is also intended for women – no need for a man to push around the couch in the living room or struggle with the refrigerator to clean behind it. According to the manufacturer, anybody of any strength can easily move any type of furniture without effort or support.

Reasons to buy the EZ Moves Furniture Moving System

–          Only if you live alone and there is really nobody else who can help you

Users who bought this product and at least one online EZ Moves Furniture Moving System review mention that in truth, there is the need for at least two people to finish the operation, as one of them lifts and the other to place the pads, but in desperate cases when one really needs to move by himself or herself the furniture, the system works.

–          Only if you have very few and light carpetsEZ Moves Furniture Moving System2

The product is designed and marketed as being able to move any type of heavy furniture on hard surfaces and on carpets, but many users admitted the sliding system isn’t what they expected, especially when they had to move large objects, such as dressers or beds over carpets. However, if the floor is free or the carpets can be removed, the sliding system functions within the limitations of the furniture’s heaviness and shape.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

The device has been tested by the customers who bought it. Despite the efficiency marketed around this product, a woman who used it by herself admitted she could lift and slide a heavy couch, but she agreed that would have been better for her to wait for her husband to come home, as the time period she needed to lift, slide and put everything back again was significantly larger than the time she would have spent in two people did the same things together the classic way. The other major concern almost every buyer mentioned is that this product comes way more expensive than advertised if bought directly from the manufacturer’s site and there are very few and confusing regulations protecting the customers when it comes to exactly what are the costs of the product, the policy of reimbursements or the flawed communication with the customer service department. Many concerns revolve around the fact that there are other similar products on the market that do the same job and even better, at much affordable prices. Regarding the quality of the product itself, some consumers complained about the lifter and the slides breaking apart after a few uses, while others are concerned that this system works well with lighter pieces of furniture, as heavy objects like dressers, bookcases or refrigerators still need some serious efforts and an extra pair of hands.

EZ Moves Furniture Moving System3The Verdict

Taking into account all users’ perspectives on the product, the verdict of this EZ Moves Furniture Moving System review cannot be truly positive, but there are some options to get what people really want. As long as the product keeps its current features and there are no remedies in the online purchase system, consumers will prefer to call in a spouse, a friend or a neighbor to help them move the furniture, even if it is meant to single women or even elders.

Instabulb Review

instabulb-review01What do you do when you need to light up a space but have absolutely no solution to installing one the proper way, with wiring and the help of an electrician? Normally, you would be in quite a lot of trouble, since there’s no way to achieve such a feat. Luckily, in comes the stick-on Instabulb battery operated light fixture from Spark Innovators. As our Instabulb review will try to determine, the product’s makers claim that this household item can produce light just about anywhere, with no effort whatsoever. All you need to do is purchase the two-pack set, slide the light bulb in, and turn it on by the pull of a chord.


The main features of the Instabulb As Seen on TV product are the fact that it works instantly, requires no hardware or professional interventions, and can be installed anywhere. This being the case, the producers claim, the Instabulb is a far cheaper alternative to just about any similar products on the market. The light fixture consists of a 40 watt bulb which never heats up excessively and can always be touched safely with one’s bare hand. Should it fall to the floor, the Instabulb is guaranteed not to shatter, which makes it safe for use in the rooms of children, as well as in rooms to which pets have access. According to the infomercial, the Instabulb can be put in under stairs and cabinets, in attics, basements, closets, garages, and just about anywhere else where you need to shed some light. The easy installation process simply requires removing the paper off the adhesive side of the bulb and sticking it to the desired surface. The Instabulb works with four regular AA batteries, which are not included in the pack.

Reasons to Buy the Instabulb

–          It has a long lifespan

One online Instabulb review says the device can last for a long time, although this generally depends on the length of time for which it is left on. According to the same user, one of their products lasted for as long as two years and even more.

–          It is easy to install

Nearly all those who bought and reviewed the Instabulb on the Internet confirmed that the installation of the device is as easy as indicated in the infomercial. All the user needs to do is remove the paper on the adhesive surface and slide it in.

–          It can be used with a plug adapter

Although this rather defeats the initial claim, that the Instabulb needn’t be plugged in, the option of purchasing an adapter for it (sold separately, for $8.95 + $4.95 shipping costs) does address the issue of running out of batteries. It’s important to know that the Instabulb will lose its warranty if used with any other kind of adapter than the one sold by its producers.instabulb-review02

–          It’s affordable

As explained by one Instabulb review, the product’s quality is fair, when one considers its very low price.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

–          It eats up a lot of batteries

There is more than just one Instabulb review out there which says the product will consume a massive amount of batteries. One buyer claims his batteries ran out in under an hour. Although this claim might be exaggerated, others bring some truth to it, by stating that they have ran through eight AA batteries in a single week, by only leaving the light on for one hour.

–          Its pull switches can come with issues

We found not one Instabulb review, but several online, which explained that their product had been delivered with a faulty pull switch cord, making it virtually impossible to use. The same buyers claimed they wanted to return the product, but found the procedure of returning it far too complicated and costly to be worth the trouble, considering the product’s initial price.

–          It doesn’t generate enough light

instabulb-review03One Instabulb review said four such items were required to bring a decent amount of light to a very small closet. Another review likened the light produced by one device with the light of a single Christmas candle.

The Verdict

The conclusion of our Instabulb review is that you might be better off abstaining from the purchase of this product, unless you can plug it in and make do with very low lighting. If not, you should probably consider a traditional solution for lighting up small, dark spaces.